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1920 Auburn Ave, Columbus, GA 31906 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Great customer service!! huge inventory, clean store and great prices. I will be coming here from now on. One stop shop for so beauty needs and they offer beautician discounts!!!
I'm on the hunt for new crochet braid hair for myself and my clients. This store has 16 rows of crochet braid hair!! Not only is this store well organized the customer service is on point. Whatever you need for beauty and this includes the men as well they've got it.
Store is good and very clean!!
Manager PK is really nice, good customer service. They have Ebin Melting spray black one!!!!
Visited this place for the first time a few weeks ago. It’s a pretty big beauty store and I got everything I needed and more. The staff was friendly and the environment was cool ????
I remember this beauty supply store before it was renovated. I'd been going there some 10 years or so. The store wasn't as big back in the day, but still carried very useful products. The new look is awesome. More lighting. Cleaner. Easier to locate products. Aisle numbers hanging from above and more store clerks to assist with questions. It's more like a warehouse. Seems like there are more items available and in stock than previous. I've never been disappointed while shopping there. Prices are comparable to similar beauty supply stores in the local area, but I like the new renovation and openness.
Tooooons of hair products. The majority are for curly hair and waves, but the prices are incredible. Bleach powder at Sally's is $15, but here you can get the same amount for half the price.
The store's main focus is black beauty, and they have everything from expensive brands to cheaper products that you can count on. They have SO many pretty wigs as well as hair care supplies, nail products, and some makeup.
Clean plays good customer service you can find whatever you want in the store wigs weave braids crochet needles die anything you need is in the store and customer service is off the chain that mean it is a good customer service and I have pictures to show it
Best hair store in Columbus ga and the prices are cheaper than most hair stores here ! Get there !

Quick Facts About BEST BEAUTY

BEST BEAUTY place is a beauty supply store with several strengths that make it a standout option for customers looking for a one-stop shop for all their beauty needs. The store's strengths can be summarized as follows:
1. Great customer service: Multiple comments mention the exceptional customer service at BEST BEAUTY place. This is a crucial strength, as good customer service creates a positive shopping experience and encourages customer loyalty.
2. Huge inventory: Another strength highlighted by customers is the store's extensive inventory. Having a wide variety of products ensures that customers can find exactly what they need, whether it's hair care products, nail products, or makeup. This abundance of choices distinguishes BEST BEAUTY place from competitors and attracts customers looking for a comprehensive selection.
3. Clean and well-organized store: Multiple comments emphasize the cleanliness and organization of BEST BEAUTY place. A clean store environment reflects professionalism and attention to detail, creating a pleasant shopping atmosphere. The store's organization further enhances the customer experience by making it easy for shoppers to locate products quickly and efficiently.
4. Competitive prices: Customers appreciate the affordable prices at BEST BEAUTY place. This is an important strength, as competitive pricing not only attracts customers but also helps to build customer loyalty. Providing reasonable prices on a wide range of products ensures that customers can make their beauty purchases without breaking the bank.
5. Special discounts: BEST BEAUTY place offers beautician discounts, which is a significant strength. This attracts professionals in the beauty industry and encourages their repeat business. By catering to beauty professionals, the store can establish a strong customer base and maintain long-term relationships.
6. Diverse product range: BEST BEAUTY place offers a diverse range of products suitable for a variety of customers. The store's focus on black beauty acknowledges and caters to a specific customer base. Additionally, it covers different beauty needs such as hair care, nail products, and makeup. This variety ensures that customers can find products that suit their specific preferences and requirements.
7. Recent renovation: The renovation of BEST BEAUTY place is considered a significant strength by longtime customers. The improved lighting, cleanliness, and layout enhance the shopping experience, making it easier for customers to find products and navigate the store. This renovation demonstrates the store's commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
8. Competitive prices on hair products: Customers particularly appreciate the prices on hair products at BEST BEAUTY place. The affordability of these products, compared to other beauty supply stores in the area, is a competitive advantage that attracts customers looking for quality hair products at a reasonable cost.
Despite its strengths, BEST BEAUTY place does have a few potential weaknesses that may affect certain customers:
1. Limited focus on other beauty needs: While BEST BEAUTY place offers a wide range of hair products and some makeup, it may lack a comprehensive selection of other beauty products. Customers looking for a broader range of makeup or skincare products may need to visit other stores to fulfill their needs.
2. Limited demographic focus: BEST BEAUTY place primarily focuses on black beauty, which may not cater to customers from other ethnic backgrounds. This limitation may affect the store's appeal to a wider customer base.
In conclusion, BEST BEAUTY place offers several strengths that make it a preferred beauty supply store for many customers. These strengths include excellent customer service, a vast inventory, a clean and well-organized store, competitive pricing, special discounts, a diverse product range, recent renovation, and affordable hair products. While the store may have a limited focus on other beauty needs and a specific demographic, its strengths outweigh these potential weaknesses. Overall, BEST BEAUTY place provides a positive shopping experience and meets the needs of many beauty enthusiasts.

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