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Quick Facts About Top Nails

Top Nails Place has received a mix of positive and negative comments, indicating both strengths and weaknesses. In analyzing these comments, it is important to consider the different types of services offered at the salon, including nail painting, acrylic sets, gel polish, pedicures, and mani-pedis.
Strengths: 1. Excellent customer service: Multiple comments mention the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Top Nails Place. Customers appreciate the staff members who provide fast and friendly service, listen to their preferences, and give them exactly what they want. This indicates that the salon has a strong focus on customer satisfaction. 2. Quality results: Many customers express satisfaction with the outcome of their nail services, specifically mentioning well-done acrylic sets and gel polish applications. These positive results indicate that Top Nails Place has skilled technicians who are knowledgeable in their craft. 3. Child-friendly environment: One comment specifically highlights the salon's ability to provide a great experience for children. This suggests that the salon is accommodating and capable of catering to a wide range of customers, including families. 4. Reasonable prices: A customer mentions that the salon offers great prices for their services. Affordable pricing is often a strength that attracts and retains customers, especially in a highly competitive market.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent service: One commenter experienced poor service from a technician who appeared inexperienced and did not provide a satisfactory pedicure. This suggests that there may be inconsistency in the quality of service provided by the staff at Top Nails Place. 2. Lack of attention to hygiene: The same customer who had a negative experience also raises concerns about the salon's hygiene practices. They noted the reuse of nail files without cleaning and a failure to sterilize metal utensils. These issues raise questions about the overall cleanliness and hygiene standards of the salon, which is particularly important in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. 3. Waiting times: While some customers appreciate the high demand for the salon's services as a sign of quality, others find the wait times inconvenient. The salon's small staff and lack of appointment system contribute to the potential for longer wait times, which may be a weakness for customers seeking prompt service.
In summary, Top Nails Place has several strengths, including excellent customer service, quality results, a child-friendly environment, and reasonable prices. However, there are also weaknesses related to inconsistent service, hygiene concerns, and longer waiting times. To improve, the salon should address the issues raised in the negative comments by ensuring consistent training for staff, prioritizing hygiene practices, and potentially implementing an appointment system to better manage customer flow. Addressing these weaknesses will help maintain positive customer experiences and attract new clients to the salon.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Absolutely amazing, I took 4 small girls to get nails painted and an acrylic set for me, they gave the girls such an amazing experience and my nails turned out great this will definitely be my new nail place now that I'm not working in TC anymore! Thank you all who took care of us!
Have gotten acrylic full sets with gel polish here twice recently. They do a great job. Nails grew out great with no lifting or chipping. Very nice. Be prepared to wait with no appointment, as with anywhere that provides good service with a small staff.
I'm currently sitting here getting a pedicure by someone who doesn't know what he's doing. Literally his version of a massage is wiping my legs and punching the bottoms of my feet. I wish I had paid more attention to whether or not they sterilized the metal utensils, but they definitely reuse the files from one client to another without cleaning them!! Also, he filled the tub with luke warm water so by the time we was ready to do my feet it was cold. He said he couldn't refill it cuz he already filled it and put the liner in it. I definitely will not be coming back. I should've walked out before he touched me with that nasty file!! I just hope I don't get a fungal infection. I wish I could post pictures on here to show the files ????????. Just disappointed cuz I went by other reviews ????. I've literally never written a bad review before, but due to the unsanitary methods I had to let others know. I mean you'd think since covid they'd make sure EVERYTHING is sterilized. I'm so mad at myself for not walking out cuz I have to pay for this now ????.
Nope not a liar. I took pictures and if I could post them on here I would! Clean up your act!
My daughter and I get our nails done here all the time and never had a complaint. They are usually busy but we go there when we don’t have anywhere else to be that day so waiting is not a problem. If you have a time schedule this is not the place to go. They have always done good work and have been up front on what they can and can not do as far as a design that you might have showed them. So far everyone there has been really friendly. I keep going back so they must be doing something right.
This was the first time getting my nails done. They were so kind to us. The outcome of my nails are beautiful and so are my sisters. I will recommend. A great experience.
Excellent job. Made me feel welcome and took their time doing my mani and pedi. Great prices.
Teresa is the best at what she does and I always get fast and friendly service everyone here are very friendly and they give you exactly what you want
Have never been treated so rudely at a salon! Lady doing my pedi never spoke to me at all. She kept yawning like it was really a bother to wait on me. She was very chatty with her co- workers. Even when she cashed me out and I tipped her, not one word from her. A simple thank you would have been nice! I will never return!!

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