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Torbay Fish Buffet ( MARKET FISH AND CHIPS

+44 1626 353328
5 Market St, Newton Abbot TQ12 2RJ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Delicious chips with just the right level of crispness, and a generous serving of curry sauce. Both tasted clean and super fresh.
Card payment accepted for a small order of £3.60.
Quick delivery, piping hot. Very tasty. Not sure if chips are proper, but I think they are. Better tan other takeaways. Recommend every time. Delicious.
Waww the best cod roe I've eaten in years. Didn't take a picture as I schoffed it down too quickly lol. Batter was light and crispy no stodge absolutely delicious. I'll be back each week now just for the roe , well done guys and gals.
Couldnt eat kabab, burger was missing so son had to wait for them to re deliver. And paid 27 pound still hungry won't be ordering again.
Lovely, friendly staff. Shop is usually packed, but staff are always polite & acknowledge their customers
Ok so we used to use these regularly. Won’t be after today. The staff are rude and make u out to be liars and not know what ur on about when we call to complain. I only complained cos we found a dead fly in my child’s fish. They forgot our Pepsi and driver told me to hang on for 5 mins and he would be back wit ur a bottle. To find out he had gone to our local spar to buy it.
They told me there was no way a fly was found in my child’s fish cos oil is so hot it would have melted the fly.( I have worked as management in a fair few food industry’s and know this to not be the case.) it must have been in the batter cos we only found it when she ripped her fish in half.
I got told if the driver didn’t buy my bottle of Pepsi from my local spar I wouldn’t have had one at all which obv I had paid for already..
To then be told also my food couldn’t have been cold as it was the first order done as soon as I called. And he got one of the guys from the shop to deliver to me as he had cooked it before any of his drivers turned up.
I wouldn’t have got my food as quickly as I did if I had waited for driver to turn up so I was lucky. ( But I would’ve waited for my food if it meant it would’ve been hot).
WeWill not be using this place ever again. And will not recommend it to anyone.
Lucky to be recieving even 1 star cos if I could I would give half a star
Probably the most tasteless chips I’ve ever had. Kebab meat was really dry and my partners food was just as bad. Was shocked to get about 15 chips with my kebab meat. Definitely not worth the prices they charge. Used to like this chippy but really gone down hill. I wont be returning
Always smiley friendly faces always great food and prices plus do scraps!

Quick Facts About Torbay Fish Buffet ( MARKET FISH AND CHIPS

The Torbay Fish Buffet, a market fish and chips place, has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of this establishment, it is important to consider both the positive and negative feedback.
One of the strengths mentioned by multiple customers is the deliciousness of the chips. The crispy exterior and the clean and fresh taste make them enjoyable. The generous serving of curry sauce is another positive aspect, as it complements the chips well. Additionally, customers appreciate the option of card payment for small orders, making it convenient for those who prefer not to carry cash.
Quick delivery and hot food are also highlighted as strengths. Customers appreciate the efficiency of the delivery service, as the food arrives fast and piping hot. The taste is generally well-liked, with customers claiming that the food is tasty and better than other takeaways. This indicates that the Torbay Fish Buffet offers a quality product.
Some customers specifically praise the cod roe, describing it as the best they've had in years. They emphasize the light and crispy batter, promoting its deliciousness. This positive feedback is likely to attract customers who enjoy seafood and are looking for tasty and well-prepared meals.
Another strength mentioned is the friendly staff. Despite the shop being usually packed, the staff maintains a friendly and polite attitude towards customers. This creates a positive atmosphere and contributes to customer satisfaction.
However, the Torbay Fish Buffet also has some weaknesses that are worth mentioning. One customer had a negative experience with their order, as the kebab was missing and the son had to wait for a redelivery. Additionally, the customer claimed to have paid £27 and still felt hungry, indicating that the portion size may not always be sufficient.
Another customer complained about the rude behavior of the staff when they called to complain about finding a dead fly in their child's fish. The customer felt disrespected and accused the staff of being dishonest and dismissive of their concerns. This negative experience highlights a lack of customer service and communication skills on the part of the staff.
The same customer also mentioned issues with their order, such as the missing Pepsi and the driver having to go to a local shop to buy it. This shows a lack of attention to detail and organization in ensuring that all items are included in the order. Additionally, the customer felt that their concerns about the quality of the food were not taken seriously by the staff, indicating a lack of accountability.
Another customer mentioned tasteless chips and dry kebab meat, expressing disappointment and feeling that the quality of the food had deteriorated. This negative experience suggests that consistency in food preparation may be an issue, as some customers may have different experiences depending on when they order.
In conclusion, the Torbay Fish Buffet has strengths such as delicious chips, quick delivery, and friendly staff. These factors contribute to a positive customer experience and attract repeat customers. However, there are weaknesses in terms of missing items, rude staff, and inconsistent food quality, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a negative reputation. These weaknesses should be addressed in order for the establishment to improve and retain customer loyalty.


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