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This was our first visit in years, we didn't live in the area until recently. We ate from the buffet which had many warm and tasty options. There were several warm food bars, sushi bar, salad and dessert bar and several types of ice cream to pick from and they give you generous portions.
The restaurant was very clean and the friendly servers were on top of keeping the tables bussed and drinks full. We went during lunch on a Friday which was busy, but the buffet stayed full with foods. Only wish FF were warmer. Yes I eat FF at a buffet. I highly recommend.
Great experience. They have a big selection of food. It's hot and fresh. They have sushi and dessert, eat slow and loosen your belt. I need a nap ????
Love this place. 2nd time eating there. I drive all the way from Alexander, Arkansas to dine here. Definitely a great way to treat myself.
Food was hot and fresh all the trays were full and the staff was super awesome very friendly very attentive. the place look very clean everybody looked happy can't wait to go back.
My lunch was very hot and fresh with very good service. Easy location to find plenty of parking with wheelchair access ability. Very responsible pricing. Many diffrent food options to fill anyone needs. And very good sushi options on the buffet as well. Nice clean restrooms.
Really hit or miss I think. First 2 times we came here it was great! Much better the first time but this last time we got there around 630, 7 pm for dinner. Most of the food was old and it's not like it was about to close so the food should not have been old at all. That's why 3 stars. Maybe 2. Maybe 4 but mostly a 3.
I have eaten here twice now and each time the food was hot and fresh and the service excellent. They have good sanitation protocols too. The flow of the buffet line is a bit awkward, but I think that is due to their Covid protocols. Lots of great seafood choices. Loved their coconut shrimp and chicken teriyaki.
I usually LOVE this place. Today, not so much. I got some to go lunch and I got the honey chicken. To keep it short, I spit out some stringy stuff. Idk what it was, but i know I loved honey chicken and mulans before this. It grossed me out so bad that I'll never eat honey chicken again..or any breaded chicken... No chicken, for that matter!
I'm really disappointed. I seriously considered being a vegetarian after that bite

Quick Facts About Mulan's

Mulan's Place, according to the comments, has several strengths that contribute to its positive dining experience. Firstly, the buffet offers a wide selection of warm and tasty options, including warm food bars, sushi, salad, dessert, and different flavors of ice cream. This variety allows customers to find something they enjoy and caters to diverse tastes and preferences.
The cleanliness of the restaurant is another strength mentioned by multiple commenters. With clean tables and attentive servers, customers feel welcome and comfortable in a clean environment. The staff's friendliness and efficiency in keeping the tables bussed and drinks refilled contribute to a pleasant dining experience.
The accessibility of the restaurant is highlighted in one comment, which mentions wheelchair access and easy parking. This attention to accessibility ensures that all customers can visit and enjoy their meals at Mulan's Place without any difficulties.
Pricing is also considered a positive aspect of the restaurant, mentioned as "very reasonable" by one commenter. Affordable pricing allows customers to enjoy a variety of food options without breaking the bank.
Another strength lies in the quality of the food. Multiple comments mention that the food at Mulan's Place is hot and fresh. This demonstrates the restaurant's commitment to providing freshly prepared meals to their customers. The good service and sanitation protocols, particularly in regards to Covid-19, are also mentioned as positive aspects of the dining experience.
However, there are a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments that need to be addressed. One comment mentions that the french fries were not warm, suggesting that the temperature of certain food items may be inconsistent or not adequately maintained.
Another commenter expressed disappointment with their experience, particularly in regards to the honey chicken. Finding something unpleasant in the food, such as stringy pieces, is an issue that needs to be addressed to ensure the quality and consistency of dishes. This negative experience significantly impacted the commenter and made them reconsider their dietary choices.
In another comment, it is mentioned that the quality of the food can be hit or miss. While the restaurant has delivered great experiences in the past, the last visit left the commenter disappointed due to old and unappealing food. This inconsistency raises questions about the restaurant's quality control and the freshness of their offerings.
In conclusion, Mulan's Place has several strengths that contribute to positive dining experiences. These include a wide selection of food, cleanliness, friendly service, accessibility, reasonable pricing, and overall good food quality. However, there are some weaknesses, such as inconsistent food temperature and quality, which need to be addressed for a more consistently satisfying experience. By addressing these weaknesses, Mulan's Place can further enhance their strengths and continue to provide an enjoyable dining experience for their customers.

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