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Distinguished Barber Studio

+1 970-644-5977
304 North Ave #3, Grand Junction, CO 81501 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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Great atmosphere, Chris was awesome. Very soulful, made the experience unforgettable.Danika knew what she was doing made my little boy look sharp!!!
I highly recommend Distinguished Barber!!
This was a phenomenal experience from the moment we stepped foot in the door.The owner genuinely made us feel like family.our barber did a great job and it was the first time my four year old didn’t cry during a haircut experience. I can honestly say that every haircut they have received up to today has been trauma for my kids. My son enjoyed the atmosphere so much that his twin sister didn’t want to leave without a haircut too. Lauren accommodated us by giving her a trim so she too could feel included. Thank you- today this barber shop made a lifelong loyal client.
Chris and his barbers were great, right from the start everyone in the shop was friendly and welcoming. It's a no appointment shop, so my son and I had the chance to sit a little bit and enjoy the atmosphere and watch the barbers work. The haircuts were all outstanding, and the easy chatter and banter were punctuated with Chris occasionally singing along to the radio. It really was a fun place to be, then my son and I both got haircuts that were full of attention to detail and knowledgeable touches that really put the icing on the cake. Great experience and we will be regulars.
Bearded brothers this place is amazing! Positive atmosphere, true and unbeatable customer service. Chris took this grungy fool from the gas patch and made me look great! Not an easy task mind you. High & tight second to none, shaped my long beard perfectly. He even went as far as to throw a hot towel on to shave all the edges. Prices are very fair and your treated like family. I was blessed today and will dang sure be back. Guess all I can say is thank you Chris, I appreciate you sir!!
First time in the shop today and I was impressed. Very friendly barbers and a laidback atmosphere. Josh got me call back in no time. He did a great job trimming and shaping up my beard, he even did a hot towel straight razor shave. Great price compared to other barbers in town. The owner Chris came up and introduced him self and welcomed me in also. If you are looking for great barbershop in Grand Junction this is your place! You guys have a new regular customer! Thanks again.
A true barbershop experience in the middle of Colorado! Chris the owner was friendly and entertaining, he gave my son the best cut he’s ever had and gave me tips on how to help him style it. We will be back next time we visit GJ!
Chris and Josh were very welcoming and took good care of me when I lost my regular hair cut place. I have an undercut and tried a salon again, but this barbershop is great! Chris kept communicating me through the cut and educated me on length and fade. So glad they are open on Mondays! Overwise I would have never stopped by! I hope the construction on north ave settles up soon so you have more people stopping by! I'm excited to try out some shaved patterns next time I'm due for a trim. Thanks again guys!
As someone who travels for work all the time, Im always on the search for a barbershop. At distinguished barber, I had the pleasure to meet my barber Josh. He was great! Thoughtful and careful, he doesn’t whip through the haircut. Spends time with his clients and delivers a fresh, crispy clean cut. (Walk ins are welcome). In addition, everyone there was nice a welcoming. Great barbers, nice environment and a good place to trust and get a fresh faded haircut.
One last thing, I recommend the towel treatment. It was relaxing and refreshing.

Quick Facts About Distinguished Barber Studio

1. Great atmosphere: Multiple comments mention the great atmosphere of Distinguished Barber Studio. It is described as friendly, welcoming, and laidback. Customers feel comfortable and enjoy their time in the shop.
2. Skilled barbers: Customers praise the skills of the barbers at Distinguished Barber Studio. They mention that the barbers know what they are doing, pay attention to detail, and deliver high-quality haircuts. The barbers are knowledgeable about different haircut styles and techniques.
3. Excellent customer service: The customer service at Distinguished Barber Studio is highly praised. The comments mention that the owner and the barbers make customers feel like family. They take the time to communicate with customers, understand their preferences, and provide personalized recommendations. The barbers are also friendly and welcoming to customers.
4. Child-friendly: Many comments mention that Distinguished Barber Studio is a great place for children. Parents appreciate that the barbers can make the haircut experience enjoyable and comfortable for young children. The barbers are patient, accommodating, and create a positive atmosphere for kids.
5. Attention to detail: Customers appreciate the attention to detail displayed by the barbers at Distinguished Barber Studio. They mention that the barbers take the time to listen to customers' preferences and deliver haircuts with precision and care. They also offer additional services like hot towel treatments and straight razor shaves.
6. Fair prices: Customers mention that the prices at Distinguished Barber Studio are fair compared to other barbershops in town. This is seen as a strength as customers feel that they are getting quality haircuts at a reasonable price.
1. Limited appointments: One comment mentions that Distinguished Barber Studio does not take appointments and is a walk-in shop. While some customers may appreciate the flexibility of walk-ins, others may prefer having the option to schedule appointments for convenience and to avoid potential wait times. This limited availability of appointments may be seen as a weakness by some customers.
In conclusion, Distinguished Barber Studio has several strengths including a great atmosphere, skilled barbers, excellent customer service, being child-friendly, attention to detail, and fair prices. The only weakness mentioned is the lack of appointment availability. Overall, the positive comments reflect a highly satisfied customer base and indicate that Distinguished Barber Studio provides a memorable and enjoyable experience for its customers.

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Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Tuesday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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