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Village Crossing

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5507 W Touhy Ave, Skokie, IL 60077 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Good shopping area with a variety of shops and stores and eatery places. Open outdoor shopping, weather increments may affect reasons to go there. Nice kept area with plenty of open space parking lots near each stores and good traffic flow into and out of parking lot to exit the area. Recommend to shop there.
Good food at Corner Bakery. Would come back and try breakfast again. Pancakes remind me of Krusteaz. Bacon crispy. Scrambled eggs fluffy. Bottomless coffee. Ask for cup for tap water. Brought home left overs.
We’ve gone here since we were teens. The place had a big update along with the other AMC theaters and has great drink selections. There are plenty of showings and we enjoy the 2 IMAX theaters. The only thing that could really add to the place are updated seats. It’s hard to go back to regular seats when you’ve experienced those reclining ones. Overall though, been pleased with this theater.
Not too bad, really. Family & I went to PennStation. Had not been there since in one in Grayslake closed & packed it up.
Cheese Steak Sandwich still just as good as ever. Man, gotta tell ya, really missed those fries!
It would be nice if you guys were back in Lake Cty. But we totally settle for an occasional drop by when we're on our travels.
Village Crossing wears the mien of a sports tavern, if that phrase makes any sense, splitting the difference between independence and name-brand knock-off.
The short version of this review is that the place is, if nothing else, pretty generic. Whatever else I say fits into that basic premise.
The food is good, but not special. It pops in some token "exotic" touches and flairs, but its nothing you haven't seen so many times that chain competitors offer basically the same thing in the freezer case at a supermarket.
The porch is kinda nice, though they were piping an alternating balance of the best and worst music from the 90s and 00s at such a blast that even the most distant table was kinda just washed away in volume. The place doesn't seem to say "pulsing club vibe" but no one told whoever had the remote (I didn't see any DJ).
The interior is bland and lacks the charming corporate warehouse-bought kitchen of a Bennigans, Chilli's, TGI, etc. Feels kinda suburban startup. The chic is reminiscent of brunch spots where families and older folks go on weekends, which is at odds with the giant TVs shouting a combination of varied sports and right-wing political essays (you couldn't make out the details of either at that volume, which was a plus for us, at least). This is not a place for company and conversation, but its also not really conducive to its own attempt to be a sports bar. It's just very loud in general.
The service was excellent. Your mileage will always vary, but our server was kind, attentive, informative, and fun. Left her a big tip, she was a little too cool for the place, but cool enough not to have a chip on her shoulder about it.
The price was fine. No sticker shock comparing quality to cost. I just shrugged. I genuinely can't remember what we ordered. I remember thinking it was fine. It could be better. The worst thing I can say is that this was all judged on an empty stomach, which is the easiest time for food to impress me (and I imagine anyone). Optimal conditions got a "meh."
There is a sense the spot wants regulars, to be a town center of culture and friendships and tradition. But the Crossing lacks soul, identity, or any special charm. There's a lot of work to be done before it can tread that path, and I'm left wondering what stops it from trying: insufficient income, or insufficient effort.
The only place I can get the mountain astrologer, plus their layout of books are easy and the Cafe has good cookies
Nice places ???? Five Below, Panera, Best Buy, Jewel and more stores ... They have good prices.
Visited several locations during this visit and was able to find most of what I needed. Would of had 5 stars if they were not under construction again.

Quick Facts About Village Crossing

Village Crossing Place is a shopping area with a variety of shops, stores, and eateries. One of its strengths is the wide range of options available for shopping and dining. With a diverse selection of stores and restaurants, customers can find everything they need in one place.
Another strength of Village Crossing Place is its open outdoor shopping area. This allows visitors to enjoy the outdoors while they shop, creating a pleasant shopping experience. However, one weakness of this open outdoor area is that it is susceptible to weather conditions. Inclement weather may deter customers from visiting the shopping area, affecting foot traffic and sales.
In terms of parking, Village Crossing Place is praised for its ample open space parking lots near each store. This makes it convenient for customers to park their vehicles and easily access the stores they want to visit. Additionally, the good traffic flow in and out of the parking lot makes it easy for customers to enter and exit the area. This is a major advantage as it improves accessibility and convenience for shoppers.
One comment specifically mentions the popular eatery, Corner Bakery, and praises the good food and variety it offers. Another customer plans to return to try their breakfast options, particularly noting the quality of the pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs. The availability of bottomless coffee is also appreciated. This positive feedback highlights the strength of the dining options available at Village Crossing Place.
The comments also mention the presence of an AMC theater in the area. The updates made to the theater, including a selection of drinks and two IMAX theaters, are praised. However, a potential weakness is mentioned in the form of outdated seats. This indicates that the theater could benefit from further updates to enhance the overall movie-watching experience.
PennStation, a cheese steak sandwich restaurant, is also mentioned in one of the comments. The customer expresses their satisfaction with the food and reminisces about their visits to a PennStation in another location. While they mention that it would be nice to have a PennStation in Lake County, they still appreciate the occasional visits when they are traveling. This comment highlights the strength of the dining options available at Village Crossing Place, with customers having positive experiences at different eateries.
One review describes Village Crossing Place as a generic and rather bland establishment. The food is described as good but not special, with minimal variation from what one would find at a chain competitor. The interior is criticized for lacking charm and having a loud atmosphere due to the blaring music and multiple TVs. However, the service is praised for being excellent, with a kind and attentive server.
The price point at Village Crossing Place is also noted to be reasonable without any sticker shock. However, the reviewer states that the food could be better and that their judgment was made on an empty stomach. This suggests that the dining experience may not be particularly memorable or exceptional.
A lack of soul, identity, or special charm is mentioned as a weakness of Village Crossing Place. The reviewer questions why the establishment does not make more effort to become a cultural center with a sense of community. This lack of a unique identity and charm may prevent Village Crossing Place from becoming a destination that attracts regular customers.
Despite this, some positive comments mention specific stores and their good prices. Five Below, Panera, Best Buy, Jewel, and other stores are appreciated for offering reasonable prices. This indicates that Village Crossing Place has a value advantage with its pricing.
One comment mentions that the area is currently under construction, which detracts from the overall experience. This indicates a potential weakness of Village Crossing Place, as construction may disrupt the shopping and dining experience for customers.
In conclusion, Village Crossing Place has strengths such as a variety of shops and eateries, open outdoor shopping, ample parking, and reasonable prices. However, it also has weaknesses, including susceptibility to weather conditions, a lack of charm and identity, and ongoing construction. These aspects contribute to the overall strengths and weaknesses of Village Crossing Place as described in the comments provided.

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