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Steve's Burgers

+1 951-925-7113
905 E Florida Ave, Hemet, CA 92543 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I have been going here since I was born. It looks shabby but this place has the best zucchini fries and the best burger *wispers better than in n out. Also the menu is massive. You can get just about anything here. If you read my reviews please follow me on google reviews. Thanks ????.
This particular Steve's has been great as far as taste. Quality and consistency is never the same. I've gone back and forth with this establishment for over 14 years. It is a hit or miss. I'd say consistency and customer service is their biggest issue. They used to answer their phones so you can place and order ahead of time because the wait times can be long. It's impossible to call their number and get an answer from an employee. I've ordered food from here since I was in higschool and for a large chunk of time I stopped going because of the lack of consistency. I pay extra for chicken and ranch and still was skimped, I've even spoken to an owner regarding the issues and she says, " that's what you pay for the extra chicken, we can't predict size. It is what it is." To me that's just bad business practice. I will still keep going once in a while, hoping I get good quality, because when they do get it right, the flavor and food is delicious. I Definitely do not go here as often as I used to (2-3x times a week, now to 1-2x a year)
Every time I visit Hemet I will be stopping by Steve’s Burger’s this spot is great big portions and good food
Been going to this Steve's over 30 years. This truly is the Best Breakfast Burrito Ever! I look forward to eating this everytime I come into town. Keep up the great job! ????????
Hadn't been here in quit some time but we were surprised, the food was really good! We ordered an order of onion rings and the portion was HUGE!! And delicious...lol it took a little bit to get our order but it was worth it. Definitely worth it
I LOVE the fish taco at Steve's....not the small street taco, the larger fish taco! Can't stop ordering it!! I should have taken a picture of it but I'm so excited when I get it ( I order 2) I dive right in!! Next order I'll take a pic! I don't order anything else there since I cut back on meat...
This place is pretty darn good! Got there 6 mins before closing time. They made some bomb burgers. I finally found some fries i like. Crispy! Hope its like that all the time. Got the bacon burger and the double burger. Both were huge! Worth every penny! Def better than some of the other well know burger places! I know if i ever feel like having a burger id rather come here. Sorry for the blurry pictures.
I have always given 5 stars for taste & quality of food here from past visits. But poor customer service has been ongoing at the Santa Fe/Florida location. Last night the girl was very rude taking our order apparently having trouble understanding my husband. When we got to the window a girl wearing glasses quickly blurted out the total. I asked her to read back the order (because one cheeseburger was plain). She rolled her eyes and read it back but it was not correct. I mentioned the plain cheeseburger. She said yeah and held out her hand for payment. Prices are rising everywhere. It would be nice to see some smiling faces along with some good quality food. I think I might just try another location where the people are happier with their jobs.

Quick Facts About Steve's Burgers

Steve's Burgers place has received a range of positive and negative comments, providing insight into its strengths and weaknesses. To analyze these comments and identify key strengths and weaknesses, we will examine various aspects of the business, including food quality, menu variety, consistency, customer service, and overall dining experience.
Starting with the strengths, several commenters praised the food at Steve's Burgers. One customer mentioned that they have been going to this place since birth and highlighted the zucchini fries and burgers as the best, whispering that they are even better than In-N-Out. Another customer mentioned that the breakfast burrito is the best they have had and looks forward to it every time they visit. A different commenter specifically praised the fish taco, stating that it is the reason they keep ordering from Steve's. These positive statements about the food highlight its quality and taste, suggesting that it is a significant strength of the establishment.
Menu variety is another strength mentioned in the comments. One customer noted that the menu at Steve's Burgers is massive and that customers can find just about anything they want there. This indicates that the establishment offers a wide range of options to cater to different tastes and preferences, potentially attracting a diverse customer base.
Moving on to weaknesses, a recurring issue mentioned by multiple commenters is the lack of consistency. One customer explained that they have been going back and forth with the establishment for over 14 years and that the quality and consistency of the food are never the same. Inconsistency can be a significant drawback for a restaurant as it can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a lack of trust. This weakness may deter customers from becoming regular patrons or even result in a decrease in overall frequency of visits, as mentioned by another customer who used to go 2-3 times a week but now only goes 1-2 times a year.
Customer service is another area that received criticism in the comments. Several commenters mentioned poor experiences with customer service at Steve's Burgers. One customer highlighted the issue of the staff being unresponsive to phone calls when placing orders ahead of time, leading to long wait times. Another customer recounted a negative encounter with a rude employee who had trouble understanding their order and displayed impatience and lack of professionalism. Poor customer service can significantly impact a business, as it affects the overall dining experience and customer satisfaction.
In addition to consistency and customer service, the commenters also discussed issues related to portions and pricing. One customer mentioned being skimped on extra toppings despite paying extra for them, suggesting that there may be inconsistencies in portion sizes or inadequate fulfillment of customer requests. Another customer mentioned the rising prices and expressed a desire to see some smiling faces along with good quality food. These comments indicate that there may be room for improvement in terms of portion sizes, pricing transparency, and the overall value provided to customers.
In conclusion, the strengths of Steve's Burgers place include positive reviews about the taste and quality of the food, as well as praise for the menu variety. However, weaknesses such as inconsistency in food quality, poor customer service, concerns regarding portion sizes, and rising prices have been highlighted in the comments. Addressing these weaknesses and maintaining their strengths will be crucial for Steve's Burgers place to enhance customer satisfaction, improve overall dining experiences, and increase customer loyalty.

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