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500 Lakewood Center Mall, Lakewood, CA 90712 United States of America
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I love coming here to have my pedicure and eyebrows waxed. Rosa is my girl! She does such an amazing job with my eyebrows. She's awesome at doing my pedicure. Nice and friendly staff!
This is my second time coming here and honestly will be my last. Me and my husband came here. He got pedi and mani (gel) and I got full set (gel) and pedi (with fake nail on both big toes) I was overcharged. They’re very good at manipulating you when you go to pay. I told her to do $5 each for tip and she charged me $10 each when I verbally did not say that. PLEASE do not come here. I DO NOT recommend this place at all. Nails are never shaped to the T and nails aren’t even symmetrical to my real nail (always crooked.) I would rather spend my money on passionate people and a better service.
I went in for the French tips in a dark green and coffin shaped came out with this because originally I was told that I would be paying $45 for this set and after the acrylic was laid I told her exactly what I wanted and she said it’s gonna be an extra $15 after she had already given me a $45 price range making it $60 for a set I was told was going to be 45 going in instead of just telling me that it was gonna be $65 altogether after told me it was gonna be $65 I left upset unhappy with my nails and not the shape that I want it another design I want it it’s not even a design it’s just a simple nail and they charge it as if it were a design butterflies yes I would be anywhere a regular nail design that literally everyone gets which is just consider it it was an extra $15 no Also my niece was there and a friend of mine and they saw how she was treating me she tried to make it look like I was in the wrong and even my friend had to correct her three or four different times so she could know what I wanted and yet still left unhappy with the wrong shade wrong design Just overall experience that she cut my thumb and
I left unhappy
I have been here several times and always question why I came back. Well I will not be returning. The technicians are older and they get upset when they hurt you. They get upset because they cause you pain. Go figure. My nails are clumpy, uneven ,thick and just plain ugly. I tried to tell the technician now all of a sudden she doesn't understand English. They can't even follow a simple jewel nail design. The only technician that is good is the young one that's in the front. You can give her any picture of a design and she'll make it happen. Sorry she wasn't here today. Maybe if she was I would have had a different visit.
Like always Rosa takes care of me! She literary takes about an hour to do my pedicure. She's the best. She's been doing my pedicure, manicure and eye brows for more than 15 years. Extremely happy with her!!
This was my second time going here and I’m not happy with this place at all.My nails came off the same day.I wanted black dip with clear jel.Got acrylic powder and black jel they where so ugly when she was done.
What we thought might be quick, and convenient. Was not the best option after all. The paint job, I could have done better. The nail polish I picked seemed older and needed a few drops of nail polish remover to be freshen up. My daughter picked a color and they put the wrong one on her nails and my other daughter wasn't given the right color either. Both had their cuticles sliced up! And nail polish all over their hands and my toes. Then on tip. I had a $5, I was going to even it out so the tip was even and the woman was more interested in rounding my total up higher. So I told her to leave it and no tip added to the card. They got the cash I had on hand. Be careful like most nail places they try to get ya with each step but here they don't tell you might be extra at times.
Over all skip it.
I’ve been coming here for about 5 months and at this point I’m never going anywhere else! I only see 1 nail technician by the name of Lynn she is truly the best at what she does. She takes her time and perfects everything she does I don’t like choosing designs someone else has so she free hands my design every time. You truly will not be disappointed, you will need a appointment to guarantee HER service but u can always try a walk in they accept both. Let her know Tee referred you! You welcome!!!!

Quick Facts About Top Nailine

Top Nailine place, based on the comments provided, seems to have both strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, many of the comments highlight the positive experiences customers have had with certain nail technicians. For example, Rosa receives high praise for her eyebrow waxing and pedicures. She is described as doing an amazing job and being friendly, which likely creates a positive and comfortable environment for customers. Similarly, Lynn is mentioned as the best nail technician who takes her time and is skilled at freehand designs. These positive experiences with specific technicians suggest that there are talented and dedicated staff members at Top Nailine place.
Additionally, some comments mention that the staff is nice and friendly. This is an important strength as it contributes to the overall customer experience. A welcoming and friendly staff can make customers feel comfortable and satisfied with their visit.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One recurring theme is issues with pricing. One customer mentions being overcharged and feeling manipulated during the payment process. Another customer complains about being given a different price after the acrylic was laid, causing frustration and unhappiness. These pricing issues create a sense of dishonesty and dissatisfaction among customers.
Several comments also mention problems with the quality of the nail services. Complaints range from nails not being shaped correctly, nails being crooked or asymmetrical, and nails coming off the same day. These complaints suggest a lack of attention to detail and skill in providing nails that meet customers' expectations. One customer even mentions cuticles being sliced and nail polish being applied incorrectly, leading to a messy and unprofessional result. These quality issues can greatly impact the overall satisfaction of customers and their likelihood of returning.
Furthermore, there are comments about communication difficulties with the technicians. In one case, a customer mentions the technician suddenly not understanding English when an issue is raised. This lack of effective communication can lead to misunderstandings and customers feeling unheard or dismissed.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is inconsistency among technicians. One customer specifically mentions that the older technicians cause pain and become upset when they hurt customers. This suggests a lack of consistency in the level of skill and customer service provided by the different technicians at Top Nailine place.
Lastly, there are comments about the overall experience of visiting the salon. One customer mentions feeling rushed and not receiving a satisfactory paint job. Another customer complains about the nail polishes appearing old and needing refreshing. These experiences suggest that the overall atmosphere and attention to detail may be lacking at Top Nailine place.
In conclusion, while Top Nailine place has strengths such as friendly staff and skilled technicians, it also has several weaknesses that impact the overall customer experience. Problems with pricing, quality of services, communication, and consistency among technicians are frequent complaints from customers. These weaknesses must be addressed in order for Top Nailine place to improve and retain customers in the long term.

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