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Freshwater-Stateline Plaza

130 Elm St, Enfield, CT 06082 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Pretty typical as far as home depot goes. I went there specifically for 8" strap hinges. They had plenty of other sizes but to my dismay 8" box was empty. Somewhat disappointed considering they had every other size in stock.
Nice place PC Richardson no good we went there to buy three TVs indagai to my baby mom to go to the bank and come with the money cash cuz he doesn't even want he thought we we started you call the cops tray made us go to the MTM machine and bring the money if I was her I wouldn't buy s*** from them for treating me like that the government gave her. With the tax money card refused it on her where's my driver's license that place not good for
I love this home Depot! The staff are always friendly and it's the biggest, cleanest and best stocked one I have personally visited. I am typically a Lowe's shopper and I actually like coming here.
Got a nice hair cut at Great Clips, then did sun's shopping at Home Depot feeling fresh with my trim. ????
Great little plaza . Home Depot, Costco and the best $1 store around
It's always a good experience here. I can usually find what I want on my own, but when I need help there's always someone around to help me.
Este es un lugar para comprar reparación y realizar proyectos del hogar, jardin y estructuras. Tiene una gran variedad de herramientas, pinturas, plantas, ferretería, y muebles para completar tus trabajos. Su personal muy atento y dispuesto a ayudar y orientar a el cliente. La tienda muy espaciosa para los handycap muy accesible y hay bancos para uso del público. Buen área de estacionamiento también tienen designados a personas impedidas, puertas y aceras preparadas para ello también. Es una de mis tiendas a la hora de buscar para mi hogar. Recomendado al cien por ciento.
This place has ample parking and lots of stores here in this little plaza. You can pretty much get everything you need done here. And pick up whatever you need in this area.

Quick Facts About Freshwater-Stateline Plaza

Freshwater-Stateline Plaza, located in an undisclosed location, has received mixed reviews from customers. By analyzing the comments provided, we can assess the strengths and weaknesses of the plaza.
One of the biggest strengths of Freshwater-Stateline Plaza seems to be the presence of a Home Depot. Customers who have visited the Home Depot in the plaza have mostly positive things to say. One customer states that it is the biggest, cleanest, and best-stocked Home Depot they have personally visited. This indicates that the Home Depot in the plaza provides a wide variety of products, maintains cleanliness, and ensures adequate stock levels. Additionally, another customer mentions that the staff at Home Depot are always friendly and helpful. These positive customer experiences suggest that the Home Depot in Freshwater-Stateline Plaza provides satisfactory customer service and a pleasant shopping environment.
Another strength of the plaza is the availability of multiple stores. Customers mention having access to stores such as PC Richardson, Great Clips, and a $1 store. This variety allows shoppers to fulfill a range of needs within one location, making it convenient for them. The presence of well-known brands such as PC Richardson suggests that the plaza attracts reputable retailers, providing customers with quality products and services.
The comments also highlight the plaza's ample parking. One customer specifically states that Freshwater-Stateline Plaza has good parking and designated spots for disabled individuals. This suggests that the plaza takes accessibility into account and provides a convenient shopping experience for a wide range of customers, including those with disabilities.
However, there are some weaknesses identified in the comments as well. The most prominent one is the dissatisfaction expressed by a customer with PC Richardson. The complaint revolves around the store's handling of a transaction, with the customer feeling mistreated by being forced to withdraw money from an ATM. This negative experience could deter potential customers from patronizing PC Richardson, impacting the overall perception of the plaza.
It is worth noting that the review in Spanish provides a positive perspective on Freshwater-Stateline Plaza. The customer highlights various positive aspects, such as the wide variety of tools, paints, plants, hardware, and furniture available in the stores within the plaza. They praise the helpful and attentive staff, accessible infrastructure for disabled individuals, and adequate parking. This positive review suggests that Freshwater-Stateline Plaza caters to diverse customer needs and ensures a satisfactory shopping experience.
Overall, Freshwater-Stateline Plaza appears to have several strengths. These include a well-stocked and friendly Home Depot, a range of stores providing different services, ample parking with accessible facilities, and positive feedback from some customers. However, weaknesses such as the negative experience at PC Richardson indicate the need for improvements in customer service at certain stores within the plaza. Despite these shortcomings, the plaza seems to offer a convenient option for customers seeking various products and services in one location.

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