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chai & chapati

+44 1582 249650
187 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU1 1BT United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Great spot for a casual dine in, we fell in love with the place on our very first visit! Great food great ambiance. Food never disappoints our taste buds, I’m a repeat customer and have always recommended this lovely place to friends and family.
Amazing and friendly staff special thanks to Madeeha who took care of us tonight. X
Lovely place and excellent food. The staff are brilliant, I was looked after very well. Even on a busy day, it was quick service. The hygiene and layout of the place is great, nice and spacious.
Will be visiting regularly. Would definitely recommend this place!
Loved the service I received here at chai & chapati Luton! All staff were extremely polite and attentive. The place was very clean & had a lovely evening atmosphere, especially with the lighting decor. The place itself was easy to find (thank you to Google maps!).
We were welcomed with a friendly smile and were lead to our table. The food was very flavoursome and was cooked well in time and absolutely delicious. Will definitely be back again. Thank you.
We ended up here by accident after not being able to find another eatery we wanted to visit, we needed some good food with the kids before driving back to Manchester after a week away...chai and chapati did not disappoint! It was aesthetically pleasing beautifully decorated.. which did concern me as I thought oh no another Instagrammable place where it's all about style but no substance however I was proved wrong, everything we ordered was absolutely delicious and even the kids complimented how tasty it was. Toilets were also meticulously clean. I wish you a successful future and hope you are still around for the next time we venture down south!
Really enjoyed the food and experience, the service was really good and the food came out in a timely manner and hot. Decent portion sizes as well. Would definitely recommend and also revisit
Really enjoyed my meal here. I ordered the Dynamite Chicken Burger and Masala fries. We're both outstanding. I tried some Lotus Biscoff milk cake as well which I would highly recommend. The staff were very friendly sir helpful, even though I was with a large group...they made us feel very welcome and looked after us. Highly recommended ????
With the explosion of various chai eateries recently, its sometimes hard to choose which one togo to. This is the first time we visited Chai and chapati and we were NOT disappointed!
The staff were nice and pleasant. Decor was modern and slick! We went as a large group and ordered the East is East breakfast with a few additions. The order came not too late. They were very busy.
The food was amazing and offcoarse the karak chai/pink chai was fantastic. Everything included in the breakfast had a good taste including chana, daal and halwa. The puri was more like "phatoore" (Google it if u don't know) and parathas were also good. The portion side was also impressive and certainly enough to fill you up.
Overall very nice food and vibe. I would certainly come back again!
A Phenomenal Place To Eat
I would highly recommend coming to Luton just to eat here! We ordered a range of food from the menu to see what Chai and Chapati was about and it did NOT disappoint! Everything we ordered from the starter: Papri chaat to appetisers: dynamite prawns, naga wings to our cute mains with burgers not only aesthetically pleasing but delicious as well. We’ve had many naga items before but we’ve finally found naga wings that taste like naga not sweet watered down ones we’re used to having. For our drinks, we got the tropical blue mojito which was soo good (not usually a fan of blue drinks but this one was good!) and THE best caramel chaii we’ve had. Now on to dessert, we ordered donut and ice cream and pistachio pink milk cake and once again we were blown away. Very light and fluffy and the sweetness levels were perfect! Our plates were clean by the time we were done and I honestly cannot thank our wonderful waitress Saru for her service and the wonderful owner, Atif for his generous and welcoming hospitality. We felt at home here and enjoyed our time from start to finish. We cannot thank you enough. Wishing you and your business all the success in shaa Allah. Ameen. What are you waiting for - Go visit Chai and Chapati!!

Quick Facts About chai & chapati

Chai & Chapati Place has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. Let's break down the strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
Strengths: 1. Great food: Multiple customers mentioned that the food at Chai & Chapati is delicious and flavorful. The diverse menu options, such as the Dynamite Chicken Burger, Masala fries, Lotus Biscoff milk cake, and East is East breakfast, received high praise. 2. Friendly and attentive staff: Customers consistently mentioned the friendly and attentive nature of the staff at Chai & Chapati. Many specifically mentioned the excellent service they received from staff members like Madeeha and Saru. This indicates that the staff goes above and beyond to make customers feel welcome and taken care of. 3. Clean and spacious ambiance: The cleanliness and layout of the restaurant were mentioned positively by customers. The hygiene standards, well-maintained toilets, and aesthetically pleasing decor created a pleasant dining experience.
Weaknesses: 1. Concern about style over substance: One customer expressed initial concern that the restaurant might prioritize style over substance due to its Instagrammable decor. However, this concern was proven wrong, as the food turned out to be delicious. This comment implies that the restaurant's reputation for being visually appealing might overshadow its culinary offerings.
Overall, Chai & Chapati Place seems to have more strengths than weaknesses according to the comments provided. The positive remarks about the food, ambiance, and staff highlight the overall quality and dining experience offered by the establishment. However, it is important to note that these comments are subjective and represent the opinions of a limited number of customers. A comprehensive analysis would require more feedback from a broader range of customers.

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