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Hadley Center

+1 908-757-1232
4911 Stelton Rd, South Plainfield, NJ 07080 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 11:00 PM


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  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I only visited 2 of the stores located here because they had items I needed in stock. I don't see myself making this center my go-to because the parking was horrible. Plus, I have some of the same stores located closer to me.
Great shopping complex with stores like kohls, Marshalls, etc and good selection of restaurants as well and mainly a movie theatre
Here is Regal cinema... very nice cinema hall. It’s Comfy and clean... most of the halls have recliner sitting..and in this compound there are Kohl’s, children’s place,game stop, Panda Express and many more... sufficient parking lot... all over experience is great..there is Dick’s store also.
Fine selection of stores & plenty of parking. Slightly unusual navigation layout of the place but I highly recommend it. Chain stores, restaurants & a few mom&pop stores. There's also the family run Fountainbleiu Diner across the street from one of the Entrance/Exits which i highly recommend.
Great shopping center! Villa Pizza has been here for years and I’ve been going to them since I was a kid!
Watched the Black widow movie at the south plainfield Regal Hadley. Had the whole theatre to ourselves, hence no concern of social distancing or masks. Reclining seats were awesome. Theater was clean. Masks are optional as per their signs.
I ordered an online pick up at 10:00am and it qas ready beforw 11:00am. Pick up was rather easy at the customer service in the back of the store. The line got pretty long but someone came out to quickly scan the online orders making the line go faster. The store was pretty organized and the people were friendly. However, the prices were a bit much for me. Not somewhere id go if I needed something inexpensive. Overall, I would return of course uaing coupons and online ordering!

Quick Facts About Hadley Center

The Hadley Center, based on the provided comments, has a number of strengths and weaknesses. In terms of strengths, one of the most frequently mentioned positive aspects is the variety of stores and restaurants available at the center. Commenters noted the presence of popular chain stores like Kohl's, Marshalls, and GameStop, along with a mixture of mom-and-pop shops. This wide range of options provides shoppers with a diverse selection of products and services to choose from, making the center a convenient one-stop shopping destination. Additionally, the availability of a movie theater, Regal Hadley, was seen as a major strength by several commenters. They praised the theater's comfortable and clean environment, as well as the presence of reclining seats. Having a cinema present adds entertainment value to the center and makes it a more attractive destination for visitors.
Another strength mentioned by commenters is the sufficient parking space available at the Hadley Center. Shoppers appreciated not having to worry about finding a parking spot, which can be a major inconvenience in busy shopping centers. The presence of ample parking makes the center more accessible and convenient for visitors.
A few commenters also mentioned the presence of a diner called Fountainbleiu, located near one of the entrance/exit points of the center. This family-run establishment received praise for its quality food and was recommended by commenters. Having a well-regarded dining option within proximity makes the center more appealing as a place to spend time and grab a bite to eat.
Moving on to the weaknesses of the Hadley Center, the most common issue highlighted by commenters is the poor parking experience. One commenter mentioned that the parking was "horrible," which may deter potential customers from visiting the center. In a bustling shopping destination, inadequate parking can be frustrating and is likely to drive away visitors who prefer a more convenient and hassle-free experience.
Another weakness mentioned by a couple of commenters is the proximity of other shopping centers that offer the same stores. They note that due to the availability of similar stores closer to their homes, they do not see themselves making the Hadley Center their go-to shopping destination. This highlights the importance of the center distinguishing itself from competitors and offering unique features to attract customers who have other options nearby.
One commenter also pointed out that the prices at some of the stores in the Hadley Center were higher than what they would prefer. This indicates a potential weakness in terms of the center's affordability for certain shoppers. High prices may deter potential customers, particularly those seeking budget-friendly options.
Overall, the Hadley Center has several strengths, including a diverse range of stores and restaurants, a well-regarded movie theater, and ample parking. However, it also has some weaknesses, including poor parking experiences, competition from nearby shopping centers, and potentially high prices at certain stores. In order to succeed, the center should work on improving its parking facilities, differentiate itself from competitors, and consider the affordability factor to attract a broad customer base.

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