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I went to this place wanted to do something different since I rarely do my nails. I went here because of the reviews and the nice nails on google and this place did not disappoint!! My nail technician, her name is Jin, she really took a great care of me and my nails! Since the flower I asked for, she didn’t have stickers for them so she ended up drawing my flowers by hand. I love the color selection she chose out for me!!! I will come back!!! I highly recommend coming to Jin
My regular nail Salon was closed and desperately needed fills so I took a chance in this salon last week, by the time I had a chance to go my nails were popping so I figured I’d just get a whole new set but the lady at the salon insisted I just get fills I went with it at first but I had concerns throughout and anytime I brought something up she said don’t worry about it. The nails came out super thick and not like how I wanted but my mom had already paid for them so I just left. Sure enough less than a week later all but a couple have completely popped off and some have caused serious damage to my nails. This isn’t my first time at this location as I’ve been here a few years ago but this is the first time that the salon has only had 2 workers, had questionable cleanliness, and has severely disappointed me with the results.
This is by far the best nail salon in SA! If your looking for a great set of nails that can last you over a month you have to go see Jin. She does phenomenal work! I always go in with the idea I want my nails to look like, and she always makes them better. I promise if you go to her you won't regret it!
This place is hands down the BEST nail salon in SA! Maybe in Texas! They understand shape and color and everything that matters when getting a good set! You don’t even need to go through a book and pick a color here because you just show them a picture or tell them your idea and they MAKE IT HAPPEN! Everyone who works here is so talented at what they do but my fav is Richard! I can’t say enough great things about him! He pays attention to detail and makes sure that my nails are picture perfect every time I go! Make sure you tip FAT bc they deserve it!
I would give 0 stars if possible!!!! All this hype on their Instagram with those lavish designs I went in and they couldn’t even give me what I asked and gave me ugly different color rhinestones when my requested design only called for silver and maroon. If you don’t have them, SAY THAT still was charged an arm and a leg for a design I was clearly unhappy with and when I tried to politely correct my nail tech he MOCKED ME to his co workers making me feel extremely uncomfortable and humiliated. I don’t need to speak their language to know when he’s impersonating a female voice vs. his regular tone won’t ever return here again their service definitely does not match the undeserved hype????
Paul did my manicure and pedicure and did such an incredible job. I’m pretty picky about acrylics and dip powder, and I’ve never had more perfectly shaped nails, and he was so kind and attentive to detail and was very polite about all my requests. The pictures don’t really do my nails justice; they look better in person. I personally thought the price for my nails was very reasonable, especially considering the quality of the work.
I really can’t say enough good things about Paul. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do my nails.
Edit: Paul no longer works here, and no one will say anything about where he went. However, I started seeing Raymond for my manicures and he also does an incredible job, and my last manicure with him is the best manicure I’ve ever had. Some of the other nail artists aren’t very friendly, but Raymond is very nice with a great eye for detail.
I had a pretty good experience. I did not wait long even being a walk in. I think I sat down for less than 60 seconds actually. Jasmine did my pedicure and it was great. She was really sweet and attentive and very caring and considerate. Paul did my manicure and was kind. He did a really great job. He even suggested a simple design that I hadn't originally asked for but I ended up being in love with. The only downfall is that things are a little bit pricey but due to the great customer service I will be going back.
I've been following SA Nails Spa for about a year on FB and decided to take the leap and try them out. I will not be back. They have signs everywhere that say "Check your nails" but when I asked my nail tech to fix a couple things, he wanted to argue with me. Super uneven, thick and sloppy.

Quick Facts About SA Nails Spa 1

SA Nails Spa 1 has received a mix of positive and negative reviews, which highlight both its strengths and weaknesses. Below is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of SA Nails Spa 1 based on the comments provided.
Strengths: 1. Skilled Nail Technicians: Multiple comments mention specific nail technicians who provided excellent service and delivered beautiful results. Jin, Richard, Raymond, and Paul were praised for their talent, attention to detail, and ability to exceed customers' expectations.
2. Customization and Creativity: Customers appreciate the salon's ability to bring their desired nail designs to life. The salon is commended for allowing customers to show pictures or describe their ideas and then successfully translating those ideas into stunning nail art.
3. Good Customer Service: Several reviews compliment the friendly and attentive staff members at SA Nails Spa 1. Customers mentioned that the nail technicians were polite, kind, and considerate. The salon's ability to accommodate walk-ins promptly was also mentioned positively.
4. Quality of Work: Many customers were satisfied with the overall quality of the work done at the salon. The nail technicians were praised for their ability to shape nails perfectly and provide long-lasting manicures and pedicures.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent Experiences: One review highlighted a negative experience where the customer felt that the salon didn't listen to their requests and provided subpar service. This inconsistency suggests that the quality of service may vary depending on the nail technician assigned.
2. Lack of Communication: Another customer had a negative experience where they felt ignored and argued with when they asked their nail technician to fix issues with their nails. This lack of communication implies poor customer service and a failure to address customer concerns.
3. Pricing: A couple of reviews mentioned that the salon's services are on the expensive side. Although one customer mentioned being willing to pay the high prices due to good customer service, the overall sentiment indicates that the pricing may deter some potential customers.
4. Staffing Issues: One customer mentioned that the salon had a limited number of workers, which may have contributed to subpar service. Additionally, a positive review mentioned that Paul no longer works at the salon, raising concerns about the consistency of service as customers may develop relationships with specific nail technicians.
To conclude, while SA Nails Spa 1 has been praised for its skilled nail technicians, customization options, good customer service, and quality of work, there have been instances of inconsistency, poor communication, high pricing, and staffing issues. These weaknesses should be addressed to ensure a consistently positive customer experience.

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