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Beauty Queen 98 Cents Store

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3217 Mercer University Dr, Macon, GA 31204 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The clerk was very informative about new and upcoming products for my natural hair. He was very helpful with the hair selections and he recommended a few things that I may need to help with my new do. I'm so excited to try my new hair. I bought the goddess select 10in 2pack. They had a very good sale going so the price was excellent. I was also recommended to get the boss bundle 4x5 HD lace front closure.
Update: this hair was amazing ???? ???? Bae loved every minute of this hair install pics below 2-3 weeks. Up keep wrapped every night with a silk scarf. Be very careful with closure I have itch scalp and so I scratched at the closure alot this WILL CAUSE BALDING! I loved it will be purchasing again when I build the money up. I cut it in a bob so ???? cute!
As a person visiting from Arizona, the store was confusing. With a name like 98 Cents Store, you would think that more items would be $0.98. Look at the photos and tell me what you don't see. Yes, that's right! The prices aren't posted. It's basically a guessing game until you get to the register. I would expect most of the unmarked items to be $0.98 and the higher priced items would have a price sticker on it.
Don't get me wrong, they have a wonderful selection of items, but it would be nice to appropriately budget. I know it's harder to price such a large store, but it would make the shopping experience a lot better.
This place has a lot to choose from. Prices are decent. Selection provides a lot of variety. Need more floor help, because waiting in line while the person at the register has to go out to the floor to help customers can be a pain.
They Beauty Supply store is not a fair business. They will cheat you out of your money. The business will be reported to BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU (BBB). I advise people if you shop their check your items will for damages because they will argue with to not do NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE!!!!!!!
The only problem is that one i went there to pick up a few hair products and the staff acting like i was stealing however it was a year ago and they are located in a drug infested neighborhood.
I never have any issues with finding what I need but because so many people shop here they are limited stock at times.
Wish everything was priced. They had a heart shaped rug but no price.
I Love This Store it's my Happy Place ????

Quick Facts About Beauty Queen 98 Cents Store

The Beauty Queen 98 Cents Store has a number of strengths that contribute to a positive shopping experience. Firstly, the clerk was praised for being informative about new and upcoming products, specifically for natural hair. This demonstrates that the store is knowledgeable and keeps up with trends in the industry. Additionally, the clerk's assistance in selecting the right products and offering recommendations shows a commitment to customer satisfaction.
The presence of sales and affordable prices is another strength of the store. The customer mentioned a good sale on hair products and the excellent price of the items purchased. This attracts customers who are looking for affordable options and value for their money.
The customer's positive experience with the hair products they bought also speaks to the quality of the products available at the store. The customer even stated their intention to purchase again in the future. This indicates that the store provides a good selection of hair products that meet the needs and expectations of customers.
On the other hand, some weaknesses can be identified from the comments. One customer mentioned that the store was confusing, as the name suggests that most items would be priced at 98 cents, but this was not the case. Lack of proper pricing and price stickers on items creates confusion for customers as they have to rely on guesswork or wait until they reach the register to know the actual prices. This may lead to frustration and affect the overall shopping experience.
Another weakness highlighted is the need for more floor help. This suggests that the store may be understaffed, leading to longer wait times at the register as the clerk has to leave to assist customers on the floor. Increased staffing would improve efficiency and make the shopping experience more pleasant for customers.
Negative comments also bring attention to potential areas of improvement. One customer claimed that the store cheats customers out of their money and does not offer refunds or exchanges. This raises concerns about the store's business practices and customer service. It is crucial for the store to address these issues and ensure fair treatment of customers to maintain a positive reputation.
Furthermore, a customer reported feeling uncomfortable during their visit to the store due to staff acting suspicious and being located in a drug-infested neighborhood. This highlights potential safety concerns and may deter customers from visiting the store, impacting its overall success.
Lastly, there were mentions of limited stock at times due to high customer demand. While this indicates that the store is popular, it can also create a frustrating experience for customers who visit with specific items in mind but find them unavailable. The store should work on managing and restocking inventory effectively to meet customer demands.
In conclusion, the Beauty Queen 98 Cents Store has strengths such as knowledgeable and helpful staff, affordable prices, and good quality products. However, weaknesses related to confusing pricing, limited floor help, potential unfair business practices, safety concerns, and occasional limited stock need to be addressed to improve the overall shopping experience and ensure customer satisfaction.

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