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Coast to Coast

+44 161 748 3670
The Orient Trafford Centre, Manchester M17 8AA United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Nette Bar
Really nice atmosphere, clean with cool decor. Staff were very friendly and food reasonably priced. We came on a Saturday afternoon and even though busy the food came quickly. I would definitely recommend this place.
Decent American restaurant, friendly staff and good service. Portions were quite generous. However the ribs didn’t really the bbq taste or like a flame taste that I expected and the tender stem broccoli was over cooked or would if given it a 5 star. Have not tried the burgers yet but that looks quite nice.
Coast to Coast is another chain American Restaurant experience but can it standout in an already crowded market?
Visiting the Trafford Centre in Manchester offers up a bounty of choices for every pallet but when you are a party of three with differing tastes, the choices become less bountiful. Coast to Coast covered it however. With a pizza for my son, BBQ spare ribs and chicken for my wife and a burger for me, the restaurant had us covered.
The standard of the food was good. The pizza was quite large for the child’s menu, much to the joy of my 7 year-old (other chain restaurants take note), my wife’s Ribs & Chicken were especially good (I had to admit I had order envy) and my burger was fine but not the best I’ve had from an American chain. The kids meal also included an ice-cream, so again my son was happy.
The drinks were a mix however, as my wife enjoyed an ice-cream lemonade float, my son always loves an apple juice and I had a draft Diet Coke. As is the problem with any restaurant that has Coca-Cola installed, the choice is restrictive and not very appealing (no variation like Cherry Coke etc). Also the draft soft drink was not refillable, like many other American chains.
While the decor was very standard U.K. American restaurant style, more like a Frankie & Benny’s replacement than anything new, the atmosphere was good and the service was attentive if a little rushed (our drinks order was wrong and it seemed an inconvenience to change it).
Would I recommend it Coast to Coast, probably, would I go again…not sure.
Customer service was exceptional. They were very attentive and accommodating. The Food tasted delicious, big portions for the price. Probably one of the best American themed restaurants I've been to. The Atmosphere was great to. I Look forward to revisiting in the future ????
Went to Coast to Coast in the Trafford Centre for lunch on a busy Saturday. We mentioned to our host, Alex, that my son had a dairy allergy. Alex took the time to go through the menu with my son, explaining what he could and couldn't eat, and also was able to suggest items that were dairy free. Normally, people just hand you the allergy menu. We were very impressed with Alex's friendliness, professionalism and attention to detail. Thank you Alex, for making this a memorable meal. Not my son's food pictured, but everything was delicious.
Food was really nice. Chicken and chorizo skewer is recommended.
Amazing service!! Our food came and one was a little bit cold, not a major problem, asked the waiter to reheat, profusely apologized, manager came back with a fresh dish and said they took it off the bill without us asking! See you next time!
First of this is the best place I've been with my bestie together as for some reason we always end up in places that the quality doesn't stand up to the price or the food is bad. I'll be splitting this into sections so sorry for the first section below being long. You can skip to see the rest.
QUALITY OF FOOD: Not one dish could I fault. It was all so delicious and we both agreed even for the fish and burger, neither made us feel stogy or feel bad as the way it was cooked made it really seem homemade and healthy yet still so filling...way better than a greasy fish and chips place on burger take-out. Everything came hot and of very high standards.
For starters we got garlic bread to share and it was presented very well and also tasted great. Good portion for 2. It came with a sharp knife which we cut up into 8 and got 4 good sized pieces each.
For dessert they had great options like honeycomb milkshakes and other unique things you don't always see however unfortunately they ran out of what my friend wanted so we stuck to the classic vanilla milkshake and fudge cake which can I say was amazing. The best I've had in a long time and it was so creamy as well as the vanilla ice-cream was not boring it was so delicious, how proper vanilla ice-cream should be.
PRICE OF FOOD: We were shocked that at the end that the bill only came to around £37 as the food was amazing and very big portions...100% worth the price. For reference to leave a tip by card you have to ask to add it onto the card machine as you have to type in the amount.
STAFF: All the staff were so friendly and helpful and would go out of their way to make sure you know everything you ask and everything is okay for you without pestering you. Even the bar tender noticed my friends shopping bag split and found a plastic bag for her.
SERVICE: came very fast and if we needed more time before wanting dessert we got that too. We went on a Monday so wasn't that busy until we left
VARIETY OF MENU: They had so many options and I'm quite picky yet had plenty to choose from for once and defp coming back to try their other options. Not a massive variety for the desserts though but the options they do have are good.
CLEANLINESS: Everywhere seemed spotless and the cutlery set also were too.

Quick Facts About Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast Place has several strengths that make it an attractive option for customers. Firstly, many customers commented on the nice atmosphere and clean decor of the restaurant. The ambiance of a restaurant can greatly enhance the dining experience, and Coast to Coast seems to have created a pleasant environment for their patrons. Additionally, the staff were repeatedly praised for their friendliness and exceptional customer service. The attentive and accommodating nature of the staff is a major strength of Coast to Coast, as it contributes to a positive dining experience.
Another strength of Coast to Coast is the reasonable pricing of their food. Several customers mentioned that the prices were fair for the portion sizes they received. Affordable pricing is an important factor for many diners, and Coast to Coast seems to deliver on this front. The strong value for money is likely to be a draw for customers, especially in a busy shopping center like the Trafford Centre in Manchester.
Additionally, Coast to Coast offers a diverse menu with a variety of options for different dietary preferences. Commenters noted that there were options for those with allergies or dietary restrictions, and the staff were knowledgeable and helpful in guiding customers to suitable choices. The ability to cater to different dietary needs is a strength of Coast to Coast, as it allows them to appeal to a wider range of customers.
However, there are also some weaknesses that were mentioned by customers. One customer expressed disappointment with the taste of the ribs, noting that they did not have the expected BBQ or flame grilled flavor. Another customer commented that the tender stem broccoli was overcooked. These negative comments about the food suggest that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of the dishes at Coast to Coast.
Another weakness that was mentioned is the limited drink options, particularly in terms of soft drinks. Commenters noted that the choice of soft drinks was restrictive and not very appealing, with no variations like Cherry Coke available. Additionally, it was mentioned that the draft soft drinks were not refillable, which may be seen as a drawback by some customers who are used to free refills at other American chain restaurants.
Furthermore, some customers felt that the service was rushed and that there were some errors in their orders. In one instance, a customer mentioned that their drinks order was incorrect and it seemed like an inconvenience to have it changed. These comments suggest that there may be inconsistencies in the service quality at Coast to Coast, with some customers having positive experiences while others encountered issues.
In summary, Coast to Coast Place has several strengths, including a nice atmosphere, friendly staff, reasonable prices, and a diverse menu. These factors contribute to a positive dining experience for many customers. However, there are also some weaknesses, such as inconsistencies in the taste and quality of the food, limited drink options, and occasional issues with service. While Coast to Coast may be a good option for some, it is important for potential customers to be aware of these strengths and weaknesses before making a decision.

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