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The World Buffet Restaurant

+1 501-623-8880
1200 Albert Pike Rd, Hot Springs, AR 71913 United States of America
Open Today: 10:30 AM - 09:30 PM


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Everyone was very nice and polite! Definitely service with a smile. The only thing that kept me from giving 5 stars was they took too long on refills.
The food here is average for a Chinese buffet. Place is clean, service is good.
Seafood combo 6/10
Coconut shrimp 8/10
Fried corn nuggets 6/10
Fried butterfly shrimp 7/10
Fried fish 8/10
Pine apple shrimp 7/10
Fried frog legs 5/10
Wonton 5/10
Lo mein noodles 7/10
Sweet tea 7/10
Boiled crawfish 5/10 (very dry, they need to soak longer)
Shrimp 5/10
Pizza 3/10
Sushi 5/10
This is one of the greatest Chinese restaurants I have been to. They had a wide selection of food. Very good price as well. I would definitely recommend this place.
The food was wonderful.....the ladies up front behind the counter are always nice & pleasant. Most of the time, the servers are very attentive. However, this time, we had a man that was extremely rude. He never offered to refill our drinks, and at the end of our meal he stood behind our table and just stared at us, hovering for a tip that he did not earn. We left him $3 and when we were walking away from the table, he shoulder bumped my daughter ???? I'm guessing it was because she was paying & he was mad about his tip. He's lucky he got one at all. Very unprofessional behavior from him.
Everything else was excellent, as always.
Food is great!!! The women at the front are incredibly nice! However, our server was absolutely one RUDE! He sat our ticket with fortune cookies down on the table and walked away, when he returned we hadn’t put our money with the ticket yet and he picks up the fortune cookies and throws them down on the table and starts pointing at the ticket, then lingers around at the table next to ours and waits, we start getting our money out and he stands there counting and then tries to say there wasn’t enough bc we did not leave much of a tip by this point, he then keeps walking around and standing by our table waiting for us to leave, he tried to take my husbands plate while he was still eating. Then as my mom is trying to walk off he laughs at her and he mouthed off something as he walks off! We will not be back!
Great food and good service, but with inflation today the prices seem to keep climbing. Now it's more of a special occasion spot than a normal every day place to eat.
As buffets go it is no stand out. I found a few things I enjoyed. There are enough different dishes that I'm sure you too can find something you enjoy.
For an American style Chinese buffet, this was one of the better ones I've been too. Great prices, $12.75 for lunch and $13.75 for dinner. Everything we tasted was fresh and flavorful. Even the soup was good. Will definitely be back.

Quick Facts About The World Buffet Restaurant

The World Buffet Restaurant has a number of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Starting with the strengths, many customers appreciated the friendly and polite service provided by the staff. Service with a smile can greatly enhance the dining experience and create a positive atmosphere for customers. Additionally, the wide selection of food at a good price was highly praised by one customer, making it a great option for those looking for variety and affordability. The cleanliness of the restaurant was also mentioned as a positive aspect by one customer, indicating that the staff maintains a clean and hygienic environment for diners.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one common complaint was the slow service in terms of refills. This could be an issue for customers who value prompt service and expect their glasses to be refilled promptly. Another weakness mentioned by a customer was that some of the food items were average in taste. This suggests that while the restaurant offers a wide selection of food, not all dishes may meet the expectations of customers in terms of flavor and quality.
Specifically, the customer ratings for individual food items highlight some areas for improvement. The boiled crawfish stood out as being dry, indicating that the cooking process needs improvement to ensure the crawfish are properly soaked and cooked to retain moisture. The pizza and sushi were also rated low, suggesting that the restaurant may need to focus on improving the taste and quality of these items to meet customer expectations.
Another weakness that emerged from the comments was the poor behavior of a particular server. The customer mentioned that the server was extremely rude, failed to refill their drinks, and became confrontational over the tip. This kind of behavior is unprofessional and can greatly impact the overall customer experience. It is important for the restaurant to address such issues and ensure that all staff members provide excellent service to maintain a positive reputation.
In terms of other weaknesses, one customer mentioned that the prices seem to be increasing, making the restaurant more of a special occasion spot rather than an everyday dining option. This could deter some regular customers who may find the higher prices less affordable or become reluctant to visit frequently. Finally, one customer mentioned that The World Buffet Restaurant is not a standout among other buffets, indicating that it may lack a unique or exceptional quality that sets it apart from its competitors.
In conclusion, The World Buffet Restaurant offers polite service, a wide selection of food, and a clean environment, which are its main strengths. However, customers have expressed concerns about slow refills, average taste in some dishes, increasing prices, and the unprofessional behavior of certain staff members. These weaknesses provide areas for improvement in order to enhance the overall dining experience and maintain customer satisfaction.

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