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The Allentown Fairgrounds

+1 610-433-7541
302 N 17th St, Allentown, PA 18104 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

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The horses need not be use a rides.
Going to the fair was easy. We park at a bank where two ladies charge use 10$ to park at the Wells Fargo parking lot. It was for a good cause they said “ to help the local the Theater, “ I believe the 19 st Theater”
The price change from what I saw on the side From the start of the fair. You must pay early to get the 4$ to enter and the 20$ for all the rides. You must do this at the start of the fair or else you can do it no more when it starts. We when there on Sunday and no longer was able to purchase the tickets online. In person it was 8$ for adults and 12 and under free. Plus the rides now was 25$ and there was a very long line to get then. Going in to the place like most places everything was over priced two to three times what it usually is. We couldn’t purchase and get any water do to the low water levels. Some of the venders did have seating areas so that was nice. There was a very nice selection of different foods. The rides where good they didn’t finish fast and they had a really nice selection of then. Till we got the ride with the horses. It was very upsetting to see then use for rides. They didn’t have and resting and rotation. They where just stuck there where no where to go but around and around. Very bad treatment to then. That’s the reason I only gave then 2 starts. Hope for next year they don’t use then anymore. Or we no longer will go there again.
Tremenda exhibición de autos exóticos pudimos apreciar Lamborghini, Subaru, BMW, Audi, Toyota, McLaren, Nissan, Tesla, Porsche, Dodge and Ford. Momento agradable para los amantes de los autos como mis pequeños ????️????????.
This review is based during the Covid19 pandemic. I have never seen so many people so ignorant of the reality of the world. 1 out of a 100 people wore a mask... Regardless, the fair itself is fun to go to. There is a pet show, petting "zoo" area, lots of fair games and more. I highly recommend uncle nicks candy stand. It's so much fun, only costs 25 cents and you can win so many candy bars. It's the best part of the fair. The food is also quite good.
Best Food market in Allentown! My family regularly travels all the way from Florida to get our favorite things from the various vendors in the fairgrounds.
Family fun is here at the fair. Cash or credit at the entrance. Cash only for ride tickets. I prefer cashless payment options, which is where the 3 out of 5 stars is from. Provide credit card payment options, Allentown Fair. Don’t make your guests use ATMs with additional fees.
We were there for the pet expo. Our dog had a great time. She ran the obstacle course. We had to let her go a second time because she loved it so much.
Great fair but one MAJOR problem no one is allowed to sell water except one beer vendor how is that safe when it's so hot will never go back because of it they force you to buy soda or lemonade or pass out!
One of the best festivals in the area.
Uno de los mejores festivales qué hay en el área

Quick Facts About The Allentown Fairgrounds

The Allentown Fairgrounds, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses that should be considered.
Starting with the strengths, it is evident that the fair offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. There are pet shows, petting zoos, fair games, and even an obstacle course for dogs. These features contribute to the family-friendly atmosphere and provide entertainment options for people of all ages. Furthermore, the fairgrounds also host other events like the pet expo, which is highly enjoyable for pet owners and their furry friends. The presence of different vendors offering diverse food options is another positive aspect, as it provides visitors with a gourmet experience and allows them to try new and exciting dishes.
Additionally, the fairgrounds seem to attract a wide range of participants and exhibitors. The comment about the exhibition of exotic cars highlights the inclusion of unique and appealing displays. This demonstrates that the fair draws attention from car enthusiasts, which adds to the overall variety of attractions and increases the appeal of the event.
However, there are also several weaknesses that need to be addressed. One recurring issue mentioned in the comments is the lack of organization and effective management of certain aspects of the fair. For example, the review states that the pricing information was confusing and changed throughout the fair, causing frustration for attendees. In addition, there were long lines to purchase ride tickets, and online purchases were no longer available. This indicates a need for better planning and coordination to ensure a smoother experience for fairgoers.
Another weakness raised by a comment is the high prices of goods and services within the fairgrounds. The inflated prices make it difficult for visitors to access basic necessities like water. This is a significant concern, particularly in hot weather conditions, as the lack of accessible water can pose a health and safety risk. Moreover, the limited options for water purchases, with only one beer vendor being allowed to sell water, does not provide a satisfactory solution for fair attendees.
Furthermore, the absence of cashless payment options is criticized, as it can be inconvenient for visitors who prefer to use credit cards or alternative payment methods. This limitation could be addressed by implementing credit card payment options at the entrance and for purchasing ride tickets, which would enhance the overall experience for guests.
Lastly, a comment raises concerns about animal welfare, specifically regarding the horses used for rides. The lack of resting and rotation for the horses is seen as poor treatment, prompting the reviewer to give a low rating. This raises ethical concerns and highlights the need for improved animal welfare practices at the fairgrounds.
In conclusion, the Allentown Fairgrounds has its strengths, such as a varied selection of activities, appealing exhibitors, and diverse food options. However, there are also several weaknesses that need to be addressed, including confusion regarding pricing, high prices, limited water availability, the absence of cashless payment options, and potential animal welfare issues. By addressing these weaknesses, the fairgrounds can enhance the overall experience for visitors and ensure a more enjoyable and organized event.

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