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Murrieta Springs Plaza

25100 Madison Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562 United States of America
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Now this is the spot. They have a tamale ???? bar. Yep had to jump on this today.
And they make there's breads fresh in store. You can't beat this.
We always stop here and load up on food when we get into town or before heading home. Everything is always very fresh and a great value. They make food fresh there to eat inside or take to go. The staff is always very friendly.
The only problem I have is when I order the Masa during Christmas time they never speak English, they should be bilingual. Anyways the masa for the tamales is kind of dense so next year I will try a different Mexican market to buy my Masa and the pork butt was full of fat that I bought so I had to get more as Stater Brothers it was on sale for 99 cents a pound. I like the Mexican bakery department . they have many different breads sweet bread p a n d u l c e.
Beware of fast drivers zooming through the parking lot. Some of them do not stop for the stop signs and are less than aware of the speed limit.
So great to find another poke place. The other one we typically go to was closed on Sunday. & luckily we found this place. It was delicious, Can't go wrong with poke. I had the salad & my husband had a bowl. Yummy, definitely will be back.
Clean store, great service but too little inventory in stock, and some old fruits and vegetables that I was looking for, so I decided go anywhere else... meat was good priced ????
was at the ATT store, paid my bill, and got my new phone turned on without insident... will use this store, for now on. Vice the one in Menifee, better customer service. Even sercurity was nice.
During the holidays, it was hard to find something as simple as jalapeños and chile poblano. It was ridiculous that I went 2x in 2 weeks and didn't find them. I just keep not finding things in stock a d had to look in other stores. Last time I purchased cheese and regardless of it showing expiration dates a month away, both cheese were rancit. I understand that they sell rare Hispanic foods that might not be sold in other major retailers, but they are overpriced. I haven't had a great experience in this store, I am not sure if it is only this location or if others are the same.

Quick Facts About Murrieta Springs Plaza

Murrieta Springs Plaza, based on the comments provided, has a number of strengths and weaknesses. In terms of strengths, one comment highlights the tamale bar, which seems to be a popular and unique feature of the plaza. This indicates that the plaza offers diverse food options and attracts customers with its specialty offerings. Additionally, the fact that they make their bread fresh in-store is seen as a major advantage, as it adds freshness and quality to their products.
The plaza also receives positive feedback for its fresh food offerings and friendly staff. Customers appreciate that the food is made fresh and can be enjoyed on-site or taken to go. The staff's friendliness contributes to a positive customer experience. Furthermore, the value for money is highlighted, indicating that customers perceive the prices as reasonable for the quality and freshness of the food.
However, there are several weaknesses that emerge from the comments. The primary concern mentioned is the lack of English-speaking staff, particularly when ordering Masa during Christmas time. This can lead to miscommunication and potential frustration for customers who may prefer to communicate in English. Being bilingual could improve customer satisfaction and ease the ordering process for non-Spanish speakers.
Another weakness mentioned is the parking lot, with drivers not adhering to traffic signs and speeding. This poses a safety risk to pedestrians and other drivers. Improved surveillance, signage, and enforcement measures could address this issue and enhance the overall experience of visiting the plaza.
Inventory management is also identified as a weakness, with one customer complaining about low stock and old fruits and vegetables. This indicates that the plaza may not effectively manage its inventory and may not provide customers with the products they are looking for. Keeping a well-stocked inventory and ensuring the freshness of produce are important factors in attracting and retaining customers.
Additionally, one comment mentions high prices for certain items, suggesting that the plaza may not offer competitive pricing for all products. This could be a deterrent for price-conscious customers who may opt to shop elsewhere. Price adjustments or promotional offers may help address this weakness.
The comment about expired and rancid cheese raises concerns about the quality control measures in place at the plaza. Ensuring that products are within their expiration dates and maintaining product freshness is crucial for customer satisfaction and safety. Improving quality control protocols and addressing any potential issues promptly could help rectify this weakness.
Overall, while Murrieta Springs Plaza has strengths such as its unique food offerings, freshness, and friendly staff, there are areas that require improvement. These include bilingual customer service, addressing parking lot safety concerns, improving inventory management, and implementing better quality control measures. By addressing these weaknesses, the plaza can enhance customer satisfaction and attract more visitors.

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