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St Ives Estate

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Harden, Bingley BD16 1AT United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Good for kids

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Lovely place to go for a walk. There are different routes around the grounds and a decent play park for kids. We walked in the woodland, up past Lady Blantyre's Rock and back down via the public footpath between both sides of the golf course. Our walk was about four miles, but you could easily do a shorter walk here, or one that is slightly longer. It's £1 to park for up to two hours in the main carpark area and there's also toilets near the park. Would recommend a visit if you fancy a walk/ want a decent play park for the kids.
Seeing the displays of nature at this park was lovely, including logs, hedges and especially the wooden mushrooms that I found unique! There is a large pond further on, where the sight is beautiful and some animals add to the setting. It comes in handy that the park has toilets and the conditions were clean, though there was no soap for the proper process of washing hands.
A beautiful estate for walks and nature seekers. Well maintained, with a lovely cafe, large playground and pond full of wildlife. A good long 2+ hour walk can be had, following the walls around the whole estate. Our dog loves to run on the open field towards the top of the estate, a safe place with bins for mess at various gateways. The golf course looks great and well maintained. The Archery Club pondside also looks great. The place to be for horse lovers, with stables and riding available. There are some stunning views, one being from Druids Alter, just outside the walls, overlooking Bingley and Keighley.
Very dense and tiring walk, lots of habitat's. Clean, pet friendly and kids friendly walk. There is a golf course, kids play area and a small pond, you can feed the ducks, only seeds and corns. Highly recommended
Country Park near Bingley with lovely woodland walks, lake, wildlife. Facilities include golf course, riding stables, archery club (all private) : adventure playground, cafe, museum (not yet reopened post pandemic), parking.
Great to spend a couple of hours. It’s a bit of an uphill walk from the bottom car park so Better to use one of the other ones, near the play area or golf course or the pond.
Play area great for 8 to 13yrs but not so much for toddlers.
Nice ivy kitchen cafe
We love it here a great place for dogs and children. The walks are beautiful. The nature reserve is great for a wander to feed the ducks and the play park is a hit with the kids
Wonderful woodland walks and a lake with a wide variety of waterfowl, can get busy at times. Parking is pay & display.

Quick Facts About St Ives Estate

St Ives Estate Park is highly regarded for its strengths, which include its beautiful walks, varied routes, and well-maintained grounds. The park offers a range of options for different walking distances, making it suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. There is a decent play park for children, providing entertainment and enjoyment for families visiting the estate. The presence of toilets throughout the park is convenient for visitors, ensuring that their needs are met during their time spent there. Additionally, the cleanliness of the park and its facilities is appreciated, providing a pleasant environment for visitors to enjoy.
The displays of nature within the park are described as lovely, with a particular highlight being the unique wooden mushrooms. The park boasts a large pond which adds to the beauty of the surroundings, providing a serene setting for visitors to enjoy. Animals within the park contribute to the natural ambiance and enhance the overall experience. The availability of toilets within the park is deemed useful, and while the conditions are clean, an improvement could be made by ensuring that there is soap available for proper handwashing.
St Ives Estate Park is favored for its appeal to nature seekers, with its well-maintained grounds, a delightful cafe, a large playground, and a pond teeming with wildlife. Visitors can partake in a lengthy walk spanning over two hours by following the walls around the entire estate, providing an extensive exploration of the park. Dog owners appreciate the open field at the top of the estate, which offers a safe space for their pets to run freely. The provision of bins throughout the park encourages responsible pet ownership and helps to maintain cleanliness. The picturesque views from Druids Alter are praised, offering panoramic scenery overlooking Bingley and Keighley. Horse lovers can also enjoy St Ives Estate, as there are stables and riding opportunities available. The presence of a golf course and archery club adds to the variety of activities that visitors can engage in.
The park is described as dense and tiring to walk through due to the abundance of habitats present. Despite this, the park remains clean, making it a pet and kid-friendly destination. The existence of a golf course, a kids' play area, and a small pond where visitors can feed the ducks adds to the park's charm. The park is highly recommended for its offerings and is deemed a great place to spend a few hours.
St Ives Estate Park is a country park located near Bingley and is highly regarded for its lovely woodland walks, a lake, and the opportunity to observe wildlife. Facilities available within the park include a privately owned golf course, riding stables, and an archery club. The adventure playground is a popular attraction among visitors, providing a space for children to play and enjoy themselves. The park also features a cafe, although it is mentioned that the museum on-site has yet to reopen following the pandemic. Visitors should be aware that parking at the park is a pay and display system.
While St Ives Estate Park has many strengths, there are also a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One visitor advises against using the bottom car park due to the uphill walk, suggesting that other parking areas near the play area, golf course, or pond may be more convenient. The play area within the park is described as great for children aged 8-13, but not as suitable for toddlers. It is important to note that the museum within the park is currently closed, possibly affecting those who were looking forward to visiting it. Lastly, the park can get busy at times, potentially impacting the overall experience for some visitors.
In conclusion, St Ives Estate Park is highly regarded for its beautiful woodland walks, diverse wildlife, and the range of activities it offers visitors. The park's well-maintained grounds, convenient facilities such as toilets and parking, and the presence of a play park and cafe make it an attractive destination for individuals and families alike. However, visitors should be mindful of potential weaknesses such as the uphill walk from the bottom car park, the limited suitability of the play area for toddlers, the temporary closure of the museum, and the possibility of it being busy at times. Overall, St Ives Estate Park offers a variety of strengths that make it a recommended destination for those seeking outdoor recreation and natural beauty.

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