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Westerville Square

52 Westerville Square, Westerville, OH 43081 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 09:30 PM


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  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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Excellent experience for me. Truly enjoy walking around and taking pictures yesterday. Just do the tourist thing and checking out different places in Columbus, Ohio.
The Walmart is close. It is smaller with a few less of the clientelle. There are restaurants around the corner as well as a Cricket wireless and an auo parts store.
Go to a different Walmart - frequently will find customer service closed down and a manager standing next to it informing Custer's that it is closed with other employees standing around on phones, all claiming not to have the codes needed to operate the returns desk, no employees assisting checkout anymore, when you ask for another or higher manager, they are either on break or not around, poor leadership. Go elsewhere.
This walmart has really went down. Trash. The customer service was amazing though.
This is a smaller Walmart compared to the one I usually go to but the convenience was something that I was looking forward to. The only two problems that really comes to mind is that I was trying to shop in electronics and the young man working in the department was absolutely not interested in getting off of his chair at the register to assist us with finding the item that we were interested in purchasing. Man I miss a good work ethic. That seems to be a thing of the past. Then I went to the cosmetics department(although I absolutely understand that the US is a melting pot of nationalities the language barrier can be difficult times.) and I had a very difficult time trying to ask the woman that works in that department, where a certain product would be in that department. After about 20 min she finally gave me a isle number but unfortunately that product wasn't there as she claimed it would be. So unfortunately I was only able to purchase one of the items that I went to Walmart to purchase. I guess I would say that I was only half disappointed.
Very busy place. Only 1 human cashier if you are lucky. They do have many self checkout lanes. Good selection of stuff, however this is a small wall mart. City barbeque is in the parking lot definitely worth a stop in.
I never really go in, just curbside service. They are always super friendly, quick, and it's rare that the items I order are out of stock.
Been going here for years Love the customer service and the atmosphere

Quick Facts About Westerville Square

Westerville Square is a popular location in Columbus, Ohio, with a diverse range of businesses including a Walmart, restaurants, a Cricket wireless store, and an auto parts store. Overall, the comments provide mixed feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of Westerville Square, focusing primarily on the Walmart located there.
One of the major strengths highlighted in the comments is the convenience of the location for visitors and residents alike. The square is described as an excellent place to visit, with opportunities for leisurely walks and photography. Additionally, the close proximity of the Walmart is seen as a positive aspect by some customers. One comment mentions that the smaller size of the store compared to other Walmarts can be convenient, as it may have fewer customers and less crowded aisles.
Many customers also appreciate the friendly and helpful customer service at Walmart in Westerville Square. The experience is described as amazing by one commenter, which suggests that the staff is attentive and eager to assist customers. Another commenter highlights the efficiency and friendliness of the curbside service, stating that their orders are rarely out of stock and are consistently delivered quickly.
However, several weaknesses are also pointed out in the comments, particularly regarding the customer service at Walmart. One customer complains about poor leadership, stating that customer service desks are frequently closed with employees unable to assist with returns or checkouts. Another criticism is directed at an employee in the electronics department who was uninterested in helping customers find items. The lack of work ethic in this case is seen as a detriment to the shopping experience. Similarly, the language barrier with the employee in the cosmetics department is mentioned as a difficulty, making it challenging to find products.
Another common criticism is the overall busy nature of the store. Some customers highlight the long wait times due to the limited number of human cashiers available. While there are multiple self-checkout lanes, the preference for a human cashier is expressed by some customers. This could suggest inefficiencies in the checkout process during busy periods.
In terms of the Walmart itself, it is noted by one customer that it has declined in quality, referring to it as "trash." However, this comment is contradicted by another customer who found the customer service at Walmart to be amazing. This conflicting feedback highlights the subjective nature of individual experiences and suggests that the quality of service at Walmart in Westerville Square may vary.
Despite the mixed feedback on Walmart, the overall atmosphere of Westerville Square is generally praised by one commenter. They have been visiting the location for years and appreciate both the customer service and the overall ambiance.
In conclusion, the strengths of Westerville Square and Walmart include convenience, friendly customer service, and a pleasant atmosphere. However, weaknesses include potential issues with leadership and customer service, a busy and crowded store, and difficulties related to language barriers. Overall, these comments provide a comprehensive overview of the strengths and weaknesses of Westerville Square and its Walmart.

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