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V's Barbershop - Fishers

+1 317-845-8122
11687 Olio Rd, Fishers, IN 46037 United States of America
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Chloe made my son’s first trip to the Barbershop quick and easy. Turned out great and he left happy with a ring pop from another Barber. When I paid the young man was super nice but didn’t seem too knowledgeable about the products for sale. It was ok though, what I was looking at smelled great. All in all it was a great experience and I did buy some beard wash as a stocking stuffer for my husband!
Our barber Mary did a beautiful job cutting my son's curly hair. She listened to what he likes so much so he said, "Mom, this is the best haircut I've ever had!" The cut is neat, stylish, and not too short but a clean look. Thank you Mary! We will definitely be returning customers.
We took our son here for a haircut, the place is kept very clean, all barbers are nice and fun, he was very happy with his haircut and scalp massage!
Also took our daughter to get her hair braided (french braids), she was also very happy with her service. Boys will be going here from now on on a regular basis for haircuts, daughter and I for braids during the summer!
Thank you Tiffany and team!
Duane at V’s Barbershop has mastered his craft. I’ve been going to V’s for a couple years now and just happened to get Duane and ever since he’s been my go to. He’s always professional, great hair cut and it never feels rushed. 100% recommend Duane
John is the best! He relates very well with my son and always offers me a cold beverage ???? My son leaves happy every visit and won't let anyone else cut his hair!
I take my 2 boys, 4 (curly, courser hair) and 2 (straight, fine hair) to V’s. It’s great! Everyone is friendly and treat the littles with patience and kindness. The most recent trip my 4 yr old sat in Kassa’s chair while my 2 yr old sat in Chloe’s. Kassa took his time and made my 4 yr old feel so big! Chloe was patient and quick with our 2 yr old. Definitely will try to get on both of their schedules for our littles again.
His cuts and beard trims are ALWAYS on point. I'm a MASSIVE stickler when it comes to my fade due to so many years in the Marines, so trust me there are no worries with John if you're needing a cut!
Chloe was amazing with my 9 month olds first haircut. She made the whole experience fun and did a great job.

Quick Facts About V's Barbershop - Fishers

V's Barbershop - Fishers has received several positive comments from customers, highlighting their strengths. Some of these strengths include:
1. Skilled and friendly barbers: Many customers mentioned the skill and expertise of the barbers at V's Barbershop - Fishers. They praised the barbers for their ability to listen to their customers' preferences and deliver high-quality haircuts. Customers specifically mentioned barbers like Mary, Duane, and John as being particularly skilled and professional.
2. Kid-friendly environment: Parents who brought their children to V's Barbershop - Fishers commented on the friendly and patient treatment their children received. The barbers were commended for their ability to work with kids of different ages and hair types, making the experience enjoyable for both the children and their parents. The availability of scalp massages and the offer of beverages for parents also added to the kid-friendly atmosphere.
3. Cleanliness and hygiene: Several customers appreciated the cleanliness of V's Barbershop - Fishers. They mentioned that the shop was well-maintained and tidy, creating a pleasant and hygienic environment for customers. This attention to cleanliness likely contributes to the overall positive experience customers have at the shop.
4. Range of services: V's Barbershop - Fishers offers a variety of services, including haircuts for both men and children, as well as hair braiding. Customers appreciated the shop's ability to cater to different hair types and styles, making it a versatile destination for all customers in need of hair services.
5. Positive atmosphere: Customers consistently mentioned the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at V's Barbershop - Fishers. Barbers were described as kind, fun, and patient, creating a comfortable environment for customers. This positive vibe likely contributes to the overall satisfaction of customers who visit the shop.
Despite the positive comments, there were a few weaknesses mentioned by customers as well. One weakness that stood out was the lack of product knowledge displayed by one of the barbers. While this may have been a minor issue, it is worth considering as it could impact the overall customer experience and customer satisfaction. Additionally, no other significant weaknesses were mentioned in the comments.
In conclusion, V's Barbershop - Fishers has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. These strengths include skilled and friendly barbers, a kid-friendly environment, cleanliness, a range of services, and a positive atmosphere. While there was a minor mention of a weakness regarding product knowledge, overall, the strengths of V's Barbershop - Fishers outweigh any weaknesses mentioned in the comments.

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