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The Red Hut South Shields

+44 191 456 7679
102 Ocean Rd, South Shields NE33 2JF United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Stopped in for some chips and really enjoyed the atmosphere, the place has really been done up since the last time I was here. The manager was a great guy and even gave me a coffee on the house!
Ordered haddock chips and peas. Chips uneditable like rubber and Luke warm. Peas came out after in a pot and we're cold.
Warm and friendly welcome out of the cold. Best fish and chips I have had in a while. Very happy customer gracias x
Not one to leave reviews normally but I was less than satisfied after visiting today, after waiting almost 20 minutes for a kids chicken nugget meal we got on the metro and I opened the box. Instead of chicken nuggets I was given cod bites, luckily my kid isn't fussy, however they were dripping with grease. The chips looked like they had been boiled rather than fried, there was only about 4 in the box that weren't just Mush! Definitely won't be going back
Not been here for a few years, but have to say that on my recent visit the fish and chips were fantastic.
Great food and the staff were really friendly.
Been using the Red Hut since it was down the front years ago, used to enjoyed a chat with the owners, then it's changed hands and moved it's still a great place for Fish and Chips, will worth the wait for fresh fried fish... Masses of chips and a Whale included... Lovely.
Tastiest pizza I've had in a long time.. chicken nuggets better than McDonald's and so fresh and yummy.. have ordered from them before and will continue to do so..very impressed !

Quick Facts About The Red Hut South Shields

The Red Hut South Shields seems to have a mix of strengths and weaknesses, based on the comments provided. In order to analyze them thoroughly, let's break them down and discuss each aspect in detail.
Starting with the strengths, one comment mentions that the place has been done up since the last visit. This indicates that the restaurant has undergone renovations or improvements, which can attract customers and create a pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, the manager of the establishment is described as a great guy who went the extra mile and offered a complimentary coffee. This shows that the staff values customer service and aims to create a positive experience for visitors.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one customer states that their order of haddock chips and peas was disappointing. The chips were described as uneditable like rubber and lukewarm, while the peas were served cold in a pot. This suggests that there might be inconsistencies in the quality of the food and that the kitchen might not always deliver dishes that meet customer expectations in terms of taste and temperature.
Another negative comment highlights a negative experience with a kids chicken nugget meal. The customer had to wait almost 20 minutes for their order, only to find out that they were given cod bites instead of chicken nuggets. Furthermore, the cod bites were greasy, and the chips were of poor quality, resembling mush. This indicates that there might be issues with the accuracy of orders and the overall quality of the food, which can leave customers dissatisfied.
Despite these weaknesses, there are also positive comments about the food and staff. One customer states that the fish and chips were fantastic during their recent visit. This suggests that the quality of the food might vary, as some customers have had positive experiences. Another comment mentions that the staff were friendly, which contributes to a welcoming atmosphere and can enhance the overall dining experience.
Continuing with the strengths, a long-time customer mentions that the Red Hut has been a great place for fish and chips since it was located down the front years ago. This demonstrates the establishment's history and reputation in the community. The customer also mentions enjoying chats with the owners, indicating that personal interactions were a positive aspect of their experiences.
Additionally, a customer praises the pizza and chicken nuggets from the Red Hut, stating that they are tastier than McDonald's and are always fresh and yummy. This suggests that the restaurant offers a variety of menu options beyond traditional fish and chips, and that these alternatives are of high quality and well-received by customers.
In conclusion, The Red Hut South Shields has a mixed reputation based on the comments provided. While there are positive aspects such as a friendly staff, improvements to the establishment, and positive dining experiences mentioned, there are also weaknesses highlighted regarding the quality and consistency of the food, accuracy of orders, and the temperature of the dishes. It is clear that the Red Hut has the potential to provide excellent dining experiences, but it currently faces some challenges that need addressing in order to consistently meet customer expectations.

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