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Market at Southside

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S Orange Ave &, E Michigan St, Orlando, FL 32806 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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They had a small vegetable tray for a dollar less than a large vegetable tray at a more exclusive area. Is this how you treat the poor people and give better to those in a better community. You buy bulk for the same price so what is up with that????
Publix always the best.some say high price.I say not really when compared to quality and service. That wally world store most of time only cents difference and seems like always a mistake on checkout. They know that most don't bother so are you really saving money? Oh and check out lines at wally world what a joke and they could care less. I really believe in supporting PUBLIX
Went to the Chick-fil-A first time I have been there in a while the line was wrapped all the way around the building but the employees were out there with him and held devices taking orders before we even got out to the ordering screen I thought I was going to be there forever but to my surprise I even got my food before I got up to the window. Great job guys you guys are really efficient at taking the orders and taking them to the cars I was really surprised at how fast I was out of there.
The South side market has Chick-fil-A. What else do I need to say.. also the Chick-fil-A has excellent I mean extraordinary service I love the chicken sandwich it's always fresh. And you can count on some good lemonade. I love coming here for my lunch when I'm in the area. The young lady at drive through was very nice and had extremely good customer and had extremely good customer service I highly recommend eating here and visiting the market at Southside
It's a great place for all the locals to eat and shop pretty much has everything you need.
This was actually a quick visit I'm getting to know the area as we are not from here and were only there helping are mentally handicapped family member settle in to his new surroundings. This Plaza there's only a mile away and seemed to me all of the needs he required. It was a quick stop into the Dollar Tree, Payless & Ross Dress for Less leaving many other stores left to explore. It was a very busy Plaza and you did have to be quite aware of your surroundings especially all of other drivers who were obviously in a big hurry and needed to slow down! With that in mind I would definitely recommend you exploring this Plaza.
I take all my injectors and turbos there awesome people and great service never a problem
En WMART también este pan negro judío ga llegado ya a $4 y la leche almendras también aumento, Gracias Bidén!!!

Quick Facts About Market at Southside

The Market at Southside place receives both positive and negative comments from customers, giving us an opportunity to analyze its strengths and weaknesses. It is important to consider multiple perspectives to gain a comprehensive understanding.
One strength mentioned by a customer is the affordability of certain products. They mention that a small vegetable tray at the Market at Southside place is priced one dollar less than a large vegetable tray in a more exclusive area. This suggests that the market may offer competitive prices for certain items, making it accessible for people with limited budgets.
Another positive aspect highlighted by a customer is the quality and service provided by Publix, a supermarket within the Market at Southside place. They argue that although Publix may be slightly more expensive, the quality and customer service make it worth the price. This indicates that the Market at Southside place provides a high-quality grocery shopping experience through Publix.
The efficient service at Chick-fil-A is also mentioned as a strength. A customer notes that despite a long line, the employees efficiently took orders in advance, resulting in a quick experience. This suggests that the Market at Southside place has efficient and well-trained staff, making it an appealing option for fast food.
The presence of Chick-fil-A in the market is also mentioned as a strength. One customer expresses their love for the chicken sandwich and praises the extraordinary service at Chick-fil-A. This indicates that the Market at Southside place offers diverse dining options, including a popular and well-regarded fast-food chain.
The market is also viewed as a convenient and comprehensive shopping destination. A customer mentions that it has everything they need, suggesting that the Market at Southside place caters to various shopping needs.
Additionally, a customer states that the market has various stores such as Dollar Tree, Payless, and Ross Dress for Less. They describe it as a busy plaza that provides a range of options for shopping. This indicates that the Market at Southside place offers a diverse range of stores, attracting a variety of customers.
On the other hand, there are some weaknesses highlighted by customers that need to be addressed. One customer raises concerns about unequal treatment, questioning why a small vegetable tray is priced cheaper in a less affluent area while a larger tray is priced higher elsewhere. This raises questions about the market's pricing policies and whether they treat customers differently based on their community's socio-economic status.
Another criticism raised is directed towards Walmart, a store within the market. A customer argues that the prices at Walmart are only slightly lower than Publix, and mistakes at the checkout are common. This suggests that the market's pricing strategy may not always result in significant savings, and checkout processes may need improvement.
Lastly, a customer expresses frustration with the aggressive driving behavior of other visitors to the market, emphasizing the need for improved traffic management and awareness. This indicates a potential weakness in the market's infrastructure and customer safety measures.
In conclusion, the Market at Southside place has several strengths, including competitive pricing, high-quality service at Publix, efficient service at Chick-fil-A, and a comprehensive range of stores. However, there are also weaknesses concerning unequal treatment, pricing inconsistencies, checkout errors at Walmart, and traffic management. By addressing these weaknesses, the market can improve its overall customer experience and appeal to a wider customer base.

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