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Preston Guild Hall

+44 1772 804444
Lancaster Rd, Preston PR1 1HT United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I went to a 'Shout!' Business Expo event here on Friday 25th March 2022.
I must say, the event was exceptionally well organised inside the historic and spacious surroundings. The event was a superb opportunity for businesses and individuals to network.
Good on site toilets, excellent eating facilities and nice central location in Preston.
Fab night, I got discounted tickets, but the seats were still good and we were sat altogether. We were impressed with the show (Aladdin), the kids enjoyed it ranging from the little one who was five and the big one who was 12, they got to meet and greet with the actors afterwards which was good ???? think we will be going to pantomimes at the guild hall every year from now on ????
Easy to park. Covered walkway which is good in poor weather. Better size than some of the huge arenas for watching bands etc.
A nice little venue, we watched the world grand prix snooker, though we was at the back, because the venue was small we could see what was going on clearly. Good atmosphere, when you go to a snooker game, prepare to have sore hands from all the clapping. Be prepared for the price of the drinks £4.90 for a peronni, ouch.
I took my 13 year old son to watch Horrible Histories - Terrible Tudors here. Really enjoyed the show put on by 3 actors. The atmosphere was great and their story telling was brilliantly entertaining. Only downside was that it was very warm where we sat on the balcony. Also it would have worked out expensive for us to go as a family of 6.
Went to see Cinderella with 8 and 9 year olds, brilliant show, great singers excellent costumes and story. Very professional performance the kids were thrilled we were too. Definitely go again.
Great Venue although wouldn't have got the really expensive tickets because you get a good view from all seats. Opened the doors late, so was a bit chilly waiting.
Great place and a historic building, good place to visit.

Quick Facts About Preston Guild Hall

The Preston Guild Hall has several strengths that make it an appealing venue for a variety of events. Firstly, it is praised for its exceptional organization. This is particularly important for business events like the 'Shout!' Business Expo, where efficiency and professionalism are essential. The spacious surroundings also contribute to the positive experience, providing a comfortable and pleasant environment for attendees.
Another strength of the Guild Hall is its central location in Preston. Being easily accessible is crucial for attracting both businesses and individuals to events. Furthermore, the venue has good on-site toilets and excellent eating facilities, which are essential amenities that contribute to the overall positive experience of attendees.
The Guild Hall is also highly regarded as a performance venue. It offers good seating arrangements, ensuring that even discounted tickets provide a good view of the shows, such as the pantomime production of Aladdin. This inclusivity is appreciated by attendees with different budgets. The opportunity for children to meet and greet with the actors after the show is also a highly valued aspect, as it adds an extra layer of excitement for young viewers.
Another key strength of the Guild Hall is its parking facilities. The ease of parking and the presence of a covered walkway are essential features, particularly in inclement weather. Additionally, the size of the venue is considered advantageous for concerts and performances. Some attendees appreciate that it is not as overwhelmingly large as some large arenas, as it allows for a better viewing experience and a more intimate atmosphere.
Moreover, the Guild Hall is well-regarded as a venue for sporting events. The World Grand Prix Snooker was held there, and despite being seated at the back, attendees reported being able to clearly see what was happening on the snooker table. The good atmosphere is also highlighted, with attendees often clapping along with the game. However, the price of drinks at the venue, such as £4.90 for a Peroni, is seen as a weakness and could potentially deter some attendees.
The Guild Hall is also known for hosting family-friendly events. Shows like Horrible Histories - Terrible Tudors and Cinderella received positive reviews, with expressions of enjoyment from both children and adults. The professional performances, excellent costumes, and engaging storytelling make the experience memorable and exciting. However, some attendees noted that the venue can get hot and uncomfortable, particularly when seated on the balcony. This can be seen as a weakness in terms of providing a comfortable experience for all attendees.
Lastly, the historic nature of the building itself is considered a strength. The Guild Hall holds cultural significance and offers a unique atmosphere for visitors. Its historical value adds to its appeal as a place to visit and attend events.
In conclusion, the Preston Guild Hall has several strengths, including exceptional organization, spacious surroundings, good amenities, a central location, inclusive seating arrangements, accessible parking, and a historic building. These attributes collectively contribute to positive experiences for attendees at a variety of events. However, some weaknesses include high drink prices, potential discomfort due to temperature, and the potential expense of attending events for larger families. By continuously improving on these weaknesses, the Guild Hall can further enhance its appeal and continue to attract a wide range of events and attendees.

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