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Boulevard at the Capital Centre

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880 G Shoppers Way, Largo, MD 20774 United States of America
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The bathrooms are filthy, smell mold and mildew.
The kitchen area is filthy.
Food poorly prepared,
The fried chicken ???? is not seasoned and pieces the size of the birds that be outside.
Mostly new staff. Children allowed to serve themselves. Few customers wear gloves and will put tongs in food trays.
My family and I meet here once a month for good food and fellowship. The price point makes it affordable for everyone. Good bang for your buck!
They need to shut this place down the sandwiches don't taste like the delicious Chick-fil-A sandwiches that they should taste like. They are way off the mark of the recipe. I will never eat there again!! I wasted my money!!!
This area was a new commercial district thriving for close to a decade. Just a few years ago, the Boulevard at Capital Centre was a pitiful site to see. Just a handful of businesses managed to stay afloat, but the majority failed. The relatively new commerce center became a ghost town of vacant buildings and parking lots. Unfortunately, this is a common trend in Prince George's country, with many of its development projects falling short. Westphalia for example, promised to build a bustling towncenter with trendy shops, boutiques and restaurants. But that goal never came to pass, whilst nothing but a large dirt plot of land remains untouched as it has for years. It's a pitiful reminder of the incompetence of County officials and HOA directors, having almost conceeded to Amazon's wish to build a distribution facility on the premises. This was not what home buyers were told by their home builders sales representatives. In fact, the incident made the local news highlighting residents' frustration with the sluggish commercial growth. Fortunately, the County Commissioner echoed the homeowners' sentiments, and the corporate giant was denied the bid to build. However, infrastructual development seems bleak. Residents remain doubtful that any new plans will see fruition. As for the former Capital Center, it was repurposed as an impressive medical complex, but construction is still underway.
Dinner at Golden Corral was so nice! The waitress was so efficient & polite. Her service is to be commended. Left her a nice tip & she found out it was my birthday. She wished me a happy birthday.
There are not many stores here anymore and the movie theater is outdated. Hopefully, the addition of the hospital will encourage developers to revitalize the area.
Love this place. Good food and great service.
I have no problem with this theater. I’d say it needs a upgrade but other than that check it out for yourselves.

Quick Facts About Boulevard at the Capital Centre

Boulevard at the Capital Centre has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Let's analyze them in terms of the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment.
Strengths: 1. Affordable Price Point: One comment mentioned that the price point at Boulevard at the Capital Centre makes it affordable for everyone. This is a significant strength as it allows a wide range of customers to enjoy the food and create a sense of community through regular meetups.
2. Efficient and Polite Service: Another positive comment highlighted the efficient and polite service of the waitstaff at the Golden Corral in Boulevard at the Capital Centre. Good customer service is always important in any establishment, as it leaves a positive impact on customers and encourages them to return.
3. Potential for Revitalization: Although not explicitly mentioned, one comment suggests that the addition of a hospital to the area may encourage developers to revitalize Boulevard at the Capital Centre. This presents an opportunity for future growth and improvement in the area.
Weaknesses: 1. Poor Hygiene: The comments make several complaints regarding the cleanliness of the bathrooms and kitchen area. Filthy bathrooms with mold and mildew and a filthy kitchen create a negative impression of the establishment and may deter customers from visiting.
2. Low Quality Food: The comments indicate that the food at Boulevard at the Capital Centre is poorly prepared and lacks seasoning. A specific complaint is made about the fried chicken, which is described as being improperly sized and tasteless. Inconsistent food quality can significantly impact a restaurant's reputation and customer satisfaction.
3. Lack of Store Variety and Outdated Theater: One comment mentions that there are not many stores in the area and that the movie theater is outdated. A limited store selection and outdated theater can make Boulevard at the Capital Centre less appealing to potential customers, especially in comparison to more modern and diverse commercial areas.
4. Safety Concerns: There are concerns about hygiene practices in the buffet area, as it is mentioned that few customers wear gloves and may contaminate the food trays by using tongs. These safety concerns can be a major setback for the establishment, as they compromise the overall dining experience and raise health risks.
5. Commercial Decline: A comment provides background information about the decline of the commercial district, suggesting a trend of failed businesses and vacant buildings. This demonstrates a lack of overall success and stability in the area, which may impact the reputation and perceived quality of the Boulevard at the Capital Centre.
In conclusion, Boulevard at the Capital Centre has strengths such as an affordable price point and efficient service, but it also has weaknesses, including poor hygiene, low-quality food, a lack of store variety, an outdated theater, safety concerns, and a history of commercial decline. These weaknesses should be addressed to improve the overall experience and revitalization of the establishment.

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