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Quick Facts About passion nails studio

Passion Nails Studio has strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Here is an analysis of these points:
1. Friendly staff: Several comments mention the friendliness of the staff at Passion Nails Studio. This is important as it creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for customers.
2. Professional and clean facilities: Customers appreciate that the studio maintains a professional and clean environment. This speaks to the hygiene practices followed by the establishment.
3. Good customer service: The positive feedback about customer service indicates that the staff at Passion Nails Studio is attentive to their clients' needs and preferences.
4. Skilled nail technician: One customer had a positive experience with a skilled nail technician who had a gentle touch and ensured that each step of the process met their preferences.
5. Accomplished desired look: A customer mentioned that they got exactly what they asked for and were pleased with the outcome. This indicates that the salon is capable of fulfilling customer requests accurately.
1. Inconsistent quality: A customer mentioned that the studio is hit or miss, indicating inconsistency in the quality of service provided. Some clients may have a positive experience while others may not.
2. Lack of attention to detail: A few comments mentioned specific issues with their services, such as uneven manicures, incorrect designs, and rough handling. These instances indicate a lack of attention to detail by the technicians.
3. Mediocre pedicure: One customer described the pedicure as mediocre, suggesting that the studio may not excel in this particular service. This could be a weakness for clients seeking exceptional pedicures.
4. Unpleasant experience: Some customers mentioned negative experiences, such as burns, scratches, and deep cuts during their appointments. These incidents indicate a lack of professionalism and proper training among the staff.
5. Appointment scheduling issues: One customer complained about an appointment mix-up, which resulted in wasted time and inconvenience. This indicates a weakness in the studio's organizational and communication skills.
Based on these comments, Passion Nails Studio has both positive and negative aspects. The strengths include friendly staff, professionalism, good customer service, skilled technicians, and successfully achieving desired looks. However, weaknesses lie in inconsistent quality, lack of attention to detail, mediocre pedicures, unpleasant experiences, and appointment scheduling issues. These areas of improvement should be addressed to ensure a better overall experience for their customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

We went here for 2 pedicures and a manicure. My leg was burned with one of the hot stones and my husband got a nasty scratch on the bottom of his foot when they filed it. My manicure was awful. They chewed up my cuticles trying to remove the excess sns that they left on my skin, it was lumpy and uneven throughout, some even got under my nails. The design wasn't what I asked for, but they refused to fix it. I wanted a black & white ombre with a moon, they messed up the ombre and added glitter and a lopsided triangle. As we were leaving we heard one girl say "sorry you didn't get what you wanted." I will never go back.
I absolutely love coming here! They are always so nice and do an amazing job! Definitely recommend!! I have never had a bad set from them!
It's ok but nothing special. I will not get gel polish from them again. They used a drill to rough up my nails prior to using the gel polish.
As a former salon owner, I know this is completely unnecessary. It only ruins your natural nails. A file or buffer brush does the same without the damage.
The pedicure was mediocre as well. The tech was nice but not great at her job.
I got my nails done today and I got multiple fingers cut deeply from snapping. She doesn’t seem to enjoy her work at all. I usually love coming here but this wasn’t my normal girl. It’s 12+ hrs later an my fingers are still throbbing. When they were bleeding she put nail glue over my wounds didn’t even ask.
Friendly staff. Professional & clean facilities. My nail tech had the best gentle touch. Always ask each step if it was the way I liked it.
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I got exactly what I asked for and it looked identical to the inspiration photo if not better! Asia did my nails and I couldn’t have asked for a better nail tech. Everything about them is perfect, length, thickness, and shape.
I got my Nails and toes done for my senior pictures and they did an AMAZING Job very highly recommend
We had an appt at 6 got there was told it was at 5 which is a lie since my daughter doesn't get off til 5 anyway total waste of gas and time...would have been my first time definitely will not ever go back simply cuz I don't tolerate lying

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