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Market Place Shopping Center

+1 512-482-0094
3002 S 31st St, Temple, TX 76502 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM


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  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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Nettes Personal. Sehr ordentlich.
HEB is good on prices. Big issues with this location is the fact itnis always busy. This plays into the fact the shelves are sometime a little bare. The check out lines are long. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The clerks work hard on keeping the lines moving, but the number of people dies make it hard.
HEB is the best place to do your food and household shopping. Anyone who has ever lived in Texas and moved away will tell you that. What makes this HEB stand out is the individuals who work there. The store is always clean, and I don't often find items out of place. They keep the store well organized and someone is always willing to help, even if you have a question about an item in a different department.
HEB is a wonderful shopping experience. Staff is super helpful. Can't say I have ever entered the store and it was in disarray. Always clean.
Every department is in order and the department managers know their products inside and out.
I am thankful they have an "easy sides" area, you can get an entrée, veggies, salads, anything from vegan - steak n spuds. It's quite delicious!! Just take it home and pop them in the oven!! Grateful for that.
I appreciate the fact that HEB's are employee owned. When you are part owner, you have more stamina to keep it looking great and well stocked!
Thank you for everything YOU Do HEB!!
Tried earlier no parking room had to leave. We went to Belton HEB very nice.
Short on some shelves .
B- H-E-B and a slew of other stores make this marketplace and okay shopping experience. Unfortunately, the way parking is laid out makes getting in and out more cumbersome than it should be. Also, forced front-in parking leads to unnecessary fender benders that wouldn’t happen if guests could back in to parking spaces.
the only store i went to was HEB so i don't know about the rest. the parking lot was very uneven, seemed haphazard and had a pothole that nearly ate my car. there's a light to get on and off the highway, though, so you don't get run over. it's a pretty busy highway
Good stock on hand and not really crowded despite the appearance of a full parking lot. Checkout lanes opened and moving quickly. Thanks, HEB!

Quick Facts About Market Place Shopping Center

The Market Place Shopping Center, particularly the HEB store within it, has several strengths that make it a favorable shopping destination. One of the most praised aspects of the shopping center is its friendly and helpful staff. Commenters consistently applaud the employees for their politeness and efficiency. It is mentioned that the clerks work hard to keep the check out lines moving despite the large number of people, which demonstrates their dedication to customer satisfaction. The cleanliness and organization of the store are also frequently mentioned as strong points, with customers appreciating the well-maintained and neat appearance of the supermarket.
Additionally, the HEB store at the Market Place Shopping Center is commended for its pricing. Customers appreciate that HEB offers competitive prices on both food and household items, making it a preferred location for shopping. The store's dedication to quality is evident in the positive mentions about its inventory management. Customers mention that the shelves are well-stocked, implying that there is a wide variety of products available for customers to choose from. By consistently maintaining a good stock on hand, HEB ensures that customers can find the items they need without too much difficulty.
The Market Place Shopping Center also benefits from the fact that HEB is an employee-owned company. Commenters express that this ownership structure contributes to the overall positive experience at the store. As employees have a stake in the success of the business, they are motivated to keep the store looking great and well-stocked. This employee ownership model is seen as a strength, as it not only ensures a high level of service but also fosters a sense of community and pride among the employees.
However, the Market Place Shopping Center does have some weaknesses that need to be addressed. One of the most commonly mentioned concerns is the parking situation. Several commenters note that the parking lot is uneven, haphazardly organized, and even has potholes that pose a risk to vehicles. This can be not only inconvenient but also potentially damaging to customers' vehicles. Some customers also express dissatisfaction with the limited availability of parking spaces, which can lead to frustration and even the need to leave the shopping center without completing their intended purchases.
Another weakness mentioned is the issue of overcrowding. While the popularity of the HEB store is a testament to its appeal, it does result in an often busy and crowded shopping environment. This can lead to difficulties in finding items, especially when the shelves are not consistently well-stocked. Commenters mention that at times, certain shelves may be bare, which can be frustrating for customers who rely on the store for their grocery needs. The congestion at the store may also contribute to long check out lines, despite the efforts of the staff to keep them moving efficiently.
Additionally, some commenters express disappointment with the layout and design of the parking lot. Forced front-in parking is mentioned as a drawback, as it can lead to unnecessary fender benders that could be avoided if guests were allowed to back in to parking spaces. This indicates a potential safety concern that could be addressed to improve the overall shopping experience.
In conclusion, while the Market Place Shopping Center, particularly the HEB store, has several strengths, such as friendly and helpful staff, competitive prices, and a well-maintained and organized store, there are also some weaknesses that need attention. Improvements in the parking lot layout and the stocking of shelves would enhance the overall shopping experience at the Market Place Shopping Center. Addressing these weaknesses would not only alleviate customer frustrations but also further enhance the strengths of the shopping center.

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