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La Belle Nailbar

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5155 Goodman Rd Ste 105, Olive Branch, MS 38654 United States of America
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I was a Nail tech in Memphis, moved to Olive Branch and decided to try this out because I didn’t feel like doin my own sculpted nails….. omg.!! This was the worst experience I ever had it is horrible. I kept tell her they are crooked and very raised up & she needs to do them over and she just brushed me off. They can do nails. I wasn’t the only customer that had issues there today. Don’t spend your money at this place. Front end girls were amazing, the staff was pleasant but this tech could do sculpted nails to save her life. She was very rude disrespectful. It’s not difference from the bawled male there as well. He was also horrible as well.This shop sucks… not good service at all. And still charged me $90 for this service.
I’ve got so many things to say about this place, but I’ll do my best to sum up.
My $55 pedicure lasted 15 minutes. The polish is see through & uneven.
I’ve been getting a dip manicure regularly for over 10 years, I know I how this process is supposed to go & what the end result is supposed to look like. My nails are lumpy, thick, and not an even length.
This was no where NEAR the level of service I would expect to receive given that I paid $120. Unacceptable.
Very expensive and the work is not clean for the amout they charge. $30 for a gel polish change and I was charge an extra $5 b/c he used the file to file my nail which they considered a cut down after I spent $80 on a signature pedi plus tipping that guy $20 in cash. I tip the guy to polished my nails $10 on the card. I don't mind paying for quality work but it's not right to rush and do sloppy work and charge excessive for poor quality work. A total of $165.00 including the tips. Never again.
I am LIVID..my gel polish is peeling on 3 of my nails & starting to on others not even a whole 24hrs of getting my fill in. Went back to get it fixed, they told me an hr 1/2 wait..cool, Ill be back. Went back & was told ANOTHER hr wait. $45 & no apology or anything. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.
I spent over $100 for a pedicure and manicure with a dip on my natural nails. I just moved from Texas where I received the same services for $75, and let me say, services in Texas are far superior. I did not even receive a massage eith my pedicure or an actual manicure. My dip polish has already chipped and torn my NATURAL nails in less than 4 days, and it was wavy, uneven and the edges were very sharp. What used to last me 3 to 4 weeks in Texas now last only 4 days or less when you use the services at this salon. I will not be returning as it damaged my natural nails, didn't last, looks awful and is nowhere near the value for the services rendered.
This place has a lovely set-up but that's the only good thing I can say about it. I was a walk-in and asked for a fill. I was instructed to choose a color (gel polish), I didn't find one I liked, so I opted for a white tip. The technician that I was sent to proceeded to remove the gel I had on previously, but she failed to remove the color completely. I decided to get color instead of the white tips, as you would be able to see the previous sets paint. When I asked her to thin out the acrylic on the tips, she informed me that it's so thick because of the previous set and she already removed too much of the acrylic and could not remove anymore. I asked her again, could she make them a bit thinner to which she refused. I said thank you and asked to pay for what she had already done. They charged me $30. I'm baffled at the service here.
Worst nail job I’ve ever had. This is a week after I went to them. A WEEK. It looks like a good 2-3 weeks. The lady gave me a polish change on my toes and didn’t even use a stool, she made me put my feet on her knee. I guess that’s what happens when you go an hour before they close. I will never recommend this shop to anyone, not even a blind person.
I never do Google reviews but I paid too much money to NOT do a review. I went to this shop on Friday for the first time because our regular shops had long waits. The people were very nice. The experience was fine. They got us in and out which was great. Spent $160 plus tip on regular pedicure plus dip powder nails on myself and my daughter. I thought that was a bit expensive compared to what I usually pay but I’m willing to pay for quality and good service. Unfortunately, within 36 hours I found out that the quality SUCKS. Two of my nails popped off on Saturday. The next day one more popped off. On Sunday, another. So, it’s Monday and I’m already missing 4 nails. I have NEVER experienced anything like this in over 20 years of getting my nails done. Completely unacceptable. I wish I’d read the reviews before going :(

Quick Facts About La Belle Nailbar

La Belle Nailbar place has received several negative comments, indicating a number of weaknesses in their service. The comments highlight issues with the quality of the nail services, the high prices, poor customer service, and the lack of durability of the products used. Despite some positive remarks about the front-end staff and the salon's appearance, the overall impression is negative.
One of the main weaknesses identified in the comments is the lack of skill and expertise of the nail technicians. Multiple reviewers mention crooked, raised, and lumpy nails, indicating poor craftsmanship and an inability to perform basic techniques properly. This lack of skill is further highlighted by the comment about the technician's refusal to thin out the acrylic nails, suggesting a lack of flexibility or willingness to meet customer preferences.
Another weakness is the poor durability of the nail services provided. Several commenters mention that their polish or nails started chipping or peeling within a very short amount of time, sometimes less than 24 hours after the service. This suggests that the products used may be of low quality or that the application process is not thorough or well-executed. The comment about four nails popping off within 36 hours is particularly damaging, as it indicates a failure in ensuring the long-lasting nature of the services.
The high prices charged by La Belle Nailbar place are also frequently mentioned as a weakness. Multiple reviewers express dissatisfaction with the cost of the services, especially when compared to similar services in other locations. The lack of value for money is emphasized by the comments about the poor quality of the work and the short longevity of the services. Customers feel that they are not receiving the level of service or quality that they would expect for the prices charged.
Customer service is another weakness highlighted in the comments. Reviewers mention rude and disrespectful behavior from the nail technicians, as well as a lack of apology or acknowledgment of the issues faced. In one instance, a customer was charged $90 for a poor service experience and received no resolution or refund. This lack of empathy or resolution when issues arise reflects poorly on the overall customer service experience provided by La Belle Nailbar place.
In terms of strengths, there are a few positive comments about the appearance of the salon and the friendliness of the front-end staff. The physical set-up of the salon seems to be visually appealing, which may initially attract customers. Additionally, the front-end staff is mentioned as pleasant and accommodating, suggesting that there may be some positive interactions outside of the actual nail services.
In conclusion, La Belle Nailbar place has several weaknesses that have been highlighted in the comments. These weaknesses include poor craftsmanship, low durability of services, high prices, and poor customer service. The positive aspects, such as the appearance of the salon and the friendliness of the front-end staff, are overshadowed by the negative experiences expressed by customers. It is clear from the comments that the overall impression of La Belle Nailbar place is negative, and customers would not recommend this salon to others.

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