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Nails by Andy

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Control West, 10630 N 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85304 United States of America
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I love getting my gel pedicures and full set acrylics here! Everyone that has worked on me has been nice and patient. The wait for my set was definitely worth it! Side note: They charge a fee to use card, so to avoid just pull cash before you head in.
Best place I’ve been I wish I could 20 stars. I have tried so many other salons and this is by far the best!!! I was not being able to enjoy my pedicures and I didn’t flinch once. They were able to both my nails and toes at the same time and got me in so fast clean relaxing I mean I can’t tell you how happy I am to have a Salon I can stay loyal to thank you ???? so much I really appreciate you see you again in 2 weeks ????
I absolutely love this place! Very good work and the guy who did my nails messed up my flowers a few times and kept redoing them to make sure they looked great! I’m in love with this place and it’s my first time! I’ll dedicate be visiting again!!!
I've been going here for years now. Absolutely love Hannah to do my pedicures. She's Absolutely amazing. You get a little shoulder rub after. My nails are always beautiful and they have the ability to do many designs. They're amazing
I received a full set and a pedicure. My pedicure was amazing as always and cost $45. The technician pays attention to detail. My full set was okay, I've been more pleased on other occasions. My full set was $55 dollars which was surprising being that I got them short and with no design and I was previously charged the same amount for medium-long with design. I was going for a coffin look and felt the shape could be a bit more defined.
I was referred to this nail salon and I have loved it so far. But many times they are overbooked. This past Friday my friend and came on for fills and brows. I noticed the tech was rushing polishing my nails and was not letting the gel properly letting it dry. But assured me it would be okay. After finishing my nails and getting my brows done. I noticed. There were bubbles and the gel was seeler correctly. He corrected the one nail. As my friend I were driving Mr home to the other side of time. I noticed all my nails had bubbles that looked like they had been popped. And sides of nails were not completely painted. Later that evening it was mentioned that I came out of the house and forgot to finish my brows. I was confused since I had them waxed earlier that day. When I got home and washed my face I noticed. Only one brow looked to be clean and cut. The both brows did not match. It was so embarrassing. I called the shop to let them know. And was ask to come on. The next morning. I am disable and don't drive and live across Town. I don't understand I pay there prices and give tips but rushed out the door. Very dim lighting in salon can not see flaws til you get in good lighting. Very disappointed. I leave town in a few days and unable to make back to the shop. And have to go on vacation with bad paint job on beautiful nails
And walking around with one eyebrow groomed
I understand business can get busy. I also was a nail tech years ago. But please take your time and do correct for your paying loyalty customer.
They were so good just went in and trust me they look amazing!
Loved my pedicure need to come back and get my mani . This will be my new place not many salons are as clean, staffed ,and take one on one time with you. There was no rush to get me out of the chair .

Quick Facts About Nails by Andy

Nails by Andy Place has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. These strengths and weaknesses can be summarized as follows:
Strengths: 1. Good customer service: Many customers commented on the friendly and patient staff at Nails by Andy Place. They appreciated the level of care and attention given to them during their appointments. 2. Quality work: Customers generally praised the quality of the gel pedicures and acrylic nail sets they received. They mentioned that their nails looked great and expressed satisfaction with the results. 3. Attention to detail: The technicians at Nails by Andy Place were commended for their attention to detail, particularly during pedicures. Customers appreciated the thoroughness and precision in their work.
Weaknesses: 1. Long wait times: One customer mentioned that the salon tends to be overbooked, resulting in long wait times. This can be inconvenient for those with busy schedules or limited time. 2. Inconsistent results: While most customers were satisfied with their services, a few mentioned that their experiences were not as positive. One customer expressed disappointment with their full set, stating that they had been more pleased on previous visits. This inconsistency in results can be a drawback for customers seeking consistent quality. 3. Rushed service: Another customer noted that they felt rushed during their appointment, particularly during the nail polishing process. This led to bubbles and imperfect application. This rushed service can diminish the overall experience for customers who value a thorough and careful application. 4. Communication and follow-up: One customer shared their dissatisfaction with the salon's handling of a mistake. They mentioned that they were unable to return to fix the issue due to distance and timing constraints. This highlights a potential weakness in communication and follow-up from the salon's side in addressing and resolving customer concerns.
In conclusion, Nails by Andy Place has several strengths, such as good customer service, quality work, and attention to detail. However, there are also areas for improvement, including reducing wait times, ensuring consistent results, avoiding rushed service, and improving communication and follow-up to address customer concerns. By addressing these weaknesses, the salon can enhance the overall customer experience and maintain customer loyalty.

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