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Grove Park Shopping Plaza 98 S

1617 US-98, Lakeland, FL 33801 United States of America
Open Today: 07:00 AM - 10:00 PM


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  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

You got to love the Edward Scissorhands Plaza! I'm usually going to the Ace Hardware when I'm here but I did get some Christmas shopping done here and there was a store in the middle I don't remember the name but it was full of all kinds of cool items if you're just looking for random household items
Grove Park Shopping Plaza is a small shopping center that offers a limited selection of stores and services. The center includes a grocery store, a bank, a pet store, and a few other specialty shops. The parking lot is small but usually has enough space available. The overall atmosphere is quiet and calm, with fewer crowds than larger shopping centers. However, the limited selection of stores may not meet everyone's needs. Overall, Grove Park Shopping Plaza is a decent option for basic shopping needs in a peaceful environment.
Never too full never too busy lines always short I love this Publix oh my goodness gracious I visit a lot of Publix but I'm in a small City it makes a very big difference in being out of this bigger cities with the big riff raft small quaint quiet
Can’t wait for Publix to open back up, But what were you guys thinking when designing that parking lot? It’s going to be a disaster..
Update: it’s not to bad since they put parking on the side of store. Also changed how trucks unload in the back so you can get around them the back way now
Great shopping plaza. Several take out places, a place for smoothies, comic book store, and a Publix.
This Dollar tree is awesome they got monster energy drinks for $1.25 love it oh and I'm definitely going there for my Halloween decorations
Great customer service at Publix the worker was so nice to us.
All stores are good. Be careful leaving the shopping center. There are a lot of red light runners at the intersection and because the center has a huge hedge on the corner, you can't see if people are going to stop. DON'T trust the light!!

Quick Facts About Grove Park Shopping Plaza 98 S

Grove Park Shopping Plaza, located at 98 S Place, has several strengths and weaknesses that can be gathered from the comments provided.
One notable strength of Grove Park Shopping Plaza is its peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Many commenters appreciate the lack of crowds and the calm environment of the shopping center. This can be a huge advantage for those who prefer a more serene shopping experience and want to avoid the chaos and busyness of larger shopping centers.
Additionally, the small size of the parking lot is often regarded as a strength by the commenters. Despite its limited capacity, the parking lot usually has enough space available. This helps to alleviate the stress of finding a parking spot, especially during peak shopping times.
Another strength identified by the commenters is the presence of a variety of stores and services within the shopping center. Some of the mentioned stores include Ace Hardware, a grocery store (Publix), a bank, a pet store, a comic book store, a dollar store, and various takeout places. This diverse selection of stores can cater to different needs and preferences, making it convenient for shoppers to find what they are looking for without having to travel to multiple locations.
The customer service at Publix is highly praised in one of the comments, indicating that the employees provide excellent assistance to customers. Good customer service can greatly enhance the overall shopping experience and leave a positive impression on customers.
Despite its merits, Grove Park Shopping Plaza does have a few weaknesses that were highlighted by the commenters. One of the main issues mentioned is the design of the parking lot. It is described as a potential disaster due to its layout or lack of proper organization. However, there is an update stating that the parking situation has improved with the addition of parking on the side of the store and changes made to how trucks unload in the back. These improvements have made it easier for customers to navigate and access the shopping center.
Another weakness mentioned in one of the comments is the limited visibility at the intersection while leaving the shopping center. The large hedge on the corner obstructs the view, making it difficult to see if oncoming cars are going to stop at the red light. This can be dangerous and has been advised against trusting the traffic lights solely.
Furthermore, the limited selection of stores within Grove Park Shopping Plaza might not fully meet everyone's needs. While some may appreciate the range of shops and services available, others may find it lacking in certain areas. Specifically, the absence of specific stores or services desired by individuals may be seen as a weakness.
In conclusion, Grove Park Shopping Plaza offers a peaceful and calm shopping environment with a decent selection of stores and services. The comments shed light on the positive aspects of the plaza, such as the ample parking space for most visitors, the variety of stores present, and the commendable customer service at Publix. However, the plaza does have some drawbacks, including the design of the parking lot, limited visibility at the intersection, and the potential lack of some desired stores. Despite its limitations, Grove Park Shopping Plaza provides a convenient option for basic shopping needs in a quiet atmosphere.

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