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Cavendish Arcade

Terrace Rd, Buxton SK17 6BQ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM


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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

It is a small arcade that houses a few independent outlets. There is a posh soap shop, a crystal and jewelry store, yummy chocolate shop, designer clothes shop and my favourite, a quirky ornament store which has the nicest and strangest items that every boring house so craves. It's a lovely little walk around and nice place to browse.
Wonderful historic arcade with lots of amazing small independant businesses. Well worth a visit!
Lovely historic shopping arcade which had beautiful architectural features. I was fascinated with the tiled walls and the bathing pool still present.
Lovely selection of small shops inside too.
The Mix Of Shops Fantastic, Stooped In History. Wonderful Coffee from two vendors. Electric Bicycles, Cloths & Much More. Go exploring. They have an original Hot Bath Still in place and a wall full of The History of the building
This is the trendy part of town. With some cute little shops and a lovely chocolate cafe inside.
It has lots of history to see as u walk round with the old bath inside! (Tho no water in it!)
A very lovely arcade beautifully tiled and historic.
There is a nice clean unisex toilet which needs a key obtainable from a shop to use.
All the shops seem lovely and all varied.
Well worth a visit.
Isla's carda and gifts is excellent. So much choice of well selected gifts and cards. Recommended.
nice clean with a choice of small shops inside dogs can go in and in the middle is a old bath what they would have used in olden times worth a look

Quick Facts About Cavendish Arcade

Cavendish Arcade is a small arcade that houses a few independent outlets. One of its strengths is the variety of shops it offers. It features a posh soap shop, a crystal and jewelry store, a yummy chocolate shop, a designer clothes shop, and a quirky ornament store. This diverse range of shops attracts customers with different preferences and interests, making it a great place for browsing and shopping. Additionally, the arcade's historic charm is another strength. Visitors appreciate the beautiful architectural features, such as the tiled walls and the bathing pool that is still present. This adds a unique and interesting element to the shopping experience.
Another strength is the selection of shops inside. Visitors have praised the mix of shops, describing it as fantastic and steeped in history. They mention the presence of two vendors offering wonderful coffee, as well as shops selling electric bicycles and clothes. This variety creates a vibrant atmosphere and ensures there is something for everyone. The arcade also has an original hot bath still in place, which adds to its historical significance. Furthermore, the presence of a wall filled with the history of the building provides an educational element for visitors interested in the arcade's background.
The trendy ambiance of Cavendish Arcade is seen as another strength. It is described as the trendy part of town, and visitors appreciate the cute little shops and the lovely chocolate cafe inside. This creates a modern and fashionable atmosphere that appeals to a younger and more stylish demographic. Additionally, the arcade's cleanliness is highlighted as a positive aspect. Visitors mention that it is nice and clean, and they also appreciate the presence of a unisex toilet. Although a key is required to access the toilet, it is obtainable from one of the shops, ensuring convenience for visitors.
A specific shop, Isla's cards and gifts, is mentioned as excellent. It is praised for its wide selection of well-chosen gifts and cards, making it a recommended shop within the arcade. Visitors also note that dogs are allowed inside the arcade, which is a positive aspect for pet owners. This inclusivity adds to the welcoming atmosphere of the arcade, accommodating a wider range of customers.
While the comments provided are generally positive, there are a few weaknesses that can be identified. Firstly, the size of the arcade is mentioned as small. While this may not necessarily deter customers, a larger space would allow for more shops and potentially attract a larger customer base. Additionally, the fact that the old bath inside the arcade does not contain water may disappoint some visitors who were hoping for an interactive experience. However, the historical significance of the bath itself still remains.
In conclusion, Cavendish Arcade has several strengths that make it an attractive place to visit. It offers a diverse range of shops, a mix of trendy and historic architectural features, and has a clean and welcoming atmosphere. The presence of a well-regarded shop and the inclusion of dogs add to its appeal. However, the small size of the arcade and the non-functional old bath may be seen as weaknesses. Overall, Cavendish Arcade is a charming and interesting place to browse and shop, offering a unique experience to visitors.

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