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Florin Towne Centre

Florin Rd & Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95823 United States of America
Open Today: 06:00 AM - 12:00 AM


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Very nice selection of stores. Fire wings are bomb. The new shoe palace is awesome. It's more of a shopping day. Between pets mart, falling prices. The urban clothing store and right next to that is another shoe store. Wife loves Starbucks. Wal mart is off the hook, always a krazy show to see in there.
This shopping center has multiple places to do your shopping needs very easy to get to and everything I was looking for something was available to fix my shopping list for Christmas.
So many places around here for you to come up and shop and fulfill your needs always be cautious when shopping this time of year and be alert in your surroundings after all we live in a different way these days. Be careful and marry Christmas to all of you God bless you and happy New Year
I broke down here and my boyfriend was being a butthead. My phone wasn't working so I couldn't get any help! The security guard ( young Mexican guy ) decided to harass me and even called the tow truck to have me towed. Luckily the tow truck driver could see what was going on and wouldn't tow me....instead let me use his phone to call my insurance company! The guard was very mad and I could see he had no heart for a woman alone at night stranded! I could only laugh when the tow truck driver told him how would you feel if it was your wife sister or mother out here! Dude you need to find some compassion for a woman stranded at night alone! The tow truck drivers stay with me until my insurance company tow truck came. I wish I can remember what company he was from cuz I would really like to leave him and also review. I tried to find out but nobody would tell me who it was. I even saw the security guard and ask him if he could remember the name of the company he had called because I wanted to call and let his boss know that he was an awesome tow truck driver and really has a heart and concern for people in need and not just trying to tow people for money. So if he happens to read this post I'm pretty sure he remember who I am can you please reply to my post so that way I can give you recognition for just being an awesome human being
Was able to wash 4 Queen size comforts in their biggest washer, and it was only 1/2 full. They have a dry cleaners, and easy ATM use on some washers & dryers. Very clean and quiet. TV for entertainment. Where we will go from now on.
They were very friendly but tried to hard to upsale to many times when we told them from the beginning
I went to the Walmart and the Walmart there is vile I'll never go to that one again never in fact there's got to be a better place than Walmart I know that there's Dollar General family neighborhood stores okay and you know to get cheap items or inexpensive items somebody's got to be better at doing this than them Walmart is just garbage
Lots of stores for all your needs. Lots of dining options. Pretty good area
Stores are good. Parking lot has been going downhill in the last few years. Too many abandoned vehicles

Quick Facts About Florin Towne Centre

Florin Towne Centre is a shopping center located in a convenient location with a good selection of stores. One of the strengths of this shopping center is the variety of stores available. Commenters mentioned the presence of stores such as Fire Wings, Shoe Palace, PetSmart, Falling Prices, an urban clothing store, and a shoe store. This diverse range of stores caters to different shopping needs and preferences, ensuring that customers can find what they are looking for.
The availability of multiple shopping options in one place is another strength of Florin Towne Centre. Commenters stated that they were able to fulfill their shopping needs easily, either for specific items or for the Christmas season. This convenience makes Florin Towne Centre a go-to destination for shopping, especially during busy times like the holiday season.
Another strength of this shopping center is the presence of popular brands and store chains. Starbucks and Walmart were specifically mentioned in the comments. Starbucks is well-known and loved by many customers for its coffee and beverages, attracting regular visitors to Florin Towne Centre. Walmart, on the other hand, creates a unique shopping experience according to commenters, who described it as "off the hook" and always entertaining due to the diverse clientele.
The availability of services such as a dry cleaner and an ATM on-site is another advantage of Florin Towne Centre. Commenters mentioned the convenience of being able to do laundry, particularly washing large items like Queen-sized comforters. This service is beneficial for those who may not have access to laundry facilities at home. Additionally, the presence of an ATM makes it easier for customers to access their money while shopping.
However, Florin Towne Centre also has some weaknesses. One commenter mentioned that the staff tried too hard to upsell, which can be off-putting for some customers. Pushy sales tactics can make customers feel uncomfortable and may discourage them from returning to the shopping center.
Another weakness pointed out by a commenter was the decline of the parking lot over the years. They mentioned the presence of abandoned vehicles, which can create an unwelcoming and unsafe environment. A well-maintained parking lot is essential for a positive shopping experience, as it ensures convenience and safety for customers.
There was also a negative experience described by a commenter who broke down in the shopping center and encountered unhelpful security guard. This incident highlights the lack of compassion and assistance from staff members, which can be a weakness for the overall customer experience.
In conclusion, Florin Towne Centre has strengths in terms of its store selection, convenience, and the availability of popular brands and services such as Starbucks and Walmart. However, it also has weaknesses such as pushy sales tactics, a deteriorating parking lot, and negative experiences with staff members. It is important for the shopping center to address these weaknesses in order to provide a positive and satisfactory experience for its customers.

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