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Sandbrook Park Rochdale

Sandbrook Way, Rochdale OL11 1RY United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Stayed at the Travelodge which was nice and new, the reception staff we're very welcoming
Had a problem with the water in the morning IE there wasn't any coming from the taps. In their defence it had been a particularly cold night so anything could have happened
One of our favourite retail parks with cinema, bowling and lots of food venues. Ten pin bowling is great and reasonably priced and normally when we go we tend to have a visit to pink drips which has recently taken over the Frankie and bennies outlet. A fantastic place for desserts and the kids love it. Cinema is good but shame the film selection isn’t as good as prior to Covid. Lots of parking and with a KFC and McDonald’s plenty of choice for the kids if you going to the movies or just having a bowl. They also now have a gym on-site so something for everyone
Had an amazing time with the little ones and didn’t even spend too much money. Reasonably priced bowling and arcade and watched a quick movie afterwards
Went through drive-through, got parked up, after 25 mins had to go in and ask where my food was. Fast food you are having a laugh. Spent over £20 . Hopeless.
Really poor drive through service.
Every car was being told to "just park up in the car park". It then took over 10 minutes for my order to come out (there was nothing special about my order yo justify this excessive time).
I did feel sorry for the poor guy bringing the orders out though 'cos he was being stopped by everyone waiting where their orders were & how much longer they'd have to wait.
Fast food? Me thinks not.
Tool my wife out here
The food was luck warm at best was told they whould bring the gravy but never did left nearly all the meal and drinks as food was well below temperature totally bad servise from start to finish plus only sausage carvery or vegan not even a choice
Got to be the worst McDonald's in the UK crappie food, crappie service disorganised and rubbish. Sack the franchisees and get someone in who doesn't rubbish the brand
It is a very nice mosque. Salah is prayed on time always, and Friday prayer is fixed at 1.30pm. the mosque has a good wash area and women's section etc. Parking is good although can be hectic on Fridays so get there early. Imam is one of the best.

Quick Facts About Sandbrook Park Rochdale

Sandbrook Park in Rochdale has its strengths and weaknesses, as described in the comments provided. This analysis will elaborate on these points to provide a comprehensive understanding of the location.
Starting with the strengths, one of the highlights of Sandbrook Park is the Travelodge, which is described as nice and new. This suggests that the accommodations are in good condition and provide a pleasant stay for visitors. Additionally, the reception staff is praised for their welcoming nature, indicating good customer service.
Another strength of Sandbrook Park is its variety of entertainment options. The retail park features a cinema, bowling alley, and numerous food venues. The Ten pin bowling facility is particularly highlighted for being great and reasonably priced. This suggests that visitors can enjoy a fun and affordable activity while at Sandbrook Park. The recent addition of a gym on-site adds another layer of convenience and choice for visitors.
Furthermore, there is positive mention of Pink Drips, an outlet that offers desserts. It is mentioned that this establishment has taken over the Frankie and Bennies outlet, and it receives praise from the comment as a fantastic place for desserts. The fact that children love it indicates that it can be a family-friendly option.
The availability of ample parking is also highlighted as a strength of Sandbrook Park. This is particularly beneficial considering the range of activities and establishments available. The presence of popular fast-food chains, such as KFC and McDonald’s, adds to the convenience, ensuring that visitors have plenty of dining options to choose from.
Moving on to the weaknesses of Sandbrook Park, there are a few complaints regarding specific establishments. One comment mentions a problem with the water in the morning, suggesting that there was a lack of running water during that period. While this is explained as possibly being due to the cold weather, it still affected the visitor's experience.
There are also negative comments about the drive-through service at McDonald's. Customers express dissatisfaction with long wait times, disorganized service, and the quality of the food. These complaints suggest that the fast-food experience at this particular outlet is below par and detracts from the overall quality of Sandbrook Park.
In terms of food, a negative experience is reported at a different establishment, where the food is described as lukewarm at best. The comment suggests that the promised gravy never arrived, and the overall service was poor from start to finish. The limited menu options, with only sausage carvery or vegan, are also seen as a negative aspect by this visitor.
Finally, the comment briefly mentions a mosque in the area. While not directly related to Sandbrook Park, it is mentioned as a positive attribute. The mosque is described as having timely prayers, good facilities, and a reliable schedule. It is also mentioned that parking can be hectic on Fridays, indicating potential overcrowding issues.
In summary, Sandbrook Park in Rochdale has several strengths, such as a nice hotel, welcoming staff, a variety of entertainment options, ample parking, and the presence of popular fast-food chains. However, it also has weaknesses, including reports of problems with the water supply, poor drive-through service, lukewarm food at some establishments, and limited menu options. The positive mention of a mosque nearby also adds to the overall appeal of the location.

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