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Southridge Shopping Center

312 Southridge Blvd, South Charleston, WV 25309 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM


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  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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Clean bathroom, plenty of parking for truckers. Prices on pocket knives are lower than some other stores.
We really like Cabela's for overnight RV parking. They generally have good quality options for RVing and camping. This location was very accommodating by allowing us to park outside the designated RV parking area to find a flatter piece of asphalt. Very quiet and uneventfully evening... Thank you Cabela's!
There's a good variety of stores at which to shop here. Everything from Target and Walmart to Home Depot and everything in between. It's typically not overcrowded, however. I would just be cautious of your surroundings.
We love to go here to eat. The chicken sandwiches are amazing.
They also have incredible mac and cheese or fries to go with your sandwich.
The staff is always very friendly and goes out of the way to make you feel comfortable.
The sweet tea is very good, and the refills are free.
I encourage you to go check them out if you've never been.
I went to a couple of places while at South Ridge. They have a very nice Sam's Club, large and well stocked with fresh produce, meats and bakery items. The staff was super friendly and very helpful. I went to Walmart and my experience was not very very good, I asked 2 employees for help and they totally blew me off so I was disappointed with them. Their prices were not marked on several items and it was a big hassle.
Great customer service and assistance in pointing where to find what I wanted and helping me to try on a fishing hip wader suit to be sure it fit right before purchasing. At checkout, the cashier asked if I was a veteran, and I was mildly surprised to get a discount on my purchase. I usually ask, but the cashier prempted me by asking me first. What a novel idea. I recommend this store as a good place to shop.
Chuckie cheese is not what it use to be my friend had her babies bday there and it's like you just pay ur money and that's all they care about horrible service games don't give tickets any more just very disappointed ☹️as you can see from the pics never no staff but at least Chuckie came out for a quick viewing
A variety of shops and stores in easy driving distance. The only downside is that driving can be hectic; some drivers pull out awfully fast and don't always stop.

Quick Facts About Southridge Shopping Center

Southridge Shopping Center has several strengths that contribute to its appeal to customers. One strength is the presence of clean bathrooms. It is important for a shopping center to have well-maintained restrooms as this reflects positively on the overall cleanliness and hygiene of the establishment.
Additionally, the shopping center offers plenty of parking for truckers. This is a significant advantage, especially for those who work in the trucking industry. Having ample parking space ensures that truckers can easily find a spot to park their vehicles without any inconvenience or hassle. Truckers often struggle to find appropriate parking, so the availability of truck parking at Southridge Shopping Center is a definite strength.
Another strength of Southridge Shopping Center is its competitive prices on pocket knives. Lower prices compared to other stores indicate that customers can find good deals and potentially save money on their purchases. Offering competitive pricing is an effective way to attract customers and encourage them to choose Southridge Shopping Center over other shopping destinations.
While Southridge Shopping Center has several strengths, it also has some weaknesses that should be considered. One weakness is the potential overcrowding. While the shopping center offers a good variety of stores, including popular retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Home Depot, it can sometimes become crowded. Overcrowding can lead to longer waiting times, difficulty finding parking spots, and a less enjoyable shopping experience overall.
Another weakness highlighted in a comment is the potential for hectic driving conditions. Some drivers in the vicinity of Southridge Shopping Center reportedly drive aggressively, pulling out quickly and not always stopping. This can create a hazardous environment for both shoppers and other motorists. A shopping center should ideally prioritize the safety of its customers, so addressing issues related to erratic driving behavior should be a priority.
Despite these weaknesses, there are several positive experiences shared by customers. The availability of overnight RV parking at Cabela's is greatly appreciated by RV enthusiasts. It is seen as a strength, as Cabela's allows RVers to park outside the designated area if needed, demonstrating a flexible and accommodating approach. This type of customer service is likely to contribute positively to the overall reputation of Southridge Shopping Center.
The positive dining experiences at Southridge Shopping Center also contribute to its strengths. The mentioned chicken sandwiches, mac and cheese, and fries are praised by a customer. The friendly and welcoming staff create a comfortable experience for diners, and the quality of the food is highly praised. Such positive dining experiences can potentially attract more customers and contribute to the overall positive image of Southridge Shopping Center.
Customer service is another noteworthy strength of Southridge Shopping Center. Several comments mention pleasant experiences with helpful and friendly staff. The assistance provided by employees, such as helping with fitting and offering discounts, adds value to the shopping experience. Good customer service can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
However, negative experiences at Chuck E. Cheese's demonstrate a weakness in customer service. The comment details disappointment with the service at a birthday party, citing poor staff availability and a lack of attention to customers. Inconsistent experiences at different establishments within the shopping center can contribute to an overall perception of inconsistency in quality and customer service.
In conclusion, Southridge Shopping Center has both strengths and weaknesses. The availability of clean bathrooms and truck parking, competitive pricing on pocket knives, and positive dining experiences contribute to its strengths. However, potential overcrowding, hectic driving conditions, and inconsistent customer service, as highlighted in the comments, represent weaknesses. Addressing these weaknesses and focusing on improving the overall customer experience can help Southridge Shopping Center maintain its strengths and attract more customers.

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