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Lee Nails

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25299 Canal Rd STE A2, Orange Beach, AL 36561 United States of America
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We were on vacation in Orange Beach with my sister and her husband, so we decided to treat my bil to his first-ever pedicure. The ladies at Lee Nails made it a delightful and fun experience for all of us. Now my bil says he’s going to get pedicures on a regular basis!!

Excellent!! I went for a Mani/Pedi and was able to get right in. Beautiful, clean, friendly staff...just a great experience. Howie did a terrific job and made my time in the chair relaxing. I know what my go to nail shop will always be when traveling thru Orange Beach/Gulf Shores - Lee Nails !!

Great service and atmosphere! My nails turned out very nice. I am visiting from Wisconsin, but I’ll be back here again next year!

These ladies were superb! Very detailed and pampering. Our first but definitely not the last time here. Thank you for the treatment and nail jobs for both myself and my daughter.

The lady who did my nails didn't introduce herself, but from the way she was acting, I suspect she is the owner or manager. She was nice enough. They were busy so I tried to take that into account when writing this review. I had just had my nails done prior to coming to the beach so I didn't really need a fill but had broke one the day before and needed it fixed. I let her fix it and do a "polish change" (basically re-clear coat) the others. I waited over an hour (I didn't have an appt so I understood) and then she finally started. She was working on three different people at a time, rotating between the different customers. While I appreciate time management, I would have rather her finished with one then focused on mine, told me they were too busy, come back, etc. They did this same process to every customer that came in. She was moving so fast that she cut my cuticle on multiple nails while using the dremel. Again, I can appreciate time mgmt and if you can do it fast, without hitting my cuticle then great, but that wasn't the case. The nails looked good when she finished, I washed my hands and left. I didn't even get two miles down the road before I noticed that multiple nails were already pealing. The one she fixed was ok, but the top layer of at least 5 of them were pealing large piece off. They looked absolutely horrible. I would have been better off letting her fix the one and leaving (after 2 +hours). I stopped at cvs and purchased a clear polish to try to make them look somewhat decent until I could get home. I've had my nails done for 20+ year every 2 weeks. I've never had them peal like that. I think she was going so fast she forgot a step and I was talking to another customer and didn't notice or perhaps it was a bad product. Regardless, I was beyond frustrated with the whole process. In all fairness, I didn't go back to let her fix it . I didn't have any more time to allocate to it. Of note, I am not sure that it would have been any better at another salon. Unfortunately, at the beach a lot of the customers are on vacation so the nail shops don't have a lot of incentive to try to do a great job because they don't think you will be back and that is probably the case for most people.

Really good pedi with lots of attention to detail. Very friendly atmosphere! We're here from up north and would highly recommend to fellow travelers.

I was on Vacation and went here to get a manicure. They made you feel at home and did a great job. If we can come back next year I will definitely go back .

Tammy did a good job on my pedicure. Will go back again and again.


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