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Skegness Clock Tower

Lumley Rd, Skegness PE25 2UN United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Good for kids

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One thing that makes your visit to skegness
is the clock tower then a walk on the
promenade but not to forget the new street lighting to the promenade & don't forget
Park, lake playground bandstand & now there's a posh cafe, all to make skegness
Great, (best of all The embassy theater)
Don't miss around boating Lake & kiddies
paddling pool. Enjoy?
This building dates from 1898-99, aka Late Victorian Era, and have tons of history to know. :)
Some people call skegness skeg Vegas, it's very much designed to take your money just like a lot of seafront holiday beaches, take your own food and drink and there's a vast beach to enjoy
Lovely day out but don't expect phone signal anywhere near the seafront and most of the pubs and restaurants don't have decent WiFi.
A place were people return year after year lovely skegness
And the clock tower is such a big part of this place
Nice to see sand an water . Wolf bar is lovely. But not worth a two hour drive . I'd seen most in 1hour wondering around
The landmark for the centre of Skeg, with shops, pubs and food outlets. 100 yards to the promenade and beach. Looks amazing when lit up during the evening. Lots of work has been done in the area to clean it up after years of neglect. There is all of the usual seaside amenities, car parks and shops within walking distance. Lots of things for kids to do, a spotless beach that is raked daily. The main beach is dog free from Easter until 30th September, but dogs are allowed on the beach south of the clock all year around, there are penalties for fouling. We visit about twice a year out of season as the dogs love it there!
Always seems a bit chavy really, it's a bit like the east coast version of Blackpool.
Every 2nd shop is either a pub or arcade. I cycled here on this occasion from Mablethorpe for a bag of chips before going back.

Quick Facts About Skegness Clock Tower

Strengths: 1. Historical significance: The clock tower dates back to the Late Victorian Era, making it a fascinating attraction for history enthusiasts. 2. Variety of amenities: The area around the clock tower offers a range of amenities, including a park, lake, playground, bandstand, and a posh cafe. This variety ensures that visitors have something to enjoy regardless of their preferences. 3. The Embassy Theater: Considered the best part of Skegness, The Embassy Theater is located near the clock tower. This theater attracts visitors with its entertainment offerings. 4. Family-friendly attractions: The boating lake and kiddies' paddling pool provide enjoyable activities for families with young children. 5. Beautiful beach: The beach is described as lovely, with sand and water that can be enjoyed by visitors. 6. Cleanliness: The area surrounding the clock tower and the beach is well-maintained, with the beach raked daily to ensure cleanliness. 7. Dog-friendly beach: While the main beach is dog-free during certain times, dogs can be taken to the beach south of the clock tower all year round, providing a pet-friendly option for visitors. 8. Proximity to amenities: The clock tower is conveniently located near shops, pubs, and food outlets, ensuring visitors have easy access to essential amenities.
Weaknesses: 1. Commercialization: Some visitors compare Skegness to Skeg Vegas, suggesting that it is designed to take visitors' money, similar to other seafront holiday beaches. This may indicate a high presence of commercial establishments trying to capitalize on tourism. 2. Limited phone signal and WiFi: Visitors may experience difficulty in accessing phone signal and WiFi near the seafront, making communication and internet access challenging. 3. Lack of uniqueness: One visitor compared Skegness to Blackpool, implying that it may not offer a distinctive experience compared to other seaside destinations. 4. Overabundance of pubs and arcades: A visitor noted that every other shop seemed to be a pub or arcade, suggesting a lack of variety in terms of entertainment options. 5. Distance from other attractions: A visitor mentioned that the clock tower and the surrounding area did not warrant a two-hour drive and that they were able to see most of it within an hour. This feedback indicates that there may be limited attractions in the immediate area. 6. Chaviness: One visitor described Skegness as "a bit chavy," implying a lack of sophistication or a lower-quality atmosphere. This perception may deter visitors seeking a more upscale experience.
In conclusion, the strengths of Skegness Clock Tower place include its historical significance, variety of amenities, family-friendly attractions, beautiful beach, cleanliness, dog-friendliness, and proximity to amenities. However, the weaknesses include a perception of commercialization, limited phone signal and WiFi, lack of uniqueness, overabundance of pubs and arcades, distance from other attractions, and a perceived lack of sophistication. Despite these weaknesses, the clock tower remains an integral part of Skegness and continues to attract visitors year after year.

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