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2697 Co Rd E East, White Bear Lake, MN 55110 United States of America
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Ruby Nails does a great job. I typically can always get a same day appointment. They do a nice job and are reasonably priced.
They got both me and my mom in exactky between or other apts down the st so this made our day! The ladies were kind and polite and did great job w our nails! ???? 5⭐
Wonderful nail techs, very clean and professional. I have had my nails done here for 5 years. Always leave happy and satisfied
I have had acrylic nails and had pedicures for more than fifteen years. Jolene did the best leg massage I have ever had. My feet look great. Definitely will be back.
Clean facility, nice staff, great color selections, fast and great quality service. Did a great job at removing the acrylic nails and buffering my natural nails before applying the gel American tip.
Love it!! Mimi was very kind and patient with me. She is passionate about what she does, and an awesome nail
The staff are always so accommodating & their prices are very reasonable. It is an extremely clean place that I have gone to for years & now they've got a new location a few doors down from the old one that feels super inviting when you enter!
Not worth the time- I made appointments for my mom and I and they made us wait an extra hour for our pedi. Then when it came time to do our mani they rushed through and got mad and frustrated at me for pointing out all the bubbles in the polish.

Quick Facts About Ruby Nails

Ruby Nails is a nail salon that appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided. These strengths include the ability to provide same-day appointments, reasonable pricing, polite and kind staff, a clean and professional environment, excellent customer service, a wide range of color selections, fast and high-quality service, and accommodating staff. However, it is important to also consider the weaknesses mentioned in one of the comments, which include poor time management and impatience with customer feedback.
One of the major strengths highlighted by the comments is the salon's ability to provide same-day appointments. This can be a significant advantage for customers who require last-minute nail services or have a busy schedule that does not allow for pre-scheduled appointments. Additionally, the reasonable pricing mentioned by a customer indicates that Ruby Nails offers services that are affordable and accessible to a wider range of clients.
The comments also repeatedly mention the kind and polite demeanor of the staff at Ruby Nails, which contributes to a positive and comfortable environment for customers. A clean and professional atmosphere is also emphasized, suggesting that the salon takes hygiene seriously and maintains high standards in its facilities.
Furthermore, the positive experiences expressed by customers indicate that the salon consistently delivers satisfactory results. Whether it is the excellent leg massage mentioned in one comment or the skillful removal of acrylic nails and application of gel American tips in another, it is clear that customers are generally happy with the services provided by Ruby Nails.
The range of color selections is another strength that has been highlighted by a customer. This indicates that the salon offers a diverse range of nail polish and designs, allowing customers to customize their nail art according to their preferences and current trends.
The speed and quality of service is also praised in one comment, which suggests that Ruby Nails efficiently manages appointments without compromising the quality of the results. This is an important aspect for customers who value both their time and the outcome of their nail services.
Moreover, the accommodating nature of the staff and reasonable pricing mentioned in a comment indicate that Ruby Nails is focused on customer satisfaction. This is further supported by the longevity of the customer's relationship with the salon, having been a patron for five years. This loyalty suggests that the salon consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations.
However, it is crucial to consider the weaknesses mentioned in one of the comments. The customer expressed dissatisfaction with the salon's time management, stating that they were made to wait an extra hour for their pedicures. This indicates a potential weakness in the salon's ability to manage appointments and provide timely services.
Additionally, the customer mentioned that the staff rushed through their manicures and became frustrated when the customer pointed out bubbles in the polish. This suggests a potential weakness in customer service and an inability to handle constructive feedback in a professional manner.
In conclusion, Ruby Nails appears to have several strengths including the ability to provide same-day appointments, reasonable pricing, polite and kind staff, a clean and professional environment, excellent customer service, a wide range of color selections, and fast and high-quality service. However, the salon has potential weaknesses in terms of time management and handling customer feedback. It will be important for Ruby Nails to address these weaknesses in order to continue to provide the best possible experience for their customers.

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