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Main Street at Exton

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270 Indian Run, Exton, PA 19341 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

New Lidl.
Lots of great shops, places to eat, and a great movie theater all in one area.
If you need to get out of the house for hours this shopping center has you covered
What a relaxing & great rainy day Venture...
Home Goods had lots of deco ideas & got cute stuff for Easter. Nice place for creative room decor items.
Had a sweet time perusing book shelves in super huge Barnes & Nobles Book Shop. Upper level had CDs & Vinyl sales. Many sales books too!
For Dins, was not disappointed, at Longhorns Steak House, with my Pork Chop meal. Sides were Green Salad & loaded Potato. Nice Raspberry Lemonade. Wanted the new 'Cheesecake' for dessert, but was so full .... left & opted out of sweets.
Went to Buca there & it was very nice ... must the baked ziti wasn't really baked in the traditional sense ... it was probably in the oven long enough to melt the few drops of mozz. But it wasn't horrible just underwhelmed from other visits. Wait staff was very hardworking & kind!
Tons of variety, from Walmart to full grocery store to ice cream to smoothies to coffee to clothing. Don't forget to read the history markers, because despite the highly commercial aspect of the center, it also carries cultural and historic significance.
The atmosphere was electrifying, it was during Red October .We Really enjoyed those fries with the crab meat and cheese sauce. The service was very good all in all it's a place to go, drink's, food , and the Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies, 76er's, and the Flyer's!!!!!!
Interesting layout. Lots of stores and places to eat. Was able to pickup a Lancaster Dream Dinners order here!
Good place to hang out for shopping, movies, restaurants and other services.

Quick Facts About Main Street at Exton

Main Street at Exton Place offers a range of strengths that make it an attractive shopping and entertainment destination. One of its strengths is the presence of the new Lidl, a grocery store known for its affordable prices and quality products. This addition gives customers more options for their grocery shopping needs and enhances the convenience of the shopping center.
Another strength of Main Street at Exton Place is the variety of shops and restaurants available. Customers can find everything they need in one place, from clothing stores to a full grocery store. This variety allows shoppers to save time and effort by not having to visit multiple locations for their needs. In addition, the wide selection of restaurants offers customers numerous dining options, ensuring that everyone can find something they enjoy.
The presence of a movie theater is also a notable strength of Main Street at Exton Place. This entertainment option allows customers to relax and enjoy a film after a day of shopping or dining. It adds another dimension to the overall experience of the shopping center and provides an additional source of entertainment for visitors.
Home Goods is another standout store at Main Street at Exton Place. Customers appreciate the wide range of home decor options available and the creative inspiration they can find in the store. Additionally, customers note finding cute and seasonal items for holidays like Easter, further enhancing the appeal of the store. This makes Home Goods a valuable addition to the shopping center, catering to customers looking for unique and creative room decor items.
The presence of Barnes & Noble is also a strength of Main Street at Exton Place. Customers appreciate the extensive selection of books available and the opportunity to explore the large store. The upper level of the bookstore offers CDs and vinyl sales, which adds another layer of entertainment for customers. The variety of sales books further caters to different interests and ensures that customers can find a book they are looking for.
Main Street at Exton Place also offers a variety of dining options for visitors. Customers have positive experiences at Longhorns Steak House, noting the delicious food and attentive service. Other options like Buca also receive praise for their service, despite some minor disappointments with the food. Overall, the dining options contribute to the overall appeal of Main Street at Exton Place, providing customers with a range of choices to satisfy their cravings.
The variety of services available at Main Street at Exton Place is another strength of the shopping center. Customers appreciate the presence of both Walmart and a full grocery store, as it allows them to conveniently complete their shopping in one location. The availability of ice cream, smoothies, and coffee shops offers customers additional options for a quick treat or beverage during their visit.
The historical and cultural significance of Main Street at Exton Place is also a strength that sets it apart from other shopping centers. The presence of history markers allows customers to learn about the area's past while enjoying the commercial aspects of the center. This adds an educational and unique element to the shopping experience, making it more than just a typical shopping destination.
However, Main Street at Exton Place is not without its weaknesses. One weakness mentioned in the comments is the underwhelming experience at Buca. While the wait staff was kind and hardworking, customers were disappointed with the baked ziti not being traditionally baked and lacking in melted cheese. While this is not a major issue, it does detract from the overall dining experience at the restaurant.
Another potential weakness mentioned in the comments is the crowded layout of Main Street at Exton Place. While the variety of stores and restaurants is a strength, it can also create a crowded and bustling atmosphere, which may be overwhelming for some visitors. Some customers may prefer a more open and spacious shopping center, which Main Street at Exton Place may not provide.
In conclusion, Main Street at Exton Place offers numerous strengths that make it a popular shopping and entertainment destination. The presence of the new Lidl, the variety of shops and restaurants, the movie theater, and the historical and cultural significance are all appealing aspects of the shopping center. However, there are also weaknesses to consider, such as the underwhelming experience at Buca and the potentially crowded layout. Despite these weaknesses, Main Street at Exton Place remains a desirable destination for customers looking for a convenient and diverse shopping experience.

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