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The Twa Dugs

+44 1292 618142
4 Killoch Pl, Ayr KA7 2EA United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About The Twa Dugs

The Twa Dugs place has several strengths that make it an appealing pub for customers. Firstly, the location is praised as being "super" and "top." This suggests that the pub is conveniently situated and easily accessible for customers. A good location can attract a larger crowd and increase foot traffic.
Another strength is the affordability of the drinks. The comment mentions "top prices" and a "good pint," indicating that the pub offers reasonable prices for its beverages. This can be a major advantage, as customers are more inclined to frequent a pub that offers affordable drinks, especially in comparison to competitors in the area.
The selection of drinks at The Twa Dugs place is also highlighted as a strength. The comment mentions that there is a good choice of whiskies and beers, catering to a variety of preferences. This shows that the pub has a wide range of options for customers, which can attract a diverse clientele.
Live music is also a strength of The Twa Dugs place. The comments mention that there are events and live music on every day, creating a lively atmosphere. Live music can enhance the overall experience for customers and create a fun and entertaining environment. This can differentiate the pub from others in the area and attract customers who are looking for a vibrant and dynamic pub atmosphere.
The pub is described as "nice," "friendly," and "welcoming" in the comments. Having friendly bar staff and a warm atmosphere is important for creating a positive customer experience. A friendly staff can make customers feel appreciated and valued, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, a welcoming atmosphere can make customers feel comfortable and encourage them to stay longer and spend more.
The Twa Dugs place is also commended for its cleanliness. The comment mentions that the place is "spotless," which indicates that the pub is well-maintained and hygienic. A clean environment is crucial for attracting customers and ensuring they have a pleasant experience. It can create a positive first impression and contribute to a positive overall perception of the pub.
Despite these strengths, The Twa Dugs place does have some weaknesses. One comment mentions that the drinks can be "pricey" compared to other pubs in the area. While the affordability of the drinks was also mentioned as a strength, this comment suggests that some customers may find the prices to be expensive. This could be a drawback for price-sensitive customers who may be discouraged from frequenting the pub.
Another comment mentions that the pub can get crowded, as it is described as being "full to the brim." While a busy pub can create a lively atmosphere, it can also make it difficult for customers to find seating or enjoy a relaxed and quiet environment. This could be a disadvantage for customers who prefer a more intimate setting or value their personal space.
In conclusion, The Twa Dugs place has several strengths that make it an appealing pub option. These include its convenient location, affordability of drinks, wide selection, live music events, friendly staff, and cleanliness. However, there are also some weaknesses to consider, such as potentially expensive drinks and the potential for overcrowding. Overall, The Twa Dugs place seems to have more strengths than weaknesses, making it a popular choice for customers looking for a vibrant and enjoyable pub experience.

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Super lokation top Preise und eine sehr gute Auswahl. Also auch an whyski ist für jeden was dabei. Auch Bier Trinker kommen hier nicht zu kurz. Klein und uhrig mit live Sport Übertragung an manchen Tagen.
Lovely wee pub! Came on a Friday after work for some drinks and came at the same time as the live band kicked off.
Will deffo be back - they have events on every day I think, including live music
Love this place live music good beer friendly bar staff what more do you need
Great jam sessions on Tuesday afternoons. Brilliant atmosphere. Drinks a bit pricey, but normal for the top of the town. Other sessions through the week.
Same as before, some brilliant musicians, some, myself included not so good. Good atmosphere. A good fun Tuesday afternoon.
Friendly staff, warm pub and a good pint.
Nice friendly bar with 35mm spirit measures. Well worth a visit.
A lively place, full to the brim of ancient whiskies I'd never heard of or seen the prices of before. On a CAMRA pub crawl.
Great bar with an open instrument day every Tuesday Very welcoming staff and place spotless

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The Twa Dugs Info


Service options
Health and safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Karaoke
  • Live music
  • Live performances
  • Quiz night
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Alcohol
  • Beer
  • Cocktails
  • Dancing
  • Spirits
  • Wine
  • Toilets
  • Wi-Fi
  • Casual
  • Cosy
  • Groups
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Transgender safe space
  • NFC mobile payments


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