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Thrybergh Country Park

+44 1709 850353
Doncaster Rd, Thrybergh, Rotherham S65 4NU United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Good for kids
  • Public toilet

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Loved walking round Thrybergh Country Park and really enjoyed the start of Hope Fields in April. Remembered 2 close family members and hung a message on the newly planted trees. A lovely place to remember those lost to Covid.
Really nice walk to be had round here. Great reservoir lots of bird life. Cafe was nice if a tad expensive for the size of the coffee. Car park is not the best, a whole bay currently take up with building materials. There is n EV charger however that could not be accessed due to inconsiderate petrol cars parking in the spot. Will definitely visit again.
Fajne miejsce dla każdego. Można wygodnie obejść całe jezioro dookoła. Typowe miejsce dla spacerowiczów i amatorów fotografowania ptactwa. Jest ich tu sporo. Poza tym nie ma tu nic ciekawego, no chyba że metalowy zając. Duży płatny parking i restauracja.
A beautiful if a bit rough and ready country park with excellent views of the surrounding farmlands and an abundance of nature. This place is nostalgic for me, however from an unbiased view these are my thoughts.
An area for improvement would be the Hope Fields as although it is open to visitors, there is still much work to be done on it to get it really up to how it could be.
The 2 cafes in front of the parking provide different facilities the one on the left is more aimed at young families, a bit more budget and the one on the right a bit more upmarket, offering hot meals and table service.
I would recommend the park to all, especially as we move further through the spring.
Love this place. It's beautiful no matter what time of year. It is a great relaxing walk . With plenty of seats dotted around the lake
Ther park is a wonderful place to walk, not too long and easily accessible to wheelchairs and Buggies. It's a great place for bird photography and has small rodents of many kinds. As an artist I find it great for painting views, both for the vast skyscapes and wooded area alike. Also The Hope fields Memorial Garden for Covid victims is excellent for moments of quiet reflection. The cafe serves delicious food and the staff and Rangers are always cheerful and only too pleased to help with any questions you may have. There is usually plenty of parking space but as can be expected does get busy on weekends and Bank Holidays. All in all I can recommend it for a great day out.
Lovely place for a walk, some interesting places around the reservoir as well. There is a place to eat near car park area and public toilets. Great spot for bird feeding and fishing if you're into it.
Had a lovely walk around the lake on a cold sunny day. Not a long walk but nice to get out and have a drink or food at the Cafe after. I ordered a deluxe hot chocolate, a toasted panini with bacon and cheese and a portion of chips. The panini was just a bit crisp but not toasted, was still OK to eat but would have preferred it to be proper toasted. Chips were sloppy and not even cooked to crisp. I would have it again but would mention to proper toast the panini and crisp fry the chips. Staff was lovely. There is also an outdoor play area for the kids. They also do outdoor swimming sessions in the lake if you're interested.

Quick Facts About Thrybergh Country Park

Thrybergh Country Park, as described by the comments, has several strengths and weaknesses that contribute to its overall appeal as a place to visit.
One of the major strengths of the park is its natural beauty and abundance of wildlife. The park offers excellent views of the surrounding farmlands and has a beautiful lake where visitors can enjoy birdwatching and photography. The park is described as a great place for artists to paint and offers a variety of subjects, including vast skyscapes and wooded areas.
The park also has a sentimental value, as it provides a space for remembrance, particularly for those who have lost family members to Covid. The Hope Fields Memorial Garden is a place for quiet reflection and offers visitors the opportunity to hang messages on newly planted trees, creating a meaningful and poignant experience.
Additionally, Thrybergh Country Park is accessible to all, including wheelchair users and families with buggies. It provides a comfortable and relaxing walk, with plenty of seats dotted around the lake for visitors to rest and enjoy the scenery. The park also has facilities such as public toilets, a café, and a play area for children, making it a family-friendly destination.
However, the park does have some weaknesses that should be addressed. One common complaint is the car park, which is described as not the best. There are issues with limited parking space, particularly on weekends and bank holidays when the park gets busy. Furthermore, some commenters mentioned that the car park has a whole bay taken up with building materials, which is an inconvenience for visitors.
Another weakness mentioned is the café in the park. While the café is generally praised for its delicious food, there are concerns about the price and the size of the coffee. Some commenters found the café to be a bit expensive for the portion sizes provided. One specific complaint was about the quality of certain menu items, such as the panini and chips, which were described as not properly toasted and sloppily cooked.
In terms of facilities, there was also mention of an electric vehicle (EV) charger that could not be accessed due to inconsiderate petrol car owners parking in the dedicated spot. This highlights a need for better management and enforcement of parking regulations to ensure fair access to amenities for all visitors.
Lastly, while the park is generally enjoyed by visitors, some commenters felt that there could be improvements to certain areas. The Hope Fields, although open to visitors, were mentioned as needing more work to reach their full potential. This suggests a need for ongoing maintenance and development to enhance the visitor experience and fully realize the vision for the memorial garden.
In conclusion, Thrybergh Country Park offers a range of strengths, including its natural beauty, wildlife, and sentimental value. The park provides a relaxing walk and a space for remembrance. However, there are areas of improvement, such as the car park, café, and the need for ongoing development of certain areas within the park. Overall, Thrybergh Country Park has the potential to be a wonderful destination, but attention should be given to addressing the weaknesses mentioned to ensure a more enjoyable visitor experience.

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