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Tai Pan

+44 151 207 3888
W, H. Lung Building, Blackstone St, Liverpool L5 9TZ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 02:00 AM - 09:30 PM


Service options
  • Delivery
  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in
Health and safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Great tea selection
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Late-night food
Dining options
  • Dessert
  • Good for kids
  • Casual
  • Groups
  • Accepts reservations
  • NFC mobile payments

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

immer noch Bauchschmerzen, absolut nicht empfehlenswert ????????waren gestern zu zweit gegen 5pm zum Buffet da. Alles ,wirklich alles war alt ,zäh und ungenießbar.
Das "Essen"ist keinen! Penny wert .
Sollte man gemacht haben
I had heard good things about Tai Pan by other Asian food enthusiasts.
The Dim Sum platter was very good , you can tell that they are all hand crafted and individually had lots of great taste and textures .
I also had S&P pork and pork satay . They were both too salty due to what I presume was MSG ,however the meat was perfectly cooked and very tender .
The service is like clock work , they are all very well trained and their system was great , very quick and effective .
Price was steep in comparison to other restaurants nearby , but can be justified by the great atmosphere and the grand room .
I would return again and perhaps try better things on the menu . I recommend to anyone wanting to try some Chinese/Asian food outside of takeaways or for an occasion.
Had an absolutely lovely meal here this afternoon. We got there about 30 minutes after it had opened and it was already full, which to me was a good sign instantly. This restaurant was so clean and upon entering you are greeted with such a beautiful water feature. As you climb the stairs you see the most stunning chandelier you have ever seen. The level of service is amazing from the staff who are all very friendly and attentive. You are not rushed at all. You are taken to your table and seated and asked instantly if you would like any drinks while you look through the menu. Drinks are served quickly and they give you time to look over the menu. Once ordered the food is delivered hot and very tasteful. I had no problems at all with anything from today at all. My only little fault I had is that there are quite a few stairs to climb, I didnt notice or ask if they was any disabled access sorry but I am sure you could phone to enquire if needed. They also have a separate room for larger tables and parties too. Supermarket is also just underneath the restaurant so handy to buy something from there after your meal. Plenty of food to choose from in freezers and they even sell dishes and pans etc there too. Well worth a trip in my opinion. Big car park which is disabled friendly as is the supermarket also.
Came here earlier today to treat my mum to a meal as part of our day out. Was our first time here and the staff were lovely, the food was great and the atmosphere of the restaurant was so welcoming. The wait for our food was fine and the staff were very polite especially since they were always busy seating new people or bringing out meals for people. Will definitely be eating here again when we get the chance and definitely recommend to anyone thinking of going here- it is definitely worth the trip ????
Extensive menu although no children options available - Asked if chicken nuggets could be done & was offered sweet & sour chicken balls without sauce which was appreciated as a fussy eater....The rest of our party enjoyed the extenaive banquet options.
Table cloth on tables was simply tissue paper which I can imagine is easy for clean up to replace with new once table is finished dining however it does not provide a luxury dining experience.
Decor in restaurant is dated & in all honesty could do with some updating.
Found the servers to be polite & overall we enjoyed our meal....May not return in a hurry however.
I had visited the place looking at reviews. Unfortunately not a place I will revisit again. Food was average and did not stand out. Service was good but had to put in my order as soon as we received our drinks. Ordered the DimSum platter (2/10), Duck with Rice (7/10), Pork bun (7/10) and Chicken Chowmein (1/10). First time ever seeing a chicken chow mein presented in this manner and was not what I was expecting. Too salty(MSG) and slimy with uncooked carrot.
Able to get a table in time to order DimSum before the cut off. Restaurant filled up very quickly. Food good and tasty and served quickly. Lots of staff who all help when passing (no one server per table nonsense here). Banquet hall style seating. Quite impressive when full.

Quick Facts About Tai Pan

Tai Pan Place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
Starting with the weaknesses, it is clear that some customers had a negative experience with the food. One commenter mentioned that everything they had from the buffet was old, tough, and inedible. Another mentioned that the chicken chow mein was too salty and slimy with uncooked carrot. This suggests that the quality and taste of the food may not be consistent, and some dishes may not meet customers' expectations. Additionally, the lack of children's menu options may be a drawback for families with picky eaters.
The decor of the restaurant was also criticized. One commenter mentioned that it was dated and in need of updating. Another mentioned that the tablecloth was simply tissue paper, which may not provide a luxurious dining experience. These comments suggest that the ambiance and aesthetics of the restaurant may not meet some customers' standards.
However, there are also several strengths mentioned by customers. One positive aspect is the service. Multiple commenters praised the staff for being friendly, attentive, and well-trained. One commenter mentioned that the service was like clockwork and very quick and effective. This indicates that the staff is efficient and able to provide a pleasant dining experience for customers.
The cleanliness of the restaurant was also praised. One commenter mentioned that the restaurant was very clean, and another mentioned that they were greeted with a beautiful water feature upon entering. This suggests that Tai Pan Place maintains a high level of cleanliness, which can contribute to a positive dining experience.
The dim sum and other dishes were also mentioned as strengths. Some commenters praised the handmade dim sum, noting that they had great taste and textures. The pork dishes were also mentioned positively, with commenters noting that the meat was well-cooked and tender. This indicates that Tai Pan Place has the ability to create flavorful and well-prepared dishes.
The atmosphere of the restaurant was also mentioned as a strength. One commenter noted that the grand room and stunning chandelier created a great atmosphere. Another mentioned that the restaurant was welcoming and had a good level of service. These comments suggest that Tai Pan Place provides a pleasant and inviting setting for customers.
In terms of pricing, one commenter mentioned that the price was steep compared to other nearby restaurants. However, they felt that it was justified by the atmosphere and grand room. This suggests that the pricing may be higher than average, but customers may be willing to pay for the overall dining experience.
Overall, while Tai Pan Place has received both positive and negative feedback, it seems to excel in areas such as service, cleanliness, and atmosphere. However, there are some aspects, such as the inconsistent food quality and outdated decor, that may need improvement.

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