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Prince Beauty Supply

+1 314-721-4331
7007 Page Ave, St. Louis, MO 63133 United States of America
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Prince Beauty Supply has affordable & high quality products. I’ve been shopping here for years, and I always enjoy the family oriented energy from the owner & staff here. Prince has always had a big heart for the community and has always given back. Today before the upcoming holiday, he gave me a free turkey as well as others. Thank you Prince & Staff for all that you do for us. Many blessings to you.
If you haven’t visited yet, please be sure to stop by. ????
A great friendly environment with everything you need and don't need! Customer Service is excellent and charming ????
Issac was very helpful and has excellent customer service . He made sure I got what I needed for the best prices !! I found my new beauty supply home . Thanks again !!
Love them so much!! Good hair , & they will work with you! They also will bring your orders to you! Best in the city
Tomicka was so kind! She gave me an awesome deal on my hair and really took care of my experience here today. Love coming to this store for my beauty needs.
Nice, pleasant clean and spacious beauty supply with all your needs in one spot. If you can't find something ask an employee they will take you right to it. I love this store because they call you by name. That simply means they know their customers.
This is my #1 place to get Hair care products and the BEST Hair, Hair Hats (wigs) Hair care products and so much More!!!
Service is #1 as well. No I really mean it's the BEST Service!!! The gentleman in the store are really helpful and they know their business. They are hard working for the customers and they provide great products. It is such a joy to need products for your hair and fine the only place in the city to be such a clean, cool and trust worth place.Thank you Guys!!! See you in a couple of weeks. After I put some signs on the others beauty store to tell them to stay close. Much Love PCK
Tomika understood the assignment!
Helpful/Expert ✅
Hair Quality✅
Color Match ✅
Price ✅
My daughter wanted to enter High School with a new look and she helped us nail the look❣️
Because we had such a wonderful experience at Prince Beauty Supply, we returned for my daughter’s Homecoming look…
I’m convinced that everyone that works there is good because we worked with John on this visit and there was no decline in service.
He actually exceeded my expectations when he confidently showed me something new and better when we discovered that they were out of the product that I had returned for.
You can see what I mean when you take a look at the attached images.
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Quick Facts About Prince Beauty Supply

Prince Beauty Supply is a beauty supply store that has garnered positive feedback from its customers. The store's strengths lie in its affordable and high-quality products, family-oriented energy, excellent customer service, and commitment to giving back to the community. However, like any business, Prince Beauty Supply also has its weaknesses.
One of the strengths of Prince Beauty Supply is its affordability and high-quality products. Customers appreciate that they can find a wide range of beauty products at competitive prices. This is especially important in the beauty industry, where prices can often be high. The fact that Prince Beauty Supply offers affordable options allows customers to find products that suit their budgets without sacrificing quality.
Another strength of the store is its family-oriented energy and friendly environment. Customers appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and the sense of community that the owner and staff provide. This creates a positive shopping experience and contributes to customer loyalty. The fact that customers feel comfortable and at ease in the store is a testament to the staff's commitment to customer satisfaction.
Customer service is also highlighted as a strength of Prince Beauty Supply. Several comments mention the helpfulness of individual staff members, such as Isaac and Tomicka. The fact that these employees provided excellent customer service and ensured that customers found what they needed for the best prices speaks to the store's commitment to customer satisfaction. This creates a positive reputation for the store and encourages repeat business.
The store's commitment to giving back to the community is another strength. Multiple comments mention how Prince Beauty Supply has supported the community, such as giving out free turkeys before the holiday. This demonstrates the store's dedication to its customers and the community it serves. By being involved in community initiatives, Prince Beauty Supply enhances its reputation and builds strong relationships with its customers.
However, Prince Beauty Supply does have some weaknesses that should be addressed. One possible weakness is that the store may not have a wide range of products that customers need. While the comments generally mention finding what they need, there is no mention of a diverse selection of products. This could potentially limit the store's appeal to customers who are looking for specific products or brands.
Another weakness could be the limited availability of certain products. There is a comment mentioning that the store was out of a specific product, but the employee was able to suggest something better. While this shows good customer service, it also indicates that the store may not always have all the products in stock. This could be a drawback for customers who have specific product preferences or urgent needs.
In conclusion, Prince Beauty Supply has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation among customers. These strengths include affordable and high-quality products, a family-oriented energy, excellent customer service, and a commitment to giving back to the community. However, there are also weaknesses to consider, such as a potential lack of diverse product selection and limited availability of certain products. Overall, Prince Beauty Supply has built a strong foundation with its strengths but should also address its weaknesses to continue providing a positive shopping experience for all customers.

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