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Vicoli di Napoli Pizzeria

+44 20 7687 0009
125 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16 0UH United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Die Inhaberin war super freundlich, pizza margharita perfekt.
Muss erwähnen, dass ich am Anfach dachte es sei sehr wenig käse auf der pizza, und am ende kam es mir zu viel oder sogar peefekt vor.
Warme ambiente, wie zuhause.
Mann muss nicht nach napolu reisen, es ist in london.
Empfehle es weiter von Herzen
Best pizza in the Stoke Newington!
So happy to see this place open again. Ordered a Margherita pizza and it was absolutely delicious. Really good crust, amazing flavour of the tomato sauce and perfect amount of cheese! So fresh and delicious will definitely be dining in next time!
Lovely,cosy restaurant .
The pizza was amazing,like you can eat in Naples,light good ingredients and quality.
Friendly staff.
Really recommend
Best pizza in London, hands down. Authentic Neapolitan flavours and wonderful atmosphere in the restaurant, where the staff is always kind and efficient. I am Italian so I can be quite picky when it comes to pizza: while there are a few other valid alternatives out there, nothing has so far topped Vicoli in terms of quality and deliciousness of their products. I also recommend their pizza rolls, which they sell at lunch time: imagine half a Neapolitan pizza rolled up like a wrap and oozing with delicious tomato sauce and mozzarella… Divine and ideal for a quick lunch out in the park! 10/10!
Best pizza! I always get the margerita. Perfect thin base and tasty sauce. I feel like their pizzas are bigger than any other I've seen. Staff is always friendly. I was worried when it closed down for a few months during summer. So happy it reopened!
The best pizza in London! Nothing can beat their soft thin dough, yummy tomato base and delicious mozzarella!???? Staff is super nice, always welcoming with a smile on their face. My favourite pick is the Pizza roll, that's a must to try!????????
It's a very cute, cozy place, and the pizza sauce is as authentic as it can get outside of naples. Creative menu, interesting flavor combinations. Perfect for a date or a calm friends night out.
By far the best pizza in the neighborhood., probably London. I went there twice during my visit to London. They offer an awesome range of fresh pizzas; I had the traditional margherita pizza and it was very delicious. The service was top notch and the staff were very friendly. A MUST visit - I would highly recommend trying these guys out- I heard they are aiming to expend and open other locations. Wishing them best of luck in their business

Quick Facts About Vicoli di Napoli Pizzeria

Vicoli di Napoli Pizzeria, located in London's Stoke Newington neighborhood, receives overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. The strengths of the restaurant can be summarized as follows:
1. Friendly and welcoming staff: Multiple comments mention the owner and staff as being super friendly and welcoming. This is a strength as it enhances the overall dining experience and creates a positive atmosphere.
2. Perfectly made pizza margherita: Many customers praise the Margherita pizza, describing it as perfect, delicious, and having a thin and soft dough. This indicates that the pizzeria excels in making traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas.
3. Authentic flavors: Customers rave about the authenticity of the pizza sauce, comparing it to what can be found in Naples. This demonstrates the pizzeria's commitment to using high-quality ingredients and traditional techniques.
4. Cozy and warm ambiance: The restaurant is described as cute, cozy, and having a warm atmosphere. This is a strength as it provides a comfortable and inviting setting for customers to enjoy their meals.
5. Convenient location: The fact that customers do not have to travel all the way to Naples to experience authentic Neapolitan pizza is seen as a positive aspect. The pizzeria's location in London makes it easily accessible to locals and tourists alike.
6. Recommended by customers: Several comments mention that customers would strongly recommend Vicoli di Napoli Pizzeria to others. Positive word-of-mouth referrals are a testament to the quality of the food and service provided.
7. Variety and creativity in menu: One customer commends the pizzeria for its creative menu and interesting flavor combinations. This indicates that the restaurant offers a diverse range of pizzas, catering to different tastes and preferences.
8. Pizza rolls: The mention of pizza rolls, described as half a Neapolitan pizza rolled up like a wrap, is seen as a strength. This unique menu item adds variety and provides a quick lunch option for customers.
9. Consistency in quality: A customer mentions being a regular patron and highlights the consistency in the quality of the pizza. This demonstrates that the pizzeria maintains high standards and delivers consistently delicious pizzas.
10. Reopening after closure: The fact that the pizzeria reopened after a temporary closure during the summer is viewed as a positive aspect by a loyal customer. This suggests that the pizzeria has a dedicated following who were eagerly awaiting its return.
While the overwhelmingly positive comments highlight the strengths of Vicoli di Napoli Pizzeria, it is important to consider potential weaknesses as well. However, no negative comments or weaknesses were mentioned in the given customer reviews. This indicates that the pizzeria may not have any significant weaknesses or areas requiring improvement, at least according to the comments provided.

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