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1020 W View Park Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15229 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Tina Nails

Tina Nails Place has several strengths according to the comments provided. Firstly, the salon is praised for its affordable prices. One customer specifically mentions that the acrylics were done by Ryan at an affordable price, indicating that the salon offers good value for money. This could be a major strength for the salon as affordability is often a key factor in attracting customers.
Another strength highlighted by the comments is the quality of the nail technicians. Customers express their satisfaction with the work done on their nails, noting that the technicians listened to their preferences and produced results that met their expectations. The comment stating, "my nails have been done exactly how I want and like them done," suggests that the salon has attentive and skilled technicians who prioritize customer satisfaction.
The friendly and accommodating nature of the staff is also mentioned as a strength. Customers mention that the nail technicians at Tina Nails Place are nice and that the overall customer service is commendable. This positive customer service experience could be a significant advantage for the salon, as it contributes to a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers.
The salon is also praised for its cleanliness and sanitation practices. One comment states that the salon runs a clean facility and another comment specifically mentions that the salon is not a Luxe establishment, but it is clean and thorough. This indicates that Tina Nails Place prioritizes hygiene, which is an important factor for customers, especially in the post-pandemic era.
However, there are also some weaknesses that can be derived from the comments. One major weakness highlighted is the lack of sanitation in the pedicure area. One customer mentions that the lack of plastic liners and the use of used files and brushes were concerning. This indicates that there may be some issues with maintaining proper hygiene standards in certain areas of the salon, which could be a significant weakness and turn off potential customers who prioritize cleanliness.
Another weakness mentioned is the decline in quality since the pandemic. A customer mentions that since the pandemic, the salon has young kids working on nails, resulting in nails breaking within a couple of days. This suggests that there may be a decline in the skill level and attention to detail of the technicians due to the inclusion of less experienced staff. This decline in quality could be a significant weakness for the salon, as customer satisfaction and long-lasting results are essential in the nail salon industry.
Finally, there is a comment about poor customer service and an unprofessional owner. The customer states that the owner was rude and unprofessional when they requested a redo of their nails after a poor fill. This highlights a weakness in communication and customer satisfaction management. A negative experience with the owner and the refusal to redo the nails can significantly impact the salon's reputation and customer loyalty.
In conclusion, Tina Nails Place has several strengths such as affordable prices, skilled and friendly nail technicians, and overall positive customer service. The salon also prioritizes cleanliness and hygiene. However, there are also notable weaknesses, including a decline in quality since the pandemic, lack of sanitation in the pedicure area, and negative customer service experiences. Addressing these weaknesses could help the salon maintain and attract more customers in the long run.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Got a acrylics done by Ryan! he was so nice and did an amazing job for such an affordable price! Definitely gonna be going there from now on! My new favorite salon! ????
I have been coming here for almost 3 years and have never had a problem. All the nail techs. are very friendly and my nails have been done exactly how I want and like them done...if I could give more than a 5 star rating I would because they absolutely deserve more than a 5 star. Thank you all for such an awesome job on my nails and everything else I've had done. These are from today... absolutely beautiful!
I use to go to Tina’s Nails regularly. I really liked the gentleman who did my nails and they always came out nice and lasted about two weeks. I would get the dip powder. The reason I gave 3 stars and stopped going there was after I got a pedicure. The lack of sanitation of equipment and the bowl was pretty gross. They use no plastic liner. All of their files are very used including the scrubbing brush. After Covid, and with the rise of social media exposing what is actually a clean and sanitized nail salon, I would not say this is it. Nice nail techs, too used of products.
Ever since the pandemic they have young kids working on nails they are breaking within a couple days to the point were they broke down all the way halfway down my nail and are not willing to do anything about it besides cut off my real nail so I can now get an infection seeing how I am a hairdresser with my hands in people’s hair… very disappointed
I needed to find a new nail salon and was very happy with Tina's Nails. Customer service is a big key and that has over the years fall off the radar. But it's a nice family owned shop and friendly staff. Customers were very nice to talk too. I definitely will return. The prices are very reasonable too. If you are looking for a nail salon I highly recommend it.
Wow! I found this place using Google. I just moved to the area and have been unimpressed anywhere I have gone for my nails. By contrast, this place did a stellar job. This salon is by no means Luxe, nor do they offer wine or a complimentary shoulder massage. But they do run a clean, thorough facility with staff who really care about a job well done. I do not hesitate to recommend!
Let me just say I am so happy! This place is amazing. Ryan did my nails and suggested the dip powder instead of acrylic and I’ve never been happier! My nails are perfect!! Great place! ????
DO NOT GO HERE!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!! The owner is very rude & unprofessional! I had went in for a fill & the fill was very lumpy! I was so unhappy & i asked for a new full set, they refused to redo my nails & gave me a 20 dollar off coupon. I went to use it & was told that i couldn’t use it! I’ve spent 100’s of dollars with them & to be treated so poorly was my last straw. PLEASE DONT SUPPORT THEM. This was the coupon i was given, it doesn’t specify WHEN it expires & they tried to tell me that this is no good when their nail tech gave this to me with no other instructions on HOW OR WHEN it could be used. THEYRE RIP OFFS!!!

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