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The Pier at Garden City

+1 843-651-9700
110 S Waccamaw Dr, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 United States of America
Open Today: 07:00 AM - 11:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible seating
  • Good for kids

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Fun place to check out. Huge pier extending out into the ocean. Cool place to go fishing or to watch others fish. Small shop inside where you can buy bait, tackle, or rent poles and tackle. Arcade for the kids, and 2 bars for the adults. One out at the end of the pier that does live music and dancing. Good place for a stroll both on and under the pier with a loved one, or let the kids play while the adults people watch.
We have four children, we love going to the Pier at Garden City because it's more of a small town vibe and not nearly as crazy as the commercial area of Myrtle Beach. My husband and I have been coming here for little vacations for the last 14 years. We'll definitely be back!
Boring, unless you like to fish, drink, and listen to karaoke or an occasional band. For being rebuilt, it’s in pretty ragged shape. It does give you a nice view of the beach, but nothing else is there and parking is very limited.
If you plan on fishing there, don’t dare catch a shark!
One of my favorite places to be. Watching the sunset, looking for sharks, watching people fish, listening to music or just enjoying the waves. Great place to be any time of the year. My kids have enjoyed the arcade a time or 2.
My favorite pier in the area. Always relaxing and open and now that it’s warmer they have live bands and the bar open in the evenings. A must stop by if you are in the area.
The Karaoke is fun and silly. It's cool to see the sharks / jellyfish down below, and order beachy drinks too. Lots of seating and shade with beautiful views and great fishing.
This is great place to fish from the pier, or just come down for the evening for free music, friendly people, a good time.

Quick Facts About The Pier at Garden City

The Pier at Garden City has several strengths that make it a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Firstly, the pier offers a beautiful view of the ocean and beach, which is highly appreciated by visitors who enjoy watching the sunset or simply admiring the waves. Additionally, the pier provides a unique experience for fishing enthusiasts, with a small shop inside where visitors can buy bait, tackle, or rent fishing equipment. This makes it a great place for both experienced fishermen and beginners to enjoy their favorite hobby. The arcade on the pier also caters to families with children, offering a source of entertainment for the younger ones while adults can relax and people-watch.
Another strength of The Pier at Garden City is its laid-back and small town vibe. Unlike the more hectic and commercial areas of larger tourist destinations like Myrtle Beach, this pier offers a more relaxed atmosphere, which can be appealing for those seeking a calmer experience. Visitors appreciate the fact that it is not as crowded or busy, allowing for a more enjoyable and intimate time with loved ones. This is particularly highlighted by a comment from a family who have been visiting the pier for the past 14 years, indicating that the pier's small town vibe has been a consistent draw for them.
In terms of weaknesses, some visitors find the pier to be boring unless they are interested in fishing or enjoy the occasional karaoke or live band. The limited activities and shops on the pier might not cater to the interests of everyone, which can make it less appealing for those looking for a wider variety of entertainment options. Additionally, one visitor mentioned that the pier is in a ragged shape despite being rebuilt, suggesting a lack of maintenance that might affect the overall experience for visitors.
Another potential weakness highlighted in the comments is the issue of limited parking. This can be inconvenient for those traveling to the pier by car, as finding a parking spot can be challenging and might deter potential visitors. In a tourist destination, convenient and ample parking is often seen as a necessary convenience to attract more visitors.
Furthermore, one visitor warned against catching sharks while fishing, implying that there might be some negative experiences or regulations related to certain types of fishing activities on the pier. While this comment provides limited information, it indicates that certain fishing practices might not be well-received or advised on the pier.
Overall, despite some weaknesses, The Pier at Garden City showcases several strengths that make it a popular destination for different groups of people. Its beautiful view, opportunity for fishing, family-friendly activities, and laid-back atmosphere are appealing to many visitors who are looking for a more intimate and relaxed experience by the ocean. However, the limited activities, potential lack of maintenance, limited parking, and potential fishing regulations might need to be addressed to improve the overall visitor experience.

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