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Sanderella Salon & Spa Inc

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907 Main St, New Tazewell, TN 37825 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Sanderella Salon & Spa Inc

Sanderella Salon & Spa Inc is a place that has received a mix of positive and negative feedback from customers. It is important to analyze the strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business.
One of the biggest strengths of Sanderella Salon & Spa Inc, as mentioned in the comments, is the friendly and welcoming staff. Multiple customers remarked about feeling like family and being treated with politeness. This indicates that the salon prioritizes customer service and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, many customers appreciated that the staff listened to their wants and wishes, indicating that the salon values communication and customer satisfaction.
Another strength of the salon is the expertise of the stylists. Multiple customers praised the precision of the haircuts and were pleased with the results. Furthermore, the comment about one stylist getting on her knees to cut a baby's hair implies a willingness to go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. This highlights the skill and dedication of the staff.
On the other hand, the salon seems to have weaknesses that need improvement. One major weakness mentioned is unprofessionalism. A customer reported that her scheduled appointment was not honored, and the stylist did not even notify her of the cancellation. This lack of communication can be highly frustrating for customers, as it results in wasted time and inconvenience. Another customer also complained about poor service, as the salon turned her away despite her prior phone call and appointment confirmation. These instances reflect a lack of organizational skills and respect for customers' time.
Additionally, there were complaints about quality and cleanliness. One customer expressed dissatisfaction with the nail services, stating that a better job could have been done and sharing specific issues like a lack of liner in the bowl. Another customer complained about a hair coloring service that resulted in dark color all over the forehead and ears. The salon's response, as described by the customer, was unapologetic, which further highlights a lack of accountability and professionalism.
It is worth noting that there were positive comments about the salon being instrumental in fulfilling dreams related to becoming a barber and owning a shop. These comments suggest that the salon may provide educational and professional opportunities for aspiring stylists.
In conclusion, Sanderella Salon & Spa Inc has a strong emphasis on customer service and skilled stylists, as indicated by positive comments about friendly staff, precision haircuts, and attentive service. However, there are weaknesses in the form of unprofessionalism, poor communication, and issues related to quality and cleanliness. Addressing these weaknesses will be crucial for the salon to provide a consistently positive experience for customers and enhance its reputation.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Me and my wife Prayed about me being a barber and then this school opened and made my dream Possible…Amazing Staff and absolutely have nothing bad to say about this school truly Supported me from day 1 and helped me to succeed every way possible!!! Now I’m Blessed to own my own shop and it’s most importantly because of the Lord but God led me to that school and I wouldn’t change anything!!!
Wouldn't want to go anywhere else I'm always treated like family!!! This Solon does what you want done to your hair. Everyone there talks to you and you are greeted with a smile!!!
So unprofessional. I would never schedule an appointment there again. I scheduled a 6:00 pm appointment with Chelsea. I drove 45 minutes from Morristown to New Tazewell. Arrived and was told that Chelsea "didn't come in today". She never called or texted me to let me know. So unprofessional! WTH?
Friendly, polite, wonderful ladies...they are quick and actually listen to the customers wants and wishes
This is NOT a nail salon. I could have done a better job. Big glob of nail polish on My toes. Didn't clean them up very well. No liner in the bowl. And she cut someone's hair while I was soaking.
Amazing Salon. My while family goes there. Our stylist Hollywood ( Tammi) is the greatest. Hair cuts are precise . Granddaughter first hair trim. Hollywood got on her knees to cut our babies hair. A must Check out
My daughter just got get hair colored there today and there was dark color all over her forehead on top of her ears and all around her head!!! Didn't put any Vaseline or oil of any kind on her skin beforehand and then wanted to put straight bleach on her skin to get it off!!! I stopped by there to complain and this was the explanation " we get that on everybody all you have to to is scrub it off." THAT WAS SAID BY ONE OF THE OWNERS ...TAMMY.........didn't apologize ..nothing.......I HAD TO LEAVE BEFORE I LOST MY RELIGION..
Poor service. They turned me away even though I called prior and was given a specific time to be there. They were more concerned about their Halloween costumes and taking pictures themselves than they were about their own customers. They sent me to the beauty school next door because they were "about to leave" but they never left... I would never recommend this place to anyone. If I could rate 0/5 I would.

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