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Beckett's Fish Restaurant

+44 1472 691234
21 Market St, Cleethorpes DN35 8LY United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 02:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Beckett's Fish Restaurant

Beckett's Fish Restaurant has received a mix of positive and negative feedback from customers. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant, we will break down the comments and discuss each aspect separately.
1. Haddock: Many customers have praised Beckett's Fish Restaurant for their haddock. They often describe it as the best in town and always fresh. This indicates a consistent quality of fish.
2. Chips: The majority of customers have enjoyed the chips at Beckett's Fish Restaurant. They mention that the chips are cooked nicely and easy to munch on. The portion sizes are also mentioned to be large, satisfying customers.
3. Curry Sauce: One customer specifically mentions that the curry sauce at Beckett's Fish Restaurant is "spot on." This suggests that the restaurant has a good selection of condiments to accompany their fish and chips.
4. Friendly Staff: Several customers mention the staff at Beckett's Fish Restaurant being friendly and pleasant. This is important for providing a positive dining experience and may encourage customers to return.
5. Long-standing Reputation: One customer mentions that they have been using this chip shop since their childhood, which indicates that Beckett's Fish Restaurant has built a positive reputation over many years. This loyalty suggests that they have consistently provided good quality food.
1. Inconsistent Quality: Some customers have mentioned experiencing a decline in the quality of the food. They describe the fish as grey, slimy, and the batter as undercooked. This inconsistency may create doubt among potential customers.
2. Incorrect Orders: Multiple customers have mentioned receiving incorrect orders. This indicates a potential issue with order accuracy and may lead to customer dissatisfaction.
3. Dry and Scabby Chips: One customer states that the chips are dry and scabby. This suggests that there may be a lack of consistency in the cooking of the chips.
4. Mayo and Batter: One customer mentions that the mayo looked anaemic and that the batter tasted strongly of vegetable oil. This indicates a potential issue with the quality and flavor of condiments.
5. Limited Menu Options: One customer mentions that Beckett's Fish Restaurant only serves haddock. While this may be a strength for haddock enthusiasts, it could be a weakness for customers looking for a wider variety of fish options.
In conclusion, Beckett's Fish Restaurant has strengths in terms of their haddock, chips, curry sauce, and friendly staff. They also have a longstanding reputation, indicating consistent quality over the years. However, they face weaknesses in terms of inconsistent quality, incorrect orders, dry and scabby chips, and potentially subpar condiments. Additionally, their limited menu options may not appeal to everyone. It is important for the restaurant to address these weaknesses to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Being a food review club follower matt did us right????. This hidden gem is not visible from the main road nor the seafront. They only do haddock which is thick cut, chips are cooked nicely and the curry sauce is spot on. Well done guys I will definitely be back ????????
Had fish and chips from here last Sunday. Always used to be great but this time the fish was grey and absolutely stinking. The batter was still not fully cooked and the fish slimy. I had to leave most of it. Not sure what’s happened because it’s normally good but this meal went to the seagulls.
Just ordered on clee eats. We ordered regular haddock and chips well. There was no fish on the fish it was all batter. Very disappointed. Then ordered large sausage and chips. To open the box and it was large fish and chips no very good service at all. You need to get the person who reading the orders to read properly.The chips are dry and scabby
Chips were quite good, portion was huge (They weren't lying when they said Jumbo Haddock)
Spam fritter was very nice
Mayo looked anaemic, tiny tub for 60p, batter tasted strongly of vegetable oil and not much else despite the haddock tasting nice and fresh
Probably wouldn't come back but at least they take card lol
The best fish and chip shop around, Haddock there is always the best and the chips are always easy to munch . Very pleasant staff that always try to help when they can. Usually busy due to word getting out. I live away now and plan on having fish and chips at least twice on each visit back to Town....
I have used this fish & chip shop since I was a child I am now nearly 67yrs old . This chip shop as always served . Haddock and chips . Amazing . Not as cheap as some chip shops but once you eaten from here you will want to come back.
Best place in cleethorpes, fish and chips fantastic, staff friendly and pleasant, prices reflect in the quality of food but worth every penny, hopefully they will never shut as its the best.
One of the best chip shops I've ever been to and believe me I've been to a few.
Very reasonable and fresh as you'll ever get.
All made in front of me ????????????????????????????????

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