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Atlantic Square

+1 949-662-2100
2000 S Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754 United States of America
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Super Gooddd
I spend so much time here! Big 5 Sports is my favorite recent shopping discovery! Great for gifts and everyday needs. Sally Beauty is a frequent stop. Of course, Starbucks offers needed refreshment. FedEx Office provides essential services, as well as the mail boxes store. Hungry? Excellent Thai cuisine, Boston Market, and the Ralph's grocery store - get those fuel points! There is an almost daily reason to visit, but parking can be complicated and security guards are watching the cars, but also monitoring time spent, so make it as quick as possible.
Awesome place to shop... Even just park and forget because your listening to your music, nobody bothered me.... Thank you, Lord . I bought all kinds of goodies for my friends at the state parking across the street.
Plenty of parking, a Ralph's grocery store, Jamba Juice, a Big 5 Sporting Goods store, and restaurants. You can even get fries with that at the near by Carl's Junior restaurant. Another shopping mall is across the street with an office supply/ electronics store, I think Office Depot - so a good area to get stuff. Close to the 60 freeway so convenient. Also close to ELAC so more bus routes.
Nice variety of shops. No big draws in my opinion, but a decent mall to visit if you want to pick up something and then leave.
Many stores available, very busy parking lot. Quick stop at Rite Aid RX, needed sunflower seeds, found them quickly, also Thrifty ice cream cones available. Store was very organized and clean????
Food was okay, not as good as we've had in past. Server forgot to put cheese on sandwich, Mac n cheese not so great but sweet potatoes were yummy.
Atlantic square is a good area to be in the morning to like 6pm after that, you will see some homeless and rarely crackheads, but everything here has always been good

Quick Facts About Atlantic Square

Atlantic Square Place, as described by the comments above, seems to have several strengths and weaknesses that make it a unique shopping destination. In analyzing the comments, it is possible to identify various key points that contribute to the overall strengths and weaknesses of Atlantic Square Place.
One of the main strengths highlighted in the comments is the wide variety of stores available at Atlantic Square Place. From Big 5 Sports to Sally Beauty, customers seem to find a great selection of stores for their everyday needs and gift shopping. Additionally, the presence of essential services such as FedEx Office and the mailboxes store adds convenience for customers who require printing services or need to send packages. The variety of dining options, including Thai cuisine, Boston Market, and fast-food chains like Carl's Junior, also adds value to the shopping experience. These factors contribute to making Atlantic Square Place a comprehensive and convenient destination for shopping, dining, and running errands.
Another notable strength mentioned in the comments is the ample parking available at Atlantic Square Place. Several customers praised the parking facilities, suggesting that they never had any issues finding a spot. This is an important positive aspect, as easy parking access can significantly enhance the overall shopping experience and attract more customers to the location.
Furthermore, the convenient location of Atlantic Square Place is recognized in the comments as a strength. Being close to the 60 freeway and ELAC (East Los Angeles College) allows for easy accessibility and convenient transportation options, including bus routes. This accessibility makes it easier for a larger demographic to access the shopping center, contributing to its popularity.
However, several weaknesses of Atlantic Square Place were also mentioned in the comments. One common complaint is regarding the parking situation. Despite some positive comments, others described parking as complicated, which could deter potential shoppers. Additionally, it was mentioned that security guards monitor the time spent in the parking lot, adding pressure for quick visits. These issues may create some inconvenience and discomfort for customers, potentially affecting their overall shopping experience.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is the overall shopping experience at Atlantic Square Place. Some commenters mentioned that there are no significant draws or standout stores in the mall. While the variety of stores was mentioned as a strength, this comment suggests that there might not be any particular stores or attractions that make Atlantic Square Place truly stand out compared to other shopping centers. This could limit its appeal to potential customers looking for unique or specialized shopping experiences.
Furthermore, there were mixed comments regarding the food options at Atlantic Square Place. While some found the food to be decent and convenient, others expressed disappointment or dissatisfaction with the quality of the food. These negative experiences may affect customer retention and lead to a decline in repeat visits.
Lastly, a concern raised in one of the comments is the presence of homeless and individuals potentially engaging in illicit activities after 6pm. This observation may create a sense of discomfort or unease for customers, potentially deterring them from visiting Atlantic Square Place during evening hours.
In conclusion, Atlantic Square Place has several strengths, including a wide variety of stores, ample parking, and a convenient location. These factors contribute to its popularity as a shopping destination. However, the weaknesses identified, such as complicated parking, lack of standout stores, mixed food quality, and potential security concerns, may impact the overall shopping experience and potentially decrease customer satisfaction.

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