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K & J Homegrown Produce

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2228 SE Hwy 70, Arcadia, FL 34266 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This was our first time going to the market which came highly recommended. I found a variety of meat at great prices. also boar's Head deli meat and fresh fruits and vegetables were abundant. For less than $100 I stocked up for at least a couple of weeks I will definitely be back and recommend to friends and family thank you for a great shopping experience!
I've made several visits here in the last 2 years and really nothing impressed me. The frozen seafood isn't bad so that gets the 2 stars. All the steaks we bought were either tasteless or tough. Never mind the gross smelling chicken. Even the beef had a funky smell and there is a lot of blood and/or meat liquids in all the cases. Our last visit there it smelled strong of bleach. They do have a nice selection of produce but you have to inspect it well. The market is very small and it's almost impossible to push a cart through with the narrow aisles and other shoppers. Cashiers seem overworked and not real friendly. Running a debit card can take awhile as the machines or connections are really slow. I don't think I will be returning. It's an hour drive for me and I can definitely do better elsewhere.
Tight little store that fits most of your needs under one roof. Always plenty of fresh and local produce at great pricing. Better than bug box prices. Meats are generally good quality but check the label as they also offer lesser grades than what you may be used to. Here, prices are reasonable again and the meat department will cut and trim to your order. Plenty of seafood options as well as chicken and pork. Staff all very friendly and all credit cards accepted. #stevensleavin
After the hurricane Ian was the first time I had been here! Such a variety if fresh produce and meat products! They had a full stock of everything needed at great prices. I was amazed at how much cheaper the meats were compared to other grocery chains.
This place is absolutely phenomenal for their meat. Sometimes they don't have the steak that I like but most of the time they do, and it's so worth going to. You almost don't remember that meat used to taste that good. Also their prices are very very reasonable.
First time visit. Very pleased. The only drawback is the beef requires extra care to produce tender results. We did the ribeye and t-bone. With tenderizer, some pounding, slow cooking we finally ended up with perfect steaks. Just some trial an error to achieve grear results. The meat is very flavorful.
The staff very friendly, the store crowded a good indication of quality and service.
Beautiful produce, excellent beef and sausages
Fresh fruits, frozen Fish.
Wow, loved the prices on whole slabs of meat and prepackaged meat smaller portions. They have frozen seafood, produce, sausage, eggs, milk etc, saved about $300 buying in large quantities. Here's a steak we cut off our ribeye slab.

Quick Facts About K & J Homegrown Produce

K & J Homegrown Produce Place has several strengths based on the comments provided. One of the main strengths is the variety and affordability of the meat products. Customers mention finding a variety of meat at great prices, including boar's Head deli meat. The store also offers a wide selection of seafood, chicken, and pork. Customers appreciate the ability to have the meat cut and trimmed to their order, showcasing personalized service.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the abundance and quality of fresh produce. The store is praised for having a full stock of fresh produce, even after a hurricane. The prices of the produce are mentioned as being cheaper compared to other grocery chains. This indicates that the store prioritizes offering affordable options to their customers.
The friendly staff and acceptance of all credit cards are additional strengths mentioned in the comments. Customer service is an important aspect of any business, and the positive interactions with the staff contribute to a pleasant shopping experience.
Additionally, the store is commended for its pricing on whole slabs of meat and prepackaged meat in smaller portions. The ability to save money by purchasing in large quantities is appreciated by customers, with one commenter mentioning saving about $300. This shows that the store offers competitive pricing options for customers looking to buy in bulk.
However, there are also weaknesses mentioned in the comments that need to be addressed. One of the weaknesses is the inconsistent quality of the meat products. While some customers enjoy the meat and find it flavorful, others mention that the steaks were tasteless or tough. The smell of the chicken and beef is also criticized, with one commenter mentioning a funky smell and the presence of blood or meat liquids in the cases. These issues with meat quality and smell need to be addressed to ensure consistent satisfaction from customers.
The store's physical layout is also mentioned as a weakness. The narrow aisles make it difficult for customers to navigate with a cart, which can be frustrating and inconvenient. This may discourage customers from returning to the store, especially if they have other options available that offer a more spacious and comfortable shopping experience.
The slow running debit card machines or connections are another weakness mentioned. This can lead to delays for customers and potentially create frustration and impatience. Speeding up the transaction process can improve customer satisfaction.
In conclusion, K & J Homegrown Produce Place has strengths in its variety and affordability of meat, abundance and quality of fresh produce, and friendly staff. However, weaknesses include inconsistent meat quality, smell issues, narrow aisles, and slow debit card transaction times. Addressing these weaknesses will help improve the overall shopping experience and ensure customer satisfaction.

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