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Henry Town Center

1772 Jonesboro Rd, McDonough, GA 30253 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 11:00 PM


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  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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Great experience here. Everyone was very helpful and really seemed to be customer focused. That's how you make a sale! The bed is very comfortable, and I will be back the next time I'm ready for another mattress purchase.
My sleep expert Jelani was so friendly, funny and professional. He listened to exactly what I was looking for and showed me all the options. I did end up upgrading from what I was originally looking for, but no hard sell and no pressure from him. This young man is the picture of excellent customer service.
Our sales consultant Jane was excellent! She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond with her customer service. The whole process was wonderful. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.
The Sales lady (Jane) made us feel like family. All of the staff were very helpful and nice. Pleasant experience
Do Not make the biggest mistake of your life and go to this place, you will regret it! if you buy an item and return it you still stuck paying for that item! if you finance through a creditor and return an item they won’t even notify the creditor that you returned the item! They’re very unprofessional they never reply to your emails and they rarely return your phone calls! all they want is to make a sale so that they can get a commission! they don’t care about how they affect other people! do not shop here! because once you purchase the item and they get the money they ignore you from that point on!
Great experience! Gave me the facts and let me make my decision on what to spend money on. Good value and very good knowledge of their product.
Great experience. Worked with Robert Aka Tyler at the McDonough location. We tested the beds and found one that could hopefully help us sleep better. Checkout process was smooth and easy. He was very informative and knew about the products. Highly recommend.
I received very helpful friendly service. I am well satisfied with my purchase price and quality. Mattress Firm will be my first recommendation to friends and family.

Quick Facts About Henry Town Center

Henry Town Center place has several strengths based on the comments provided. The staff at the store is praised multiple times for their customer service skills and their focus on the customer. Multiple customers mention that the staff is helpful, friendly, and goes above and beyond to provide excellent service. This is highlighted by the comment about the sales consultant, Jane, who is described as extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and providing excellent customer service. Another customer mentions that the sales lady made them feel like family and that all the staff were helpful and nice.
Additionally, customers mention positive experiences with the sales process and the knowledge of the staff. One customer mentions that they were given the facts and allowed to make their own decision on what to spend money on. Another customer specifically mentions a salesperson named Jelani who listened to their needs and showed them all the options. This demonstrates that the staff is knowledgeable about the products and willing to assist customers in finding the right mattress for their needs.
Furthermore, customers mention that they had a pleasant and smooth experience with the checkout process. This indicates that the store has efficient processes and makes it easy for customers to complete their purchases.
In terms of weaknesses, one negative comment stands out. The customer mentions a frustrating experience with the store's return policy. They state that even if an item is returned, the customer is still stuck paying for it. They also complain about the lack of communication from the store, mentioning that emails are not replied to and phone calls are rarely returned. This indicates a lack of professionalism and poor customer service in handling returns and addressing customer concerns.
While this negative comment provides valuable feedback, it is important to note that it is only one comment among several positive ones. It is possible that this negative experience is an isolated incident and may not be representative of the overall strengths and weaknesses of Henry Town Center place.
In conclusion, the strengths of Henry Town Center place based on the comments include excellent customer service, helpful and knowledgeable staff, and a smooth checkout process. However, a weakness is highlighted in regards to the return policy and communication with customers. Further investigation and feedback from additional customers would be needed to fully assess the strengths and weaknesses of Henry Town Center place.

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