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Del Taco

+1 928-763-4882
1845 Highway 95, Bullhead City, AZ 86442 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Almost weekly come here while we are in Laughlin, fast, good service & yummy , friendly place to eat or to go , only 1 one we got in fresh bean for burrito , rest are fresh & delicious, taste of taco & burritos just right for us , make sure you check your orders before you leave coz sometime they are busy , I want crunchy taco but I got soft taco but it's alright I'm happy . All of their crews are nice & happy , I can see they having great team work there , always love to grab food there
Absolutely horrible customer service. Extremely long wait in drive-thru and the girl with glasses working the drive-thru didn't attend to me till last minute.. i had a code for a shake but since i needed to spend $3 & she had already rang me up she didn't want to give me the shake she wanted me to spend another $3. Very unprofessional and therefore I won't be eating here again and I won't be recommending it to anyone else. You guys should seriously retrain your employees on customer service. also you should teach them not to sit on the countertop where food gets placed. AND PLEASE STOP MAKING THE TACOS SO SMALL ON TACO NIGHT. that ain't a deal it's a rip off‼️‼️‼️
7/19/2022 Went through drive-through between 3:40 to 3:50 on Tuesday advertised were 3 snack tacos for $1.69 they told me no it's $1,89. When I got up to the window to pay right in front of me it said 3 snack tacos for 1.69 I pointed it out the cashier who turned to her supervisor. The supervisor came and ripped it off the window and told me they are 3 for 1.89. Very poor customer service and false advertising as I paid and drove away it was also posted on the front window which I have attached in this rating. Oh and they didn't give me my receipt or drink.
Hot and fresh! Gotta love the taco deals and the classic chicken burrito! If you get the app and refer a friend you can really make good use of points and easily stuff 2 people for about $10! Just make sure you give them time to make the food, the app runs slow to place the order at the restaurant. My only "irk" is that later at night they seem to have their friends hang out in the drive thru with the music up loud.
I never leave reviews on any business, but this place deserves a bad one. almost 100% of the time our order is wrong and if it is right there is ZERO pride in the way the food is prepared. Comes out the bag looking like pig slop, some tacos have cheese some don't, fries either burned or under cooked, burritos looking like someone vomited on a tortilla and rolled it on up. How is this place still in business? Who manages this wreck? Been this way for years. We give it time, hoping they get their act together but we are disappointed every single time we go back, nothing has changed. we love Del Taco and we never have this problem at other locations. this one is something else. Do yourself a favor and avoid eating here, its literally a waste of time and money.
This place is no Barstow del ???? The portions are smaller. A Barstow ???? here is called a "del taco" ????.We had ordered(all crushed) tacos x5 with extra cheese@50 cents ea. and got zero cheese and 3 green burritos extra cheese@50cents ea. And Z E R O EXTRA CHEESE and 2 orders of fries well well done and as limp as a wet noodle ????WTF del taco
Ed Hachbarth would be proud of you...NOT????????????????have some pride in your work losers and my epic burrito wasn't even in the bag you bunch of incompetent ????M other F lowers ????????. Make sure you see your order being made while you are there don't order online or delivery ????I made that mistake ???? don't go to this del taco ever. UPDATE after the manager saw this, because I showed him???? he said that was unacceptable and took care of it on the spot and it was better than expected ???????? after a few days when this is read, I will be removing this post and changing it to a positive post
Food was absolutely terrible... the fries were way undercooked no crisp to any of them... the Habanero fish taco was the farthest thing from even being remotely spicey... and to top it off the "epic" Guacamole chicken burrito was far from epic it was so full of rice and soupy beans you couldn't taste anything other than soupy beans and rice... I give this place grade of F- and wouldn't eat here again if you paid me
Did I mention there beans in there burritos are soupy
We usually go after work, around 10pm & the staff is always friendly & our food is usually pretty fresh!

Quick Facts About Del Taco

Del Taco has a number of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. First, let's discuss the strengths of the restaurant. According to the comments, Del Taco is known for fast and efficient service, with one reviewer mentioning that they visit almost weekly while in Laughlin. This indicates that the staff is able to serve customers promptly and provide a positive experience.
Additionally, the commenters appreciate the taste of the food, particularly the tacos and burritos. One reviewer specifically mentions that the taste of the tacos and burritos is just right for them. This suggests that Del Taco has a good understanding of flavor profiles and is able to consistently deliver delicious food.
The commenters also mention the friendliness and happiness of the staff. This indicates that the employees create a welcoming atmosphere and exhibit a positive attitude towards customers. Another positive aspect of Del Taco mentioned in the comments is their teamwork, with one reviewer stating that they can see great teamwork among the employees. This suggests that the staff works well together, potentially leading to smoother operations and better customer service.
Now, let's discuss the weaknesses based on the comments. One common theme in the negative comments is poor customer service. One reviewer had a negative experience with a particular employee who seemed unprofessional and refused to honor a shake offer. This indicates that there may be inconsistency in the level of service provided by the staff.
Another negative aspect mentioned is the long wait time in the drive-thru. One commenter mentioned waiting for a long time, and another mentioned that at night, the drive-thru can be slowed down by employees hanging out with loud music. This suggests that the restaurant may struggle with managing the flow of customers during peak hours.
False advertising is another issue mentioned in the comments. One reviewer mentioned that the advertised price for a promotional item was different from what they were charged. This suggests that there may be a lack of transparency or miscommunication between the staff and customers, resulting in a negative experience.
In terms of food quality, there were several negative comments about the presentation and preparation of the food. One reviewer mentioned that their order often comes out wrong, and when it is correct, the food looks unappetizing and sloppily prepared. This indicates that there may be inconsistencies in the kitchen, potentially leading to a lack of pride in the food preparation.
Furthermore, the commenters mentioned specific issues with certain menu items, such as undercooked fries and poorly made burritos. This suggests that there may be quality control issues in the kitchen, leading to inconsistency in the taste and presentation of the food.
In conclusion, Del Taco has strengths in terms of fast service, delicious food, friendly staff, and teamwork. However, there are weaknesses related to poor customer service, long wait times, inconsistent pricing, and issues with food presentation and preparation. These weaknesses indicate areas where Del Taco could improve to provide a better overall dining experience for their customers.

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